1239 examples of conductor in sentences

Ice thickens because it is porous, and allows the heat of the water to pass up and the cold to descend; but this is happily a slow process, as ice is a bad conductor.

The air is a conductor of sound, and in some conditions one of the best.

Band fundamentals; conductor's manual.

Conductor's score 1-9, by Frederick Stock, George Dasch, and Osbourne McConathy.

Conductor's score 1-9, by Frederick Stock, George Dasch, and Osbourne McConathy.

Band fundamentals; conductor's manual.

There was a vociferous red-faced polyglot personal conductor in a pepper-and-salt suit, very long in the arms and legs and very active.

The people of the personally conducted party were, it seemed, of two sorts; people the conductor wanted and could not find, and people he did not want and who followed him in a steadily growing tail up and down the platform.

Presently the conductor discovered Helen's attempt at a corner in carriages.

The personally-conducted party pursued the conductor about the deck with inquiries, in a manner that suggested to Helen's mind the rather vulgar image of hens with a piece of bacon rind, until at last he went into hiding below.

Tom's valet, who took our tickets, did not get enough, not understanding the ways, and Tom and the senator and the Vicomte had tossed up which two were to have the drawing-room, and Tom lost; so when Hopkins, who is a timid creature, found a berth did not mean a section, he of course gave up his without saying anything to Tom, and as the conductor told him there was not another on the train he wandered along and at last came to Agnès's.

Hopkins says he thought it was an unoccupied one the conductor had overlooked, so he took it, and when Agnès got back and crawled in in the dark she found him there!!

The raw, damp wind off of the surrounding seas being a natural conductor of both animal and electrical heat rapidly carries of the vital warmth of the body to the destruction of life.

"It is that portion of a railroad ticket which a conductor's punch bites out, and which litters the floor and the seats in trains.

The latter said to the passenger agent: "I understand that every railroad has a system by which it can tell which conductor has punched a ticket.

I should like to know, if you can tell me, what train is taken out by the conductor who uses the keystone punch.

"Does any conductor on our lines use a punch which cuts out a keystone?" inquired the General Passenger Agent.

And now," to the agent, "if I could have a moment with Conductor Purvis, I would be more grateful to you than ever.

The gateman pointed out its conductor, inside, and the two approached him.

" "Oh, yes," said the conductor, "I know him.

" Again Pendleton's eyes opened widely; then recollection came to him and he said: "It was Lockethe man concerning whom you were making inquiries of the railroad conductor!" Ashton-Kirk nodded, and replied.

You also told the conductor that he wore thick glasses and a silk hat.

The conductor of the train all but put his hand on the man.

She smiled in gentle derision, and the conductor cried, "All aboard!" I found a vacant seat, and, side by side, Miss Willoughby and I sped on towards Waterton.

COWEN, FREDERICK HYMEN, a popular English composer, born in Kingston, Jamaica; his works consist of symphonies, cantatas, oratories, as well as songs, duets, &c.; is conductor of the Manchester Subscription Concerts in succession to Sir Charles Hallé; b. 1852.

1239 examples of  conductor  in sentences