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26661 examples of  consider  in sentences

26661 examples of consider in sentences

Pray consider yourself, after such talk, who would marry me? LEONรD.

Or as horses know not their strength, they consider not their own worth. 2016.

He was frequently away, evidently on missions of great moment, for always on his return he would be closeted immediately with one or other of the partners, who in turn seemed to consider him important too, and would sometimes treat him almost like one of themselves, actually condescending to laugh with him now and again over some joke, evidently as mysterious as all the rest.

Whatever may be our political principles, or the opinions of those who like myself consider all resort to arms as forbidden under the Christian dispensation, it is impossible to recall without emotion, transactions which have exerted and will continue to exert, so marked an influence on the destinies of mankind.

" "Son," said the aged Vizier, "I will plead thy cause; meet me here on the morrow, and in the mean time consider thy request as granted.

I once resided in a country town; I will not specify whether that town was Devizes or Doncaster, Beverley or Brighton: I think it highly reprehensible in a writer to be personal, and scarcely more venial do I consider the fault of him who presumes to be local.

On the other hand, when purchasing books for himself, or giving treats to the children he loved, he never seemed to consider expense at all.

" Still, I cannot consider the mere fact that she is of an unforgiving disposition as a complete view of her character.

Well, I hope you will soon see your beloved Pa come backfor consider, should you be quite content with only Jack?

That would answer well, so far as concerns the boy, you knowbut consider your Papa, learning lessons in a row of great inky schoolboys!

However, I'll consider if I will or notmeanwhile, I send a little thing to give you an idea of what I look like when I'm lecturing.

" "I have already hinted that I consider it no business of mine to inquire why these potentates came to England; perhaps it was no business of theirs that brought them, but rather a party of pleasure; one of the results of a general peace, which is very far from producing general quietness; for when the sovereigns of remote countries become upon visiting terms, hospitality throws wide her gates, and loyalty is uproarious.

He begins to consider himself one of themtheir equaland he falls in love with the sister of his chum.

"'Then you consider thisthis move you evidently contemplate as inevitable?' "She lifted her dainty brows.

But seeing in her a possible weapon more powerful than any he had yet launched against the monks of San Sebastian, the father refused to consider even the best of them.

I consider the novel an important and necessary thing indeed in that complicated system of uneasy adjustments and readjustments which is modern civilisation I make very high and wide claims for it.

The editor has taken Lord Bacon's adviceto read, not to take for grantedbut to weigh and consider; and amidst the discrepancies of contemporary pamphleteers and journalists, his reader will not be surprised at the difficulty of obtaining correct information of what happens beneath our very window, as one of the great men of history confessed upwards of two centuries since.

He then proceeds to covenant for himself, his heirs, &c., to perform this within the space of one month, &c., or so soon as the undertakers, wagering against him six for one, should have deposited in the assurance office such a sum as he should consider sufficient to countervail his charges of contriving the boat and engine.

I consider then that it has simply the same meaning as that of "coming a day after the fair."

What I was saying was, that, notwithstanding the fact that we amuse ourselves but little, that there is no theatre to speak of, little society, few distractions, and none of those inducements to strive for gain and to indulge the senses, which exist, for instance, in Paristhat capital of the worldyet, nevertheless, the thirst for money and for pleasure has increased among us to an extent which I cannot but consider alarming.

When we had gazed upon them, blessing them and thanking God, I gave orders that all our company should be called to the tent, that we might consider whether any new step could now be taken:

Those of you who have a natural wish to seek a little repose will consider yourselves as discharged from duty and permitted to do so.

A certain Royal Duke was at the head of those who chaperoned Master Betty, the young Roscius, at the period when the furor of fashion made all the beau monde consider it an enviable honour to be admitted within throne-distance of the boy-actor.

Consider but for a moment that the cat which crouches by our fireside is of the same tribe with "the lordly lion," whose roar is terrific as an earthquake, and the tiger who often stays but to suck the blood of his victims: that the faithful dog, "who knows us personally, watches for us, and warns us of danger," is but a descendant from the wolf, who prowls through the wintry waste with almost untameable ferocity.

In fact, if we consider the differences between the system of education in painting and that in music or any other art or occupation in which the highest executive ability is required, we shall see that we give insufficient opportunity for the painter's hand to acquire the subtle skill we find in the successful violinist or pianist, and which is due to the early and incessant practice in the manual operations of his art.

The following incident illustrates the point, that not one thing is ere too small for God to consider, or a soul to bring to him in prayer.

When we consider the nature of the ideas assimilated in the Middle Ages by the human mind, it is clear that art, in order to set them forth, demanded a language the Greeks had never greatly needed, and had therefore never fully learned.

The vast importance of preserving our forests is emphasized when one stops to consider the great number of uses to which wood is put.

I must consider the question of damages.

I make no comment, further than to say that I consider all the lady's fears were groundless.

