2249 examples of confidents in sentences

The professors of astrology appeared as the confidents of these invisible rulers, and the interpreters of their will; they were well versed in the art of giving a respectable appearance to this usurped dignity.

Now, the friends and confidents of Claudius had long been chosen from the ranks of his freedmen.

I can't say I'm quite confident yet of laying hold of himthe time is so short,

He often commented upon it to his particular confidents as a thing altogether inconceivable.

In his return from this assembly he was accompanied by a young man, whom similitude of manners had rendered one of his principal confidents, and whose road home was in part the same as his own.

Then a little later the Swedish Berzelius and the Danish Oersted, confident in the prediction of Lavoisier and of Davy, went in search of the mysterious stranger with the aggressive electric current, but as yet to no purpose.

He was a handsome fellow, thoroughly confident of himself, and companionable.

Now I knew South so well that I saw under all his confident, bragging tone he was more anxious and doubtful than he had ever been.

Whatever hath no beginning may be confident of no end.

But now, now, when all of them, from the Queen downwards, have declared that this charge has been a libel, when even the miscreants themselves have told against themselves, when the very judge has gone back from the word in which he was so confident, shall my mother,and my mother only,think that I am a wretched, miserable, nameless outcast, with a poor nameless, fatherless baby?

So confident was Vioménil, and so impregnable a defence did Strasburg seem to offer for the King should misfortune overtake him, that Calvert set out on his journey back to Maubeuge the following day buoyed up with the belief that should the army refuse its allegiance and support the King would find, at any rate, a safe asylum at Strasburg.

I grew more confident, and began to fancy that I believed in the theories of spectral illusions, with which I had at first vainly tried to impose upon my convictions.

There was no division of opinion as to this precise point, which they indicated in the most distinct and confident way.

All the persons who reported having seen the different persons or appearances here described by me, were just as confident of having literally and distinctly seen them, as I was of having seen the hard-featured woman with the blind eye, so remarkably corresponding with Smith's description.

ne contez iamais vos songes qu'à de vos confidents, & encore que ce soit pour profiter de leur interpretation; vous gardant bien d'y donner aucune croyance.

Of all Persons under the Sun (continued he, calling me by my Name) be sure to set a Mark upon Confidents: they are of all People the most impertinent.

' The Huntsman, with a Tenderness that spoke the most passionate Love, and with his Cheek close to hers, whispered the softest Vows of Fidelity in her Ear, and cried, 'Don't, my Dear, believe a Word Kate Willow says; she is spiteful and makes Stories, because she loves to hear me talk to her self for your sake.' Look you there, quoth Sir Roger, do you see there, all Mischief comes from Confidents!

If he can keep free from Party-Strokes, his Work may be of Use; but this I much doubt, having been informed by one of his Friends and Confidents, that he has spoken some things of Nimrod with too great Freedom.

Velasquez was at last won over by these repeated importunities, and sent two confidential persons to his brother-in-law, Francisco Verdugo, who was alcalde major of Trinidad, directing him to deprive Cortes of the command of the fleet and army, as Vasco Porcallo was appointed in his place; and he sent orders to the same purpose to Diego de Ordas, Francisco de Morla, and his other relations and confidents.

My passion for my art [he wrote] is so firmly rooted that I am confident no human power could destroy it.

Morse and his associates now had a telegraph which they were confident would prove a genuine success.

To the honour, to the wisdom, to the feelings of the house I now make my appeal, perfectly confident that you will not tolerate, as senators, a traffic, which, as men, you shudder to contemplate, and that you will not take upon yourselves the responsibility of this waste of existence.

She scorned the hand I extended, but embarked with light confident step and took the paddle.

I was confident that he lied, but without appealing to Bates I was not prepared to prove it.

The more I look at him, the more confident I am.

2249 examples of  confidents  in sentences