1570 examples of confronts in sentences

The task that henceforth confronts you is your own.

But he forgets, if thus he thinks and thus would have you think, that the man who now confronts you from the bar is separated by an immense experience from the boy he was at that hour of surprise and selfish preoccupation.

But why deal in description, when the thing itself confronts us?

The drought The woman of Zarephath Shields and feeds Elijah He restores her son to life Miseries of the drought Elijah confronts Ahab Assembly of the people at Mount Carmel Presentation of choice between Jehovah and Baal Elijah mocks the priests of Baal Triumphs, and slays them Elijah promises rain The tempest Ahab seeks Jezebel She threatens Elijah in her wrath Second flight of Elijah

In conclusion something must be said of the process by which our understanding with France, still so elastic in 1912 and 1913, became the solid alliance which now, on sea and land alike, confronts the German forces.

In disguise as a boy she travels to Plymouth to see for herself, confronts her guilty partner, and after hearing his confession, stabs herself.

And this thought points the way out of another contradictious puzzle, that which confronts my argument from the ears of an ass.

In mediaeval philosophy the subject looks longingly upward to the infinite object of his thought, expecting that the latter will bend down toward him or lift him upward toward itself; in Greek philosophy the spirit confronts its object, the world, on a footing of equality; in modern philosophy the speculative subject feels himself higher than the object, superior to nature.

Horror possesses her, but indignation also; she is terrified, but brave; she shrinks, but she repels; and while all her beautiful body trembles and retreats, her countenance confronts her captors, and her steady gaze forbids them.

The great fundamental problem which confronts us all now is this: Shall we continue, as a Nation, to exist in well-being?

So the noblest task that confronts us all to-day is to leave this country unspotted in honor, and unexhausted in resources, to our descendants, who will be, not less than we, the children of the Founders of the Republic.

For a far greater danger than the unjust death of one man confronts the city, if the soldiers shall become accustomed to issue orders to their generals and to take the justice of the law into their own hands.[-35-]

The pangs, the cares, the weary toils it cost Leave not a trace when once the work is done The Artist's human frailty merged and lost In Art's great victory won! X If human Sin confronts the rigid law Of perfect Truth and Virtue, awe Seizes and saddens thee to see how far Beyond thy reach, Perfection;if we test By the Ideal of the Good, the best, How mean our efforts and our actions are!

The materialworked blocks of marble pillaged from ancient monuments, alternating with courses of contemporary brickproduces a completely new aesthetic effect upon the eye; and the structurea grouping of lesser cupolas round a central dome is the very antithesis of the 'upright-and-horizontal' style which confronts him in ruins upon the Akropolis.

10 If human Sin confronts the rigid law Of perfect Truth and Virtue, awe Seizes and saddens thee to see how far Beyond thy reach, Perfection;if we test By the Ideal of the Good, the best, How mean our efforts and our actions are!

If both these Navy Leagues, in the fifteen or sixteen years during which they have been in existence, had possessed an intelligence committee, each conferring with the other, and spending even a fraction of the money and energy upon disentangling policy that has been spent upon the sheer bull-dog piling up of armaments, in all human possibility, the situation which now confronts us would not exist.

The same problem, therefore, which faced him earlier, confronts him once again.

At first she refuses, but when he doubles the sum, she submits, whereupon he throws away his disguise and confronts her with her guilt.

"It is not a theory that confronts you.

With less impetuosity and a more weightily reasoned argument the Pope confronts the long perplexity and entanglement of circumstances with the fatuous optimism which insists that somehow justice and virtue do rule in the world.

He calls on them because confronts the great loneliness of death.

Such, then, are some of the phases of that great work of social redemption which now confronts us.

IV The housing question in Belgium confronts us with several novel problems.

The huge specter of evil confronts us, as the prophet declared.

A most serious problem confronts General Otis in the protection of Manila and the suburban towns from fire, not only because of the treacherous character of the rebel Filipinos, but also because outside of the business establishments the houses are built of the flimsiest bamboo, hung with matting screens.

1570 examples of  confronts  in sentences