When a man is both busy and broke, it is time for him to consider.

Consider the need" "I think that will do, my dear Dunwody," rejoined Carlisle at length, the hot blood in his face.

And then, consider the immense amount of animal life all round us.

Before this, however, a reaction began to take place; the prospects of the coming winter were discussed; and some of the more sanguine looked even beyond the winter, and began to consider how they would contrive to get the ship out of her position into deep water again.

On the Sabbath in questionand it was an exceedingly bright, peaceful oneCaptain Guy, having read part of the Church of England service as usual, stood up, and in an earnest, firm tone said: "My lads, I consider it my duty to say a few plain words to you in reference to our present situation and prospects.

The student must consider what is proposed or asked, use his own senses, and judge for himself.

Thirdly, a distinction is made by some writers, between the vowel sounds heard in hate and bear, which Sheridan and Walker consider to be the same.

"I consider grandeur and sublimity, as terms synonymous, or nearly so.

In every part of a discourse, as in every part of life, we must consider what is suitable and decent; and this must be determined with reference both to the matter in question, and to the personal character of those who speak and those who hear.

Of these two we shall consider the Conjunction first, because it connects, not Words, but Sentences.

But he did not consider all the examples that are included in his proposition; nor did he rightly regard even those which he cites.

But to consider prepositions to be adverbs, as Murray here does, or seems to do; and to suppose "the NOUNS time AND place" to be understood in the several examples here cited, as he also does, or seems to do; are singly such absurdities as no grammarian should fail to detect, and together such a knot of blunders, as ought to be wondered at, even in the Compiler's humblest copyist.

In order to determine, in difficult cases, whether an adjective or an adverb is required, the learner should carefully attend to the definitions of these parts of speech, and consider whether, in the case in question, quality is to be expressed, or manner: if the former, an adjective is always proper; if the latter, an adverb.

Let every one consider for himself the moral bearing of what he utters: not forgetting the text, "But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement: for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

"Oh! Peggy, Peggy, when thou goest to brew, Consider well what you're about to do.

NOTE X.Where a pronoun or a pronominal adjective will not express the meaning clearly, the noun must be repeated, or inserted in stead of it: as, "We see the beautiful variety of colour in the rainbow, and are led to consider the cause of it."

"But what we may consider here, and which few Persons have taken Notice of, is," &c.Brightland's Gram., p. 117.

"Consider this sentence.

6.Arabic figures used as ordinals, or used for the numeral adverbs, first, or firstly, secondly, thirdly, &c., are very commonly pointed with the period, even where the pause required after them is less than a full stop; as, "We shall consider these words, 1. as expressing resolution; and 2. as expressing futurity.

But the period thus followed by a small letter, has not an agreeable appearance, and some would here prefer the comma, which is, undoubtedly, better suited to the pause, A fitter practice, however, would be, to change the expression thus: "We shall consider these words, 1st, as expressing resolution; and, 2dly, as expressing futurity.

"Consider the lilies of the field how they grow.

And further, it is not only requisite that the principle of distinction which we adopt should be clearly made known, but also proper to consider which of these three modes is the best or most popular foundation for a theory of versification.

Our Grammarians have agreed to consider this Stress of the Voice as the Accent in English; and therefore the Accent and long Quantity coincide in our Language.

Constituted Dictator in Germany by Wallenstein himself, he might turn his arms against him, and consider himself bound by no obligations to one who was himself a traitor.

But now when his necessities grew every day more pressing, and the weakness of Bavaria more apparent, he could no longer hesitate to listen to friends of the duke, and to consider their overtures for his restoration to command.

Consider what has happened!

Consider that is but a little foretaste of what might presently happen if this Food has its way!

Consider all you have already brought upon this world!

He had not been able to resist the temptation of forcing the secret, fearing that Ferragut's generosity might prove excessive, and impossible to consider.

They said nothing was further from their intention; they did not so understand it, and I should not so consider it."

You have the right to order and I will consider your orders when made.

"We simply say that a man who is distasteful to us has been elected and we choose to consider that as a sufficient ground for leaving the Union.

His account of slavery times is so vivid that you would consider his age nearer eighty than sixty-eight.

We must consider these things seriously, Marian.

He had his arm round her slim waist, his lips upon her brow, before she had time to consider what her answer ought to be.

I want you to have plenty of leisure to consider whether you really care for me, whether it isn't only a fancy that will die out when you go back to London.

Gilbert wondered at himself when, in some sober interval of reflection, he happened to consider those idle mornings, those tranquil uneventful afternoons and evenings, remembering what a devoted man of business he had once been, and how a few months ago he would have denounced such a life in another.

On becoming more intimate with the general character of the Africans, I like it better: I find they steal, cheat, and hate their masters; and if they were to do otherwise I should think them unworthy of libertythey justly consider whatever they take to be but a portion of their own.

