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1054 example sentences with  congressional

1054 example sentences with congressional

On every other subject which comes within the scope of Congressional power there is an ever-living discretion in the use of proper means, which can not be restricted or abolished without an amendment of the Constitution.

The citizens, merchants, and traders of the town agree not to sell or furnish whisky or ardent spirits to the Indians during the payments and preliminary examinationsa conclusive evidence this that, where the interests of the population combine to stop the traffic in ardent spirits, it requires no Congressional or State laws.

Equally impossible would it have been then to conceive that in so short a time, I, a happy mother and the wife of a Congressional Representative, should be a guest at the brilliant receptions of the foreign diplomats and at the Executive Mansion in the city of Washington.

If I understood it right, on its first reading, though, to be sure, I did not comprehend perfectly all that the petition contained, it prays that we should take measures for the abolition of the slave trade; this is desiring an unconstitutional act, because the constitution secures that trade to the States, independent of congressional restrictions, for the term of twenty-one years.

The inhabitants of the District have taken up their residence in it, aware, that the paramount object of Congressional legislation is not their, but the nation's advantage.

Were such to be your answer, the public would judge, whether the men of peace and purity, who compose the mass of abolitionists, would be more likely than the Clays and Wises and the great body of the followers of these Congressional leaders to betake themselves from a disappointment at "the ballot-box" to "the more potent powers of the bayonet?"

If I understood it right, on its first reading, though, to be sure, I did not comprehend perfectly all that the petition contained, it prays that we should take measures for the abolition of the slave trade; this is desiring an unconstitutional act, because the constitution secures that trade to the States, independent of congressional restrictions, for the term of twenty-one years.

If I understood it right, on its first reading, though, to be sure, I did not comprehend perfectly all that the petition contained, it prays that we should take measures for the abolition of the slave trade; this is desiring an unconstitutional act, because the constitution secures that trade to the States, independent of congressional restrictions, for the term of twenty-one years.

Trouble with Great Britain and France.%From the congressional election in 1792 we may date the beginning of organized political parties in the United States.

In the Congressional elections of 1858, following the Lecompton controversy, the Democrats had once more lost control of the House of Representatives; there having been chosen 113 Republicans, 93 Administration Democrats, 8 anti-Lecompton Democrats, and 23 South Americans, as they were called; that is, members, mainly from the slave-States, opposed to the Administration.

The "irrepressible conflict" had shifted uneasily from caucus to Congress; from Congress to Kansas; incidentally to the Supreme Court and to the Congressional elections in the various States; from Kansas it had come back with renewed intensity to Congress.

The repeal of the Missouri Compromise had brought it shipwreck in 1854; it had regained victory in the election of Buchanan, and a majority of the House of Representatives in 1856; then the Lecompton imbroglio once more caused its defeat in the Congressional elections of 1858.

The Lecompton quarrel, the Freeport doctrine, the property theory, the "slave-State" dogma, the Congressional slave code proposal, must be boldly met and squarely adjusted.

The majority report planted itself squarely upon the property theory and Congressional protection.

"I repeat, that upon this question of Congressional non-intervention we are committed by the acts of Congress, we are committed by the acts of National Democratic Conventions; we cannot recede without personal dishonor, and, so help us God, we never will recede!"

The remainder of his speech was an insinuating plea for the property doctrine and Congressional intervention, for which the galleries and convention rewarded him with long and earnest applause.

Saturday afternoon the committee once more reported the same disagreement in slightly changed phraseology; two antagonistic platforms, presenting the same sharp difference of principleone demanding Congressional intervention, the other declaring against it.

"Stephen A. Douglas, Senate Speech, May 16, 1860; Appendix to "Congressional Globe," p. 313.

That the government of a Territory organized by an act of Congress is provisional and temporary, and, during its existence, all citizens of the United States have an equal right to settle with their property in the Territory without their rights, either of person or property, being destroyed or impaired by Congressional or Territorial legislation.

At the time of the disruption, rumors were current in Charleston that the movement, if not prompted, was at least encouraged and sustained by telegrams from leading Senators and Representatives then at their Congressional duties in Washington.

The former Presidential canvass, though resulting in the defeat of Frรฉmont, had nevertheless shown the remarkable popular strength of the Republican party in the country at large; since then, its double victory in Congress against Lecompton, and at the Congressional elections over the Representatives who supported Lecompton, gave it confidence and aggressive activity.

The Congressional elections of 1858 demonstrated that such a change was possible.

But from that time forward the phraseology and the spirit of disunion became constant factors in Congressional debate and legislation.

It was declaimed on the stump, elaborated in Congressional speeches, set out in national platforms, and paraded as a solemn warning in executive messages.

Since the 6th of November the campaign of the Border Ruffians for the conquest of Kansas, and the wider Congressional struggle for the possession of the Territories, might be treated as things of the past.

