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1239 examples of  conductor  in sentences

1239 examples of conductor in sentences

" With Carton acting as conductor, the party set out on a tour of inspection.

I cannot convey to any one the bewildered consternation with which I felt myself deposited here; and as the steps of my conductor died away in the long corridor, I sat down, and looking myself in the face, as it were, tried to make out what it was that had happened to me.

For, however bad a conductor of heat ice may be, the unfrozen sea-water immediately in contact with the undersurface of the ice must needs be colder than that further off; and hence will constantly tend to descend through the subjacent warmer water.

"Could one persuade or bribe the conductor to pull up?" Lister hesitated.

Yet for him to stop the express would be ridiculous; the conductor and engineer would pay for his meddling.

A covering of metal would be too good a conductor of external temperature,while clapboarding would endanger the resemblance to a roof, which is the only gain proposed.

He was observed both at Euston Road and the Hampstead terminus by the conductor, because of his obvious desire to avoid attention.

The conductor directed the attention of the driver to his movements, and they both watched him till he disappeared in the direction of the Heath.

In fairness to the prisoner, it was necessary to point out, however, that neither the conductor nor the driver can identify him positively as the man they had seen on their car that night, but both will swear that to the best of their belief Birchill is the man.

I say polite to conductor I like to go faster.

Conductor must have lump of coal in eye to keep quiet.

"Most of it, sir," answered the conductor.

Not badly hurt, I hope, sir?" "My eye's pretty bad," growled the conductor.

On the way he remarked to the conductor: "I'm sorry I let Wampus travel alone.

" The conductor scratched his head doubtfully.

The parting remark of his conductor had left a smile upon his lips, which smile still lingered as he asked the sleepy-looking clerk for a room, and intimated that he would like lunch immediately.

When the last property was shipped, the conductor rang his bell, by way of warning, and the whole group, like a flight of happy birds, climbed chattering into the car.

"All aboard," called the conductor, once more ringing his bell, and off they went, leaving a trail of laughter in the morning air.

He is a non-conductor in relation to the great magnetic currents which run pulsing along the invisible wires that connect one heart with another.

The conductor is energetic and efficient, wields his baton in a lively manner, but hits nobody with it.

The stops at the stations seem unnecessarily long to impatient Americans, but the time is utilized by the leisurely passengers in drinking big goblets of beer, and by the conductor in parading up and down the platform so that the patrons of the road can have an opportunity to admire his radiant uniform and fine shape.

Tex looked at the two dead bodies, spoke to the conductor, and then cut short the voluble explanations of a score of passengers by turning his horse and riding away, followed by Dan.

Draxy grew afraid, and the expression of distress on her face attracted the conductor's notice.

" "Actors," said Draxy, as the kind conductor lifted her from one platform to another.

"I don't know, I'm sure," said the conductor, puzzled enough: "but I dare say they do.

Draxy touched the conductor on the arm.

"About ten o'clock, if it's on time," said the conductor, walking away.

" "What are you going for, if you don't know anybody?" said the conductor, in a tone less sympathizing and respectful.

" The conductor had never heard of Una, but the tone of the sentence, "I am Reuben Miller's daughter," smote upon his heart, and made him as reverent to the young girl as if she had been a saint.

The conductor proceeded, still fingering the ticket: "I don't see how I can stop there.

she added, with an appealing, confiding tone which made the conductor feel more like her knight than ever.

"Has the conductor the right to stop the train if he chooses?" said she.

When the conductor came back and gave her his card, with the name of the hotel on it, she thanked him, took the card, but did not stir.

The first bell rangthe steam was upthe crowd of passengers poured in; at the last minute but one came the conductor.

" The conductor laughed out, and seizing Draxy's valise, exclaimed, "By George, I will stop the train for you, Miss Miller!

When the conductor firstcame through the car he saw that Draxy had been crying.

When she waked, the lamps were lighted, and the conductor was bending over her, saying: "We're most there, Miss, and I thought you'd better get steadied on your feet a little before you get off, for I don't calculate to make a full stop.

Then she followed the conductor to the door and stood looking out into the dim light.

The conductor had almost lifted her off the train; had shaken her hand, said "God bless you, Miss," and the train was gone, before she could be sure he heard her thank him.

"I hope she'll get her money," thought the conductor.

"The conductor very kindly put me off.

'You fool!' exclaims his Arabian conductor, 'would you have us also to perish for want of water?'

She and her conductor went down one flight, then along a short passage, then up some steps, then down a few more.

It almost hurt him to part with five cents to the conductor, and as he looked at the hansoms dashing by with lucky winners inside he groaned audibly.

When he was took so bad that time a year ago with his lungs, they said in Tacony that if he died she'd marry Charley Oakes, the conductor.

I bought her a magazine and a morning paper, asked the conductor to fix her window, and, in general, acted the devoted husband seeing his wife off on a trip.

At the same time an urgent invitation has been sent to the eminent conductor offering him the throne of the Empire of Percussia.

He put me on the train, just as Mother had done, and spoke to the conductor.

And then when he'd put me in my seat (Father, I mean; not the conductor), all of a sudden he leaned over and kissed me; kissed meFather!

This conductor was not near so nice and polite as the one I had coming up; and there wasn't any lady with a baby to play with, nor any nice young gentleman to loan me magazines or buy candy for me.

A young man in a yachting-cap was pointing north and speaking in the voice of a conductor of a "seeing New York" car.

My charitable conductor perceived this, and every now and then encouraged me, in a manner so cheerful, so good humoured and benevolent, equally free from the torture of droning expostulation, and the weakness of indulgence, that I thought myself under the conduct of an angel rather than a man.

After having entered however with my conductor through an archway, and passed along a winding passage that was perfectly dark, we came to a stand.