Our present affair, then, is to consider whether Walter Savage Landor, Imaginary Conversation writer, in rushlight emulation of the wax-candles that illumine our Noctes, shall be raised, as he aspires, to the dignity of Fellow of the Blackwood Society.

We consider no part of God's creation so cringing, so insatiable, so ungrateful as the Scotch: nevertheless, we see them hang together by the claws, like bats; and they bite and scratch you to the bone if you attempt to put an Englishman in the midst of them.

"You will in such case, consider it to be entirely a question to be decided by yourself, according to circumstances, whether you shall destroy or not the fortifications of Candahar; but, before you set out upon your adventurous march, do not fail to make the retirement of the force you leave behind you perfectly secure, and give such instructions as you deem necessary for the ultimate retirement of the troops in Scinde, upon Sukkur.

I'd ha' signed a contract at a pretty figure less the day after I reached London than I was willin' to consider the morning after I'd had my show at Gatti's.

Let's consider ane

it is not in our power to have recourse to any established laws of speech; but we must remark how the writers of former ages have used the same word, and consider whether he can be acquitted of impropriety, upon the testimony of Davies, given in his favour by a similar passage: She loaths the wat'ry glass wherein she gaz'd, And shuns it still, although for thirst she dye.

Our knowledge of the northern literature is so scanty, that of words undoubtedly Teutonick, the original is not always to be found in any ancient language; and I have, therefore, inserted Dutch or German substitutes, which I consider not as radical, but parallel, not as the parents, but sisters of the English.

MOULTON, FOREST RAY. Consider the heavens.

MOULTON, MARY E. Consider the heavens.

" "Not for a minute; you need not consider that at all.

'Whether we consider its antiquity, its learning, the influence it has exercised upon the history of the country, its magnificent endowments, its splendid buildings, its great colleges, libraries, and museums, or that it is one of the principal head-quarters of all the hope of England, our youth, it is not too much to affirm that there is scarcely a spot on the face of the globe of equal interest and importance.

'Why,' rejoined the Doctor, a little more collected, 'when you remember that there are between two and three thousand young men at the university, you must not consider it very surprising that I might not recollect your father.' 'No,' said Venetia, 'perhaps not:

My host seemed to consider it a perfectly safe means of ascent, and as the workmen did not appear to slip off in any appreciable numbers I felt constrained to go up.

But Mr. George, the farmer, who has been working among the haymakers, steps out from the rank, and going some way aside pauses awhile to consider.

To have been forced by circumstance upon Mrs. Condor as an accompanist was one thing; to be desired by her in a moment of cold calculation was quite another; and there had been more uncertainty than caution in Claire's plea for time in which to consider the offer.

"The task that he is to do I consider as good as done already.

Consider what a country it is, with its lakes, its forests, its rivers, and its fertile lands, which extend beyond the reckoning of man.

Except when he had Elspeth to consider, he was as much a Quixote about money as Pym himself; and at no moment of his life was he a snob.

"Well I don't consider him anything more than delightfully eccentric.

Barely, however, had Parliament assembled, before a violent quarrel broke out over the election of a speaker; the Catholic party denouncing the irregularity by means of which many of the elections had been carried, and refusing therefore to consider themselves bound by the decision of the majority.

Nor did Gresham's persevering benevolence stop here: though he had so much to engross his time and attention, he still found leisure to consider the claims of the destitute and aged, and in his endowment of eight alms-houses with a comfortable allowance for as many decayed citizens of London, displayed that excellent grace of charity which was his truest ornament.

From the vices and follies of others, observe what is hateful in them; consider how such a practice looks in another person, and remember that it looks as ill or worse in yourself.

When Hercules was in that part of his youth in which it was natural for him to consider what course of life he ought to pursue, he one day retired into a desert, where the silence and solitude of the place very much favoured his meditations.

To understand the character which now unfolds, we must briefly consider the central story of the Mahabharata.

Some have thought it the same as the little marsh plant, with small white flowers, which Linnรฆus calls Samolus Valerandi, while others consider it to be the Anemone Pulsatilla.

Mr. Singer's reading of cassidilia for culidilia, I consider to be well-founded.

Since in large beams a great variation in rate of growth and relative amount of late wood is likely in different parts of the section, it is advisable to consider the cross section in three volumes, namely, the upper and lower quarters and the middle half.

Yet Washington none the less sent Reed congratulations on his election to the Pennsylvania Assembly, "although I consider it the coup-de-grace to my ever seeing you" again a "member of my family," to help him he asked a friend to endeavor to get Reed legal business, and when all law business ceased and the would-be lawyer was without occupation or means of support, he used his influence to secure him the appointment of adjutant.

"I had no right to consider it as anything else, nor did I." "He does not regard it in any such light," said John.

" "I should want some time to consider that matter," said John.

4. The believer would consider seriously the dreadfulness of their condition who are lying under the lash of the law for sin.

The believer would not only consider the sin itself, but also take notice of all its aggravations.