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1570 examples of  confronts  in sentences

1570 examples of confronts in sentences

The thirteen colonies in 1787, while small and relatively unimportant, were, however, a little world in themselves, and, relatively to their numbers and resources, this problem, which they confronted and solved, differed in degree but not in kind from that which now confronts civilization.

Here a huge obstacle confronts you.

Now our third task confronts us.

The task that henceforth confronts you is your own.

But he forgets, if thus he thinks and thus would have you think, that the man who now confronts you from the bar is separated by an immense experience from the boy he was at that hour of surprise and selfish preoccupation.

But here, too, the same notice confronts us.

But why deal in description, when the thing itself confronts us?

Also we are grateful to Brutus that he did not even at the start admit Antony to Gaul, and is trying to repel him now that Antony confronts him with a force.

The child problem is merely one phase of the universal problem that confronts society.

That paltry tattered volume, when it confronts me from its safe nook in a bureau drawer, makes my heart beat faster and sets me dreaming!

When a new idea or a new institution confronts the world it must answer all challenges, show its credentials, specify its claims for usefulness, and prove its promise by its performance.

Along this narrow line of beautiful blue water the East menacingly confronts the West.

Last of all, he had believed devoutly in his own strong hands and will, the partnership of mind and muscle which confronts seemingly insuperable obstacles confident that it can destroy them.

The drought The woman of Zarephath Shields and feeds Elijah He restores her son to life Miseries of the drought Elijah confronts Ahab Assembly of the people at Mount Carmel Presentation of choice between Jehovah and Baal Elijah mocks the priests of Baal Triumphs, and slays them Elijah promises rain The tempest Ahab seeks Jezebel She threatens Elijah in her wrath Second flight of Elijah

The same problem confronts us in criminology.

" The chief fact which confronts the student of literature as he pauses before this great allegory is that it has been translated into seventy-five languages and dialects, and has been read more than any other book save one in the English language.

The situation as it confronts us today is one in which man by his very energy and the stimulus of those cosmic energies he has so astonishingly mastered, has got far beyond his depth.

The solution of the industrial and economic problem that now confronts the entire world with an insistence that is not to be denied, is contingent on the restoration, first of all, of the holiness and the joy of work.

Now in considering the situation that confronts us, we find certain respects in which either the methods are bad, or the results, or both.

The back of the cornice, with its plaster stained and cracked, confronts your eyes; and with a little imagination you can easily fancy yourself in a dungeon looking into some castle moat.

Can it be true that by nothing less than the "three days of pestilence" shall the land be purged of its stain, and is this old divine alternative about to confront us in new, modern form?

But in regarding the movement as a whole a much more serious question confronts us.

This contradiction of the present certain effect and the probable future effects confronts the philanthropist at every turn.

And there, as Mr. Godwin is about to enter, there confronts him Peter, that sturdy Puritan hireling of old Simon's.

As the world confronts the impact of globalism, newly revitalised threats of fundamentalism, and the emergence of seemingly irreconcilable value systems, it is incumbent upon us to generate a new reason to believe that living interdependently is not only possible, but preferable to the competitive individualism, ethnocentrism, nationalism and particularism that have characterised so much of late 20th century thinking and culture.

The river seeking for the sea Confronts the dam and precipice, Yet knows it cannot fail or miss; You will be what you will to be!

Supposing ourselves to be there once more, let us quickly get through the horrid necessity, which confronts one in all ancient Italian cities, of seeing the Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele.

This figure is now in the museum of ancient city relics in the monastery of S. Marco, where one confronts her on a level instead of looking up at her in mid sky.

In conclusion something must be said of the process by which our understanding with France, still so elastic in 1912 and 1913, became the solid alliance which now, on sea and land alike, confronts the German forces.

There is a certain innate fire of the blood, which does not dare perils for the sake of principle, nor grow indifferent to them from familiarity, nor confront them under support of a stronger will,but loves them for their own sake, without reference to any ulterior object.

In disguise as a boy she travels to Plymouth to see for herself, confronts her guilty partner, and after hearing his confession, stabs herself.

I awaken in the morning, and the first horrible emergency of the day confronts me at once, I have to get up.

By an odd coincidence, the night which had seen Henry and Esther confront their father, had seen, in another household in which the young people counted another member of their secret society of youth, a similar but even less seemly clash between the generations.

