1833 examples of concentrated in sentences

One of them was the secret of energy: concentrated, resistless energy.

And he had some of that concentrated essence of pitchblende in the chest when we started.

He brought along in his precious chest, besides the radium, some sort of raw material: also, as near as I could make out, a sort of cage or guardianship scheme for his concentrated essence of cussedness, when he should get it out of the volcano.

The East, the North, the West and the South had a voice, and it was all concentrated in a ceaseless, senseless, idiotic bark.

It was like none of these; but if you could imagine them all combined, and concentrated into a single sound, and ushered together upon the air from a single throat, shaped like the long neck of some gigantic ichthiosaurus of the times of old, you would have some faint idea of the strange sounds that came roaring up from that hollow way.

With an effort of will she concentrated her thoughts on the task in front of her, and hastily added, "To Victoria, as quick as you can.

It was on Mr. Walters that Kemp concentrated his attention.

British casualties and those of the Italian Heavy Artillery had been very light, the Austrian having concentrated practically all his Artillery fire, in addition to his machine guns, on the Italian Infantry, amongst whom there had been hideous slaughter.

Beyond that,what all his concentrated effort should lead to save more logs and more timber,he did not seem to go.

It's there, always has been there, those concentrated essences of passion.

The concentrated fire on this portion of front indicated clearly to the Germans that an attack was coming, and where it was to be expected.

The Germans, then, could see now where the attack was concentrated, and promptly proceeded to break it up before it was launched.

" Five thousand years of bloody terrorism, intermingling of races, piety, plunder, politics and pilgrims, have produced a self- consciousness as concentrated as liquid poison-gas.

"Rome is a place where all antiquity is concentrated into a unity for our inspection.

Upon this the ardent desire of a man that otherwise lived so much in the present seems to have been peculiarly concentrated; he sees his friends before him, he converses with them through letters, he longs for their embraces, and wishes to repeat the days formerly lived together.

His whole thought was concentrated in the purpose to do good.

Each of the four units had its implements of husbandry, and three of them had tobacco houses; but the barn and stables were concentrated on Marlborough.

he breathed rather than spoke, in a tone of concentrated fury.

It was reflected from the rocks on either side, and concentrated in this spot like an oven, being 122 degrees in the veranda now.

Practically the whole of the damage is concentrated on the line of the Cathedral.

A thousand lives were concentrated in that moment to Eliza.

A man in a certain condition of mind sees things which other people with less concentrated minds cannot see.

All that my soul had drunk in of beauty in the visible earth and heavensthe light of setting sunsthe radiance of the silver starsthe breath of summer flowers, together with all which we imagine of celestial purity and grace, seemed to me in her incarnated, concentrated, and combined!

Mr. Harlowe's manners were bland, polished, and insinuating; his conversation was sparkling and instructive; but a cold sneer seemed to play habitually about his lips, and at times there glanced forth a concentrated, polished ferocityso to speakfrom his eyes, revealing hard and stony depths, which I shuddered to think a being so pure and gentle as Edith might be doomed to sound and fathom.

In countries where all the social and political action is concentrated around the throne, where a pretty woman may decide the policy of a reign, a royal marriage plunge nations into war, and the disgrace of a favorite cause the downfall of a party, such persons find an ample field for the exercise of the arts upon which they depend for success.

1833 examples of  concentrated  in sentences