Fugitive-slave laws, inter-State slave trade, a Congressional slave code, right of transit and sojourn in the free States, compensation for runaways, new slave States, and a majority in the United States Senate would follow, as inevitably as that the well planted acorn expands by the forces of nature into roots, trunk, limbs, twigs, and foliage.

No Congressional legislation about slavery.

All hope of relief in the Union through the agency of committees, Congressional legislation, or constitutional amendments is extinguished, and we trust the South will not be deceived by appearances or the pretense of new guarantees.

So far from Congressional or constitutional relief having been refused, the Southern demand for them had not been formulated.

Outside of Congressional circles there was the same absence of any new complications, any new threats, any new dangers from the North.

It is only the special-pleadings and constitutional hair-splittings by which Slavery has been forced under national protection, that now impede Congressional intervention in the affairs of Utah.

Congressional record vocabulary.

MCGRAW-HILL, INC. Congressional record vocabulary.

Congressional elections, 1896-1944: the sectional basis of political democracy in the House of Representatives.

The congressional committee system of studying current problems of American Government.

Congressional record vocabulary.

The Congressional committee method of study adapted to the classroom; teacher's handbook.

Congressional Digest Corporation (PWH); 10Jan77; R651542.

The Suffragist has the Congressional Union.

Each had anywhere from one to half a dozen decorations, whether the Congressional Medal, the V.C., the Croix de Guerre, the Order of the Rising Sun, or what-not.

" OFFICE-SEEKERS A gentleman, not at all wealthy, who had at one time represented in Congress, through a couple of terms a district not far from the national capitol, moved to California where in a year or so he rose to be sufficiently prominent to become a congressional subject, and he was visited by the central committee of his district to be talked to.

Anthony Gonzalez ran for the United States House of Representatives seat in Ohio's 16th congressional district in 2018 as a Republican.

Lee was the 7th Congressional Districtโ€™s representative to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Lewis published articles in Science and other journals and made a presentation to a Congressional committee on atomic energy in 1957.

Ocasio-Cortez questioned the ethic regulations that both the president and members of Congress had during a congressional hearing in February 2019.

The first game was so violent and bloody compared to other video games at the time that it was one of the games mentioned in the 1993 congressional hearings on video games.

A congressional aide told NBC thereโ€™s no provision in the CARES Act that would take the money back โ€” and argued that taking the checks back would mean taking away from the widowers who might also be in need.

A congressional report has since accused Boeing of promoting a โ€œculture of concealmentโ€ and of โ€œgrossly inefficientโ€ oversight.

Candidates' performance in the state's four congressional districts will determine the 23 district-level delegates, and their statewide results will determine how many of the 11 at-large and "pledged elected official" delegates they receive.

Cornyn has given the Democrats plenty to seize on, from his comments blaming the Chinese for the virushis running Twitter commentary on congressional negotiations over coronavirus aid.

"After the campaign, Zac joined my congressional staff as Senior Policy Advisor.

After the release of the presidentโ€™s budget, questions emerged as to whether congressional Republicans would ditch the two-year spending accord in favor of toplines called for by the president.

Every Republican senator except frequent Trump critic Mitt Romney of Utah was asked to participate, as were some Republican House members and 22 congressional Democrats.

For starters, it was the only Texas congressional district actually drawn to be competitive at the start of the decade.

For the second time in two months, a panel of federal judges on Thursday blocked President Donald Trumpโ€™s effort to exclude people in the U.S. illegally from being counted during the process of divvying up congressional seats by state.

Greene did have some congressional backers, even after her comments came to light.

Her decision doomed the GOP proposal, which the Congressional Budget Office had said would leave more than 20 million additional Americans uninsured, and allowed the ACA to survive.

Here again, Trump limited the accord with Japan to goods so that it wouldnโ€™t require congressional approval after the agreement was reached in September and could take effect in time for the 2020 campaign.

He represented the stateโ€™s 5th Congressional District, including much of Atlanta.

He worked as an APSA (American Political Science Association) Congressional Fellow in Washington, DC and held research posts at Frankfurt Peace Research Institute and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University.

If Mr. Trump were to bless the effort to challenge the congressional tally, he could force Republicans into a difficult decision about whether to support an assault on the election results that is essentially doomed or risk his ire.

In a rare show of bipartisanship in the Senate, Democrats were able to narrowly pass a resolution that limits the president's war powers with Iran, establishing that Mr Trump must receive congressional approval before military action in the country.

In a similar move, the authors of Dodd-Frank also chose to fund the CFPB through the Federal Reserve, rather than the congressional appropriations process.

In a Twitter posting on Tuesday, Pelosi Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill wrote: โ€œOn several open questions, the Speaker and the Secretary called for the (congressional) committee chairs to work to resolve differences about funding levels and language.โ€

In New Mexico's 1st Congressional District, Deb Haaland, one of the first Native American women to serve in Congress, is expected to defeat her Republican challenger, Michelle Garcia Holmes.

