Do we say consolation or constellation

consolation 1741 occurrences

" There was a certain degree of consolation to be had from such a fact as that.

He died without the consolation of the Church.

The presence of Mrs. Wilson was a great source of consolation to Emily in the absence of her husband; and as their longer abode in town was useless, the countess declining to be presented without the earl, the whole family decided upon a return into Northamptonshire.

" "That," said Francis, "may be owing to your Lordship's tempered feelings, which have taught you to look beyond this world for pleasures and consolation.

Mr. Warner, who was the partner of Mr. Worlington Dodds, and who was suffering from the same eclipse, had gone down to the Stock Exchange, but had found little consolation there, for the European system was in a ferment, and rumours of peace and of war were succeeding each other with such rapidity and assurance that it was impossible to know which to trust.

To me the book is full of consolation and encouragement,a battle of the spirit with infernal doubts, a victory over despair, over all external evils and all spiritual foes.

Conflagrations are beheld in every quarter; and although all bore this with great regret, yet they laid before themselves this consolation, that, as the victory was certain, they could quickly recover their losses.

On the 14th of January, 1735, the messenger came back, bearing the sad tidings that his father had died; with the consolation, however, of learning, just before his death, of the ransom of his son, and of the favor which he had received in England.

Relief N. relief; deliverance; refreshment &c 689; easement, softening, alleviation, mitigation, palliation, soothing, lullaby. solace, consolation, comfort, encouragement.

I am delivering my farewell address; and every compassionate smile, every warm grasp of the hand, every token of kindness which I have received (and I have received so many), every flower of consolation which the ladies of New York have thrown on my thorny way, rushes with double force to my memory.

or will the ray of consolation pass away like an electric flash?

This consolation I wanted, and this consolation I have, because, ladies, I place it in your hands.

This consolation I wanted, and this consolation I have, because, ladies, I place it in your hands.

In the old, the terrible voe victis! was the rule; in yours, protection to the oppressed, malediction to ambitious oppressors, and consolation to a vanquished just cause.

Ye spirits of the departed! cast a ray of consolation by the voice of your nation over that injured land, whose elected chief, a wandering exile for having dared to imitate you, lays the trembling hopes of an oppressed continent before the generous heart of your peoplenow not only an independent nation but also a mighty and glorious power.

Yet the poor wretch standing outside the public-house at the corner seemed to derive small consolation from the fact that he was starving in Chancery Lane.

My connections, once the source of happiness, now embitter the reverse of my fortune, and I have only to hope a speedy end to a life so unpromisingly begun: in which (though it ought not to be boasted of) I can reap some consolation from looking to the end of it.

'Upon these people I am dependent for my daily bread, and they are dependent upon me for spiritual consolation.

Sally's one consolation was that Joanna was to take the place of Mary Ann Flinders in the kitchen.

It seemed to him that while he should not miss Sally less in the house whose every corner would be eloquent of her absence, there would be a certain consolation in being there.

"Well, possibly I have, but it's some consolation to remember that that very good woman that you're slandering used to give me the glad hand and cut the pie large when I called.

whence it came, lies for it restoration, consolation, content.

That the cause might be purely physical was no consolation to him.

"Her soul has not gone away yet," I murmured, "she heard me, she believed me," and I clasped my hands tightly and sank on my knees beside the coffin, devoutly thanking God for this great consolation.

This, at least, was a consolation.

constellation 280 occurrences

Further they believed the latter constellation to be the more aggressive of the two, and formally reported these convictions to the Belgian Government.

Would that my very life could lighten space, Shining out like some constellation bright, Back beating all the myrmidons of Night, With starry splendors flashing sword and spear!

The Augustan age which followed, though it produced a constellation of poets who shed glory upon the throne before which they prostrated themselves in abject homage, like the courtiers of Louis XIV., still was unfavorable to prose composition,to history as well as eloquence.

Barring a few places, all our churches are associated with some particular saint; every edifice has cultivated the acquaintance of at least one; but that we have now to notice has made a direct move into the general constellation, and is dedicated to the aggregate body.

These cypress shades are witness of my woes; The senseless trees do grieve at my laments; The leafy branches drop sweet Myrrha's tears: For love did scorn me in my mother's womb, And sullen Saturn, pregnant at my birth, With all the fatal stars conspir'd in one To frame a hapless constellation, Presaging Sophos' luckless destiny.

An astrologer is sent for by the kindred, and informed of the year, month, day, and hour when the deceased was born, when he calculates the aspect of the constellation, and assigns the day when the burial is to take place, sometimes at the distance of seven days, or perhaps the planet may not have a favourable aspect for six months, during all which time the body is kept in the house.

I slept one night on deck, without even an awning of canvass over me,how pleasant it was at night to awake and see the winter constellation of Orion as high up already in September, as I was wont to see it in America in the month of January!

Since the constellation of great men who appeared in Greece in the time of Pericles, there was never any such society;yet their genius failed them to find out the best head in the universe.

For eight centuries Croatia has enjoyed an autonomous position under the Holy Crown of St. Stephen; its scope has varied according to the political constellation, but till 1912 its constant tradition had remained unbroken.

chief &c (master) 745; first fiddle &c (proficient) 700; cynosure, mirror; flower, pink, pearl; paragon &c (perfection) 650; choice and master spirits of the age; elite; star, sun, constellation, galaxy.

She might become a star in this immortal constellation, since she is not so far as thirty days off from you.

Now the man who has his heart on his sleeve, and a good whirling weathercock of a brain, who reckons his life as a thing to be dashingly used and cheerfully hazarded, makes a very different acquaintance of the world, keeps all his pulses going true and fast, and gathers impetus as he runs, until, if he be running towards anything better than wildfire, he may shoot up and become a constellation in the end.

So the Arabians call the constellation Orion.

He belongs now to a German house, the people around him are his kinsmen; the prefiguring ideals, which he had once sketched to himself at the coronation of his brother, of the warm rays wherewith a prince as a constellation can enlighten and enrich lands, were now put into his hands for fulfilment.

The whole constellation of Albano's shining past had gone down below the horizon, and only one bright star of all the group stood glimmering still above the earthIdoine.

Of those which had been authorized, the frigates Constitution, United States, and Constellation were under way and were eventually completed.

Situated upon the very topmost of the socially graded levels of Fairlands, it outshone them all; and, quite likely, the glittering display was mistaken by many dwellers in the valley below for a new constellation of the heavenly bodies.

Towards the end of the sixteenth, and beginning of the seventeenth, century, shone that constellation of English musicians, whose inimitable madrigals are still, and long will be, the delight of every lover of vocal harmony.

Aldebaran, a reddish star of the first magnitude in the constellation of Taurus.

Cepheus is the name of a constellation, as also is Perseus.

When that constellation has risen which the Greeks call Lyra, and we Romans, Fides, I turn the bull into the herd again.

Why need we wonder if the beautiful constellation Vi[s']ákhá pines to be united with the Moon? ANASÚYÁ.

He was now greatly surprised to notice at this time that the Charles wain or Ursa Major constellation appeared at night in the west, and was N.E. in the morning: He thence concluded that their whole nights course was only nine hours, or so many parts in twenty-four of a great circle; and this he observed to be the case regularly every night.

CHAPTER XVI THE PASSING OF OLIVIA Bates brought a great log and rolled it upon exactly the right spot on the andirons, and a great constellation of sparks thronged up the chimney.

The parentage, the place, and the time were almost equally significant aspects of the constellation under which young Harry Heinefor

Do we say   consolation   or  constellation