They breathe a fine and high spirit; they admirably express the feeling of a sincere man; and I do not believe anybody who is acquainted with the Service doubts that this spirit, so admirably expressed, will pervade the Service in the admittedly difficult task that now confronts them.

And this thought points the way out of another contradictious puzzle, that which confronts my argument from the ears of an ass.

If we boast of a Socrates, or a Seneca, they may now confront them with these great Philosophers the Hottentots.

It meets me in the church, it confronts me in business and I feel its influence in almost every avenue of my life.

We must meet the conditions that confront us by unity of public opinion and team work.

The conditions that confront us do not involve the possibility of immediate invasion of our country by a hostile nation, but they carry a burdensome penalty if we fail to take the right action.

Without going further into the analysis of the conditions that confront us, it is obvious that an increase in the size and number of desirable industries is an object worthy of our attention and efforts.

In mediaeval philosophy the subject looks longingly upward to the infinite object of his thought, expecting that the latter will bend down toward him or lift him upward toward itself; in Greek philosophy the spirit confronts its object, the world, on a footing of equality; in modern philosophy the speculative subject feels himself higher than the object, superior to nature.

Perpetually, even in the new thriving French Morocco, the outline of a ruin or the look in a pair of eyes shifts the scene, rends the thin veil of the European Illusion, and confronts one with the old grey Moslem reality.

They will develop day by day as the necessity arises and confronts me.

Horror possesses her, but indignation also; she is terrified, but brave; she shrinks, but she repels; and while all her beautiful body trembles and retreats, her countenance confronts her captors, and her steady gaze forbids them.

Although this disposes of the wall proper, there still confronts us the question of the development of the horny laminรฆ.

But I do think that she has set an example by the way she has flung herself, tooth and nail, into the mighty task that confronts us allall of us allies who are leagued against the Hun and his plan to conquer the world and make it bow its neck in submission under his iron heel.

A serious crisis confronts the guilds of Ahmedabad in the form of organized capital and labor-saving machinery.

" "The supreme interest," he said, "ties in the physical fact that it (the northwestern frontier) is the only side upon which India has been or ever can be invaded by land, and in the political fact that it confronts a series of territories inhabited by wild and turbulent, by independent or semi-independent tribes, behind whom looms the grim figure of Russia, daily advancing into clearer outline from the opposite or northwest quarter.

The fundamental question which confronts us is, What shall we do with it?

The conservation of the inland waterways of the United States for these great purposes constitutes, perhaps, the largest single task which now confronts the Nation.

The great fundamental problem which confronts us all now is this: Shall we continue, as a Nation, to exist in well-being?

So the noblest task that confronts us all to-day is to leave this country unspotted in honor, and unexhausted in resources, to our descendants, who will be, not less than we, the children of the Founders of the Republic.

"The great difficulty that now confronts us," said the financier, "is as to how we shall raise that money.

That these are the conditions which confront surburban residents only the exceptionally favored rustic can deny.

Since, however, we must look forward to emigration as the ultimate solution of the problem which confronts us, we shall briefly indicate the lines upon which we propose to carry it out.

The new situation which confronts our Liberal intelligence is the discontent of the enfranchised, the contempt and hostility of the voters for their elected delegates and governments.

The real difficulty which confronts everybody, and which especially confronts doctors, is that the extraordinary position of man in the physical universe makes it practically impossible to treat him in either one direction or the other in a purely physical way.

The real difficulty which confronts everybody, and which especially confronts doctors, is that the extraordinary position of man in the physical universe makes it practically impossible to treat him in either one direction or the other in a purely physical way.

She avoided him; she treated him to a short season of disdain; she did all in her power to rebuke his effronteryand then in the end she surrendered to the overpowering vanity which confronts all women who put the pride of caste against the pride of conquest.

He doesn't appreciate the real calamity that confronts us.

There is no doubt that the glacier is retreating with comparative rapidity, and this leads us to account for the various ice slabs about the hut as remains of the glacier, but a puzzling fact confronts this proposition in the discovery of penguin feathers in the lower strata of ice in both ice caves.

For a far greater danger than the unjust death of one man confronts the city, if the soldiers shall become accustomed to issue orders to their generals and to take the justice of the law into their own hands.[-35-]

Whereunto serves mercy, But to confront the visage of offence!"

The pangs, the cares, the weary toils it cost Leave not a trace when once the work is done The Artist's human frailty merged and lost In Art's great victory won! X If human Sin confronts the rigid law Of perfect Truth and Virtue, awe Seizes and saddens thee to see how far Beyond thy reach, Perfection;if we test By the Ideal of the Good, the best, How mean our efforts and our actions are!

