197 examples of conduits in sentences

I am, I think, rather delicately than copiously provided with those conduits; and I feel no disposition to envy the mule for his plenty, or the mole for her exactness, in those ingenious labyrinthine inletsthose indispensable side-intelligencers.

This valley, after what we had seen, did not give us much pleasure; its appearance on the whole being sterile, though after leaving Luz as far as Esterre, the brightness of the fields and trees, and the splashing of the water overflowing the miniature mill conduits, made a pleasant landscape.

This cistern is farther ornamented by a rich net-work of pearls; and, by means of certain pipes and conduits, it continually supplies certain kinds of drink that are used at the court of the emperor.

Into this delightful residence, the old man used to entice all the young and valiant men he could procure, where they were initiated into all the delights of the earthly paradise, in which milk and wine flowed in abundance, through certain hidden conduits.

This made them perceive that the main of their dispute was about the signification of that term; and that they differed very little in their opinions concerning SOME fluid and subtle matter, passing through the conduits of the nerves; though it was not so easy to agree whether it was to be called LIQUOR or no, a thing, which, when considered, they thought it not worth the contending about.

Similar conduits may be seen in many of the old walls in the city of Cuzco.

Near by was a typical Inca fountain with three stone spouts, or conduits.

"If you quietly reflect upon what passes through her mouth, nostrils, and other conduits of her body, you never saw viler stuff.

The work of destruction was carried out chiefly by the Sikhs and Punjabis, and the wasted drink ran in streams through the conduits of the city.

A greater portion of its growth has been during the last quarter of a century, and it was the first city in this country to lay cable conduits and adopt a system of cable cars.

48 The bulls and columns of the gate of the shrine 49 the thresholds, the sigari of ri-wood, conduits 50 of Babnaku wood and their statues 51 with cedar wood awnings 52 of lofty building, 53 and silver, I adorned.

In vain they assured him the tide was out, the Thames water-tower empty, the pipes and conduits dry.

How was that?" "It is a damnable plot, your majesty, designed by the Papists, or the Dutch, or the FrenchI don't know whichperhaps all three," rejoined the lord mayor; "and it appears that the cocks of all the pipes at the waterworks at Islington were turned, while the pipes and conduits in the city were empty.

These bars are magical,they are conduits of power; you cannot touch them, you cannot rest your weight on them in the slightest degree, without causing strength to flow into your body as naturally and irresistibly as water into the aqueduct-pipe when you turn it on.

As that flow is continuous, it is evident that the workings of the Comstock have simply opened the conduits of hot springs, which are doing to-day what they have been doing in ages past, but much less actively, i.e., bringing toward the surface the materials they have taken into solution in a more highly heated zone below.

The shriek had diminished to a gentle hum once again, and the sounds of popping conduits and breaking glass had disappeared.

Moreover, the great influx of air under the flame continually cools the base of the chimney as well as the wick tube, and the result is that the excess of oil falls limpid and unaltered into the reservoir, and produces none of those gummy deposits that soil the external movements and clog up the conduits through which the oil ascends.

It was a remarkably idle and unobtrusive shop and yet money flowed into it without stint, mysteriously and unostentatiously, the conduits of its flow being certain modest and retiring Arab visitors in long brown or white haiks, with check cotton head-dresses girt with ropes of camel-hair, who collogued with the honest tradesman and departed as silently and unobtrusively as they came....

The words of a Minister should be as a stream from the living fountain, and themselves as conduits, through which the stream runs.

Pour ces ablutions, s'ils sont auprès d'un ruisseau, ils descendent de cheval, se mettent les pieds nus, et se lavant les mains, les pieds, le visage et tous les conduits du corps.

Hoyarbarach n'amenoit avec lui que ses gens, sa femme, deux de ses enfans qu'il avoit conduits à la

, aërial conduits flow, The hills relent, the meads rejoice below: By genial fervour, and prolific rain, Gay vegetation cloaths the fertile plain; Nature profusely good, with bliss o'er-flows,

"The food for pigeons is placed in mangers fastened around the walls and filled from the outside by means of conduits.

The pipes and conduits got out of order, and eventually so ruined the edifice that it had to be taken down, and has never been replaced.

From this pipe branch conduits, b, that enter the vessels, B, in which the treatment is effected, and that run spirally through the oil.

197 examples of  conduits  in sentences