In New Yorkโ€™s 16th Congressional District on June 23, Engel will face progressive Jamaal Bowman, who has questioned the U.S.-Israel relationship.

In our average of polls of the generic congressional ballot, Democrats currently lead by 7.9 percentage points (48.2 percent to 40.3 percent).

And on Tuesday, seven of them emerged in congressional Republican primaries.

It sounds like he spent some time deliberating over a scenario in which he would have to choose between a congressional subpoena to testify and presidential directive to refrain from doing so.

Jen Oโ€™Malley Dillon, President-elect Joe Bidenโ€™s campaign manager and incoming deputy chief of staff, referred to congressional Republicans as โ€œfโ€”ersโ€ in a conversation with the magazine.

Joe Biden is facing pressure to respond to an allegation of sexual assault from a congressional aide in the early 1990s.

Lauren Ashcraft, a Democrat who was defeated in a congressional primary in New York, formed a coalition with Lee and other progressive Asian American candidates who have hosted virtual town halls and shared resources on anti-racist education.

Lawyer Jen Perelman is running against Wasserman Schultz in the August 18 primary and hopes her grassroots campaign can propel her to a primary win in Florida's 23rd Congressional District, which includes parts of Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Leaders, landlords, Governor Polis, congressional representatives, ICE and all police chiefs across Colorado, please do the right thing.

Leaders of both parties had announced the House and Senate would return May 4. But the congressional physicianโ€™s view was there is a โ€œriskโ€ to members, Hoyer said.

Lee Cohen, a fellow of the Danube Institute and a specialist on U.S-U.K. policy, for years advised the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and founded the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congressional candidate in Georgia, said in a 2017 video that "Q is a patriot" and that she wanted to "take this global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles out," as The Washington Post has reported.

Most congressional Republicans have been withholding their acknowledgment of Mr. Biden's victory, too โ€” until the states make it official.

And surely you wonโ€™t forget how he bulldozed his stimulus package through Congress with less than a handful of Senate Republican votes after meeting with congressional Republicans just one day before the Democrats had drafted the 1,073-page bill.

And the Attorney General believes the president has the right to invade a sovereign nation to arrest its leader without Congressional approval, even if it is in direct violation of international law.

โ€œMy administration will not support giving congressional representation to aliens who enter or remain in the country unlawfully, because doing so would create perverse incentives and undermine our system of government,โ€ the memo added.

North Dakotaโ€™s congressional delegation also vowed to work to keep the plant open under new owners, and Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.

Not a congressional record suggestion โ€“ an easy-to-read list of just what is better in Maine because of Susan Collins.

Noticing 2016โ€™s thin margins, state and national Republican organizers have been eyeing Minnesota as a flip opportunity for months for both Trump and congressional seats.

Smith originally announced a bid for the 16th Congressional District last year in hopes of beating Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Butler), but decided to drop out of that race to challenge Metcalfe again.

Smith, who co-chairs the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, credited the crowd for their activism that has resulted in โ€œcountlessโ€ women and babies who have been spared โ€œthe violence of abortion and today live, love and thrive.โ€

So far congressional Republicans have largely kept Trump at armโ€™s length, refusing to embrace his allegations of fraud but insisting he has the right to lodge fraud complaints and take legal action.

So he did actually follow through on congressional intent.

Thomas served 22 years in the state House over three separate terms and ran unsuccessfully for the congressional seat twice against Lewis.

Those talks fell apart and itโ€™s unclear when โ€” or if โ€” congressional leaders and the White House will resume negotiations on a broader relief package.

At the time, ACS CAN had no volunteers in Ohioโ€™s 1st or 2nd Congressional Districts, represented by Steve Chabot and Wenstrup, respectively.

We need extra congressional oversight of this administration.

Whatโ€™s more, the tacit โ€“ yet wildly vague and open-ended โ€“ congressional โ€œauthorizationsโ€ for force in Afghanistan (2001) and then Iraq (2002) bear a striking resemblance to the legislative rubber-stamp in April 1917.

Which raises the question: How did congressional negotiators, seemingly overnight, conjure a sum that would have been inconceivable just a month ago, and which is far beyond the reach of even a multinational collective like the European Union?

With a presidential election and congressional races, the proposed amendment is receiving little campaign-season attention.

Congressional Russia Investigations Public Documents Clearinghouse.

Congressional sources report that some members of the House of Representatives want to proceed with an full commission inquiry into the US role in the Rwandan genocide along the lines of those previously conducted> by the UN, OAU, France, and Belgium.

All of these Congressional Investigation into "sinister" "trusts" are valid but the trusts are not intentionally sinister.

Most of the lobbyists are well-connected retired military officers and congressional staffers.

Not only is Warren and the usual crowds of suspects against him so is the Congressional Black Caucus.