18257 examples of concerning in sentences

There is no sign by which they may be recognized, and, what is more singular, no tradition concerning them.

Her peculiar training had left her imagination singularly free from fancies concerning love and marriage.

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The other sonnet was, "If from my lips some peevish accents fall," printed with Coleridge's Poems in 1797 (see page 9), concerning which book Lamb was writing in the above letter.

Writing to Coleridge again a week later concerning the present poem, Lamb said: "I am aware of the unpoetical caste of the 6 last lines of my last sonnet, and think myself unwarranted in smuggling so tame a thing into the book; only the sentiments of those 6 lines are thoroughly congenial to me in my state of mind, and I wish to accumulate perpetuating tokens of my affection to poor Mary.

This was, I think, Southey's first public utterance concerning Lamb since Lamb's famous open letter to him of October, 1823 (see Vol.

I cannot find definite information either concerning this Dockwra or the William Dockwray, of Ware, of whom Lamb wrote in his "Table Talk" in The Athenaeum, 1834 (see Vol. I.).

It is concerning these lines that Lamb writes to Barton, in 1827: "Adieu to Albumsfor a great whileI said when I came here, and had not been fixed two days, but my Landlord's daughter (not at the Pot-house) requested me to write in her female friend's, and in her own.

Mr. Lovel or Mr. Gray, anything concerning your father? John.


It is with some surprise, therefore, we discover when we turn to the teaching of Jesus Himself, that He had so little to say concerning a subject of which His disciples have said so much.

Ifto use a very simple illustrationI am in danger of drowning, and another man, at the cost of his own life, saves mine, his act undoubtedly proves his own love; but how does it prove anything concerning God's love?

" These are the two great texts which reveal to us the mind of Christ concerning the significance of His death.

It is not, it will be observed, all truth, but all the truth of Christ, with which the Spirit dealsthe truth concerning Him, and the truth which He taught.

On the other hand, every new discovery, every movement in the life of men, every intellectual and spiritual awakening which serves to make manifest the glory of Christ as Creator, or Revealer, or Redeemer, is a fresh fulfilment of His promise concerning the guiding Spirit of truth.

And in the great Forty Days, before He was received up, it was still of "the things concerning the kingdom of God" that He spake unto His disciples.

(3) But the most important fact concerning the kingdom in Christ's view of it is that it is spiritual.

* CONCERNING MAN "Tho' world on world in myriad myriads roll Round us, each with different powers, And other forms of life than ours, What know we greater than the soul?" TENNYSON.

* VII CONCERNING MAN "There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

It was by thought-provoking questions such as these that Jesus revealed His own thoughts concerning man.

* CONCERNING SIN "O man, strange composite of heaven and earth!


Nevertheless, paradox though it may seem, our greatest Teacher concerning sin, Himself "knew no sin."

And, as every student of contemporary literature knows, there are voices all around us to-day ready to take up and emphasize every word of His concerning the mischief wrought by moral evil.

18257 examples of  concerning  in sentences