The materialworked blocks of marble pillaged from ancient monuments, alternating with courses of contemporary brickproduces a completely new aesthetic effect upon the eye; and the structurea grouping of lesser cupolas round a central dome is the very antithesis of the 'upright-and-horizontal' style which confronts him in ruins upon the Akropolis.

They have been so allotted as to benefit a very few at the expense of the whole people; and they are protected by a terrorism which no one dares to confront in order to challenge their validity.

10 If human Sin confronts the rigid law Of perfect Truth and Virtue, awe Seizes and saddens thee to see how far Beyond thy reach, Perfection;if we test By the Ideal of the Good, the best, How mean our efforts and our actions are!

No sooner, however, is a goodly company of believers gathered, but problems, numerous and weighty, confront the missionary.

It is for the real earl to hide in just before he confronts Muddleton with the evidence of his crime.

The English race, which still represents the heart and brain of the nation, confronts these four problems.

God confronts man in history.

God confronts man in history.

If both these Navy Leagues, in the fifteen or sixteen years during which they have been in existence, had possessed an intelligence committee, each conferring with the other, and spending even a fraction of the money and energy upon disentangling policy that has been spent upon the sheer bull-dog piling up of armaments, in all human possibility, the situation which now confronts us would not exist.

The butler instantly signalled to Pim, the servant behind Colonel Arran's chair, and started forward with a furtive glance at his master; and the young man turned disdainfully to confront him.

He was behind her a second later, and she turned to confront him in the corridor lighted by a single window.

The same problem, therefore, which faced him earlier, confronts him once again.

Here, again, the question confronts us, How far down among the strata of human life can we find traces of this ingredient of love?

On the way, in crossing a river, she loses the ring, and when she confronts the king he fails to remember her and dismisses her ignominiously.

"With this gift of the celestial girl let us now meet her lover," says the queen, and stepping forward, she confronts the king with the words: "Here is the bark, my husband.

At first she refuses, but when he doubles the sum, she submits, whereupon he throws away his disguise and confronts her with her guilt.

"It is not a theory that confronts you.

"Mr. Chairman, it is not a theory but a hell of a condition that confronts us," he said, uncertainly.

These elementary facts of human life, which must confront those who marry, are faced by them without any kind of preparation, without the most rudimentary knowledge of each other's point of view.

Sincerely, this is the actual trilemma that confronts every one of us.

With less impetuosity and a more weightily reasoned argument the Pope confronts the long perplexity and entanglement of circumstances with the fatuous optimism which insists that somehow justice and virtue do rule in the world.

It is a harder task than the one that confronts the physician in the hospital, because the material is poorer, the make is more defective, and the process of cure or development much slower and not so easily seen.

confronts him, and all the Ladies, in whose Behalf he engages him, cast kind Looks and Wishes of Success at their Champion, he will have some Shame, and feel a little of the Pain he has so often put others to, of being out of Countenance.

That and the inexplicable enigma which ever confronts the searcher of human motives: the overwhelming desire of the murderer to look once again upon his victim.

He calls on them because confronts the great loneliness of death.

The first question that confronts us is that of sleeping sickness, or negro-lethargy as it is sometimes called; and here we are in a difficulty.

I believe this to be the most dangerous tendency that now confronts the American peoplegovernment by commission, tenfold more dangerous than "government by injunction."

He also brought with him the fortitude of the pioneer that reclaims the wilderness and meets any emergency that confronts him.

It climbs the hill-side that confronts the Quantocks, and has a church near the summit, whence a fine view is obtainable.

Such, then, are some of the phases of that great work of social redemption which now confronts us.

IV The housing question in Belgium confronts us with several novel problems.

Status and change confront each other at all social levels.

Current frustrating experience with the breakdown of western civilization, coupled with historical precedents, confront the present generation of mankind with a compelling challenge and a unique, precious opportunity.

The huge specter of evil confronts us, as the prophet declared.

A most serious problem confronts General Otis in the protection of Manila and the suburban towns from fire, not only because of the treacherous character of the rebel Filipinos, but also because outside of the business establishments the houses are built of the flimsiest bamboo, hung with matting screens.

I believe that the only thing which confronts the heart and the reason is the shadow of that which the heart and the reason cry for.