My conductor knocked at the door, and was answered by a voice from within, which, for body and force, might have been the voice of a man, but with a sort of female sharpness and acidity, enquiring, "Who is there?"

My conductor, without answering this apostrophe, bade her push an easy chair which stood in one corner, and set it directly before the fire.

They addressed my conductor with respect, under the appellation of captain.

I want to introduce you to Jay, a 'bus-conductor and an idealist.

On the contrary, she was a 'bus-conductor, but I only tell you this in confidence.

If Jay's Family did not know she was a 'bus-conductor, and did not know she was a story-possessor, what did it know about her?

"I had such a wonderful talk with a 'bus-conductor once about his experiences during a raid.

I pitied the conductor, it must have been a terrible experience, his eyes were starting from his head,bulging like a rabbit's,he said he had a wife and baby up Leyton way, and that he was so worried about them that he frequently called out his list of destinations the wrong way round.

I am sure that he would have laughed painfully could he have seen the picture of himself that remained with the 'bus-conductor.

Charing Cross whispered in a conductor's ear at the Bank produces a white ticket from her hand without any calculation on her part.

The hours of a conductor move up and down the day.

The single 'bus is occupied by one conductor all day Jong for a fortnight.

" "'Ere, 'bus-conductor, you can talk, an' you're a suffragette," said Mrs. Dusty.

" He only extended half-hearted generosity to Jay, because she was, after all, a 'bus-conductor, and to that extent a nob.

Yours faithfully, JANE ELIZABETH MARTIN, 'Bus-conductor.

Mr. Russell had hardly been able to imagine his 'bus-conductor in any dress but that of her calling.

The cane when brought from the field is placed between two heavy rollers, worked by steam, and the juice falls into a conductor belowthe squashed cane being carried away to dry for fuelwhence

Ice thickens because it is porous, and allows the heat of the water to pass up and the cold to descend; but this is happily a slow process, as ice is a bad conductor.

The air is a conductor of sound, and in some conditions one of the best.

Band fundamentals; conductor's manual.

Conductor's score 1-9, by Frederick Stock, George Dasch, and Osbourne McConathy.

Conductor's score 1-9, by Frederick Stock, George Dasch, and Osbourne McConathy.

Band fundamentals; conductor's manual.

The Chorus and its conductor.

There was a vociferous red-faced polyglot personal conductor in a pepper-and-salt suit, very long in the arms and legs and very active.

The people of the personally conducted party were, it seemed, of two sorts; people the conductor wanted and could not find, and people he did not want and who followed him in a steadily growing tail up and down the platform.

Presently the conductor discovered Helen's attempt at a corner in carriages.

The personally-conducted party pursued the conductor about the deck with inquiries, in a manner that suggested to Helen's mind the rather vulgar image of hens with a piece of bacon rind, until at last he went into hiding below.

Tom's valet, who took our tickets, did not get enough, not understanding the ways, and Tom and the senator and the Vicomte had tossed up which two were to have the drawing-room, and Tom lost; so when Hopkins, who is a timid creature, found a berth did not mean a section, he of course gave up his without saying anything to Tom, and as the conductor told him there was not another on the train he wandered along and at last came to Agnรจs's.

Hopkins says he thought it was an unoccupied one the conductor had overlooked, so he took it, and when Agnรจs got back and crawled in in the dark she found him there!!

The raw, damp wind off of the surrounding seas being a natural conductor of both animal and electrical heat rapidly carries of the vital warmth of the body to the destruction of life.

'But ye'll bate the nesty Rooshians, dearieI meant for to say the Prooshians, Christinaan' ye'll come marchin' hame a conductor or an inspector, or whatever they ca' it, wi' medals on yer breist an' riches in yer purse' 'An' rings on his fingers an' bells' 'Noo, noo, lassie, ye're no to mak' fun

"It is that portion of a railroad ticket which a conductor's punch bites out, and which litters the floor and the seats in trains.

The latter said to the passenger agent: "I understand that every railroad has a system by which it can tell which conductor has punched a ticket.

I should like to know, if you can tell me, what train is taken out by the conductor who uses the keystone punch.

"Does any conductor on our lines use a punch which cuts out a keystone?" inquired the General Passenger Agent.

And now," to the agent, "if I could have a moment with Conductor Purvis, I would be more grateful to you than ever.

The gateman pointed out its conductor, inside, and the two approached him.

" "Oh, yes," said the conductor, "I know him.

" Again Pendleton's eyes opened widely; then recollection came to him and he said: "It was Lockethe man concerning whom you were making inquiries of the railroad conductor!" Ashton-Kirk nodded, and replied.

You also told the conductor that he wore thick glasses and a silk hat.

The conductor of the train all but put his hand on the man.

She smiled in gentle derision, and the conductor cried, "All aboard!" I found a vacant seat, and, side by side, Miss Willoughby and I sped on towards Waterton.

COWEN, FREDERICK HYMEN, a popular English composer, born in Kingston, Jamaica; his works consist of symphonies, cantatas, oratories, as well as songs, duets, &c.; is conductor of the Manchester Subscription Concerts in succession to Sir Charles Hallรฉ; b. 1852.

(TO THE EDITOR OF PUNCH.) DEAR SIR,As the conductor of the recognised organ of the legal profession, I have the honour to address you.

It seems as though there were a sort of magnetic attachment or affinity between any particle of matter and the record which contains its historyan affinity which enables it to act as a kind of conductor between that record and the faculties of anyone who can read it.

The astral tube serves as a ready conductor of the vibrations, currents and waves of energy on the astral plane which carry to the astral senses of the person the perception of the things, objects and scenes far removed from him in space and time.