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1433 examples of console in sentences

Peter did all in his power to console his visitor, and even privately interceded with the Pope, remembering only Abélard's greatness and his misfortunes.

He regretted his inability to do justice to such a cause; but if, in having attempted to forward it, he had shown the weakness of his powers, he must console himself with the consideration, that he felt more solid comfort in having acted up to sound public principles, than he could have done from the exercise of the most splendid talents, against the conviction of his conscience.

We might console ourselves, perhaps, that this happened in a French island; but he would select another instance, which had happened in one of our own.

I can't tell why, but I am deadly afraid of him!" Her parents, already sorry for their harsh words, tried their utmost to console her.

When General Lee, outnumbered, cut off from his communications, and almost surrounded by his enemies, surrendered at Appomattox Court-House, he might console himself with the thought that he had only failed where success was impossible.

Superficial people, to be sure,and, for very good reasons, commonplace people too,will be of the opposite opinion; for if anything fails them they will thus be enabled to console themselves by thinking that it is still to come.

Imagine if your father were watching that aspirin commercial back in 1955 on his old console television.

In truth, she would have been a maiden hard to console if the face that looked back at her from the quaint oak leaf and acorn wreath had not comforted her inmost soul, and made her again at peace with herself.

hilp!" He finally reached the bank, the most woe begone, discouraged Irish boy ever seen clothed in a buckskin suit; nor did our screams of laughter tend to console him for his unwelcome bath: on the contrary, he began to look about him for some one upon whom to vent his anger.

The plan was good, as some will say And fitted to console one: Because, in this poor starving day, Few can afford a whole one.

Can I forget the erudite look with which, when he had been in vain trying to make out a black-letter text of Chaucer in the Temple Library, he laid it down and told me that"in those old books, Charley, there is sometimes a deal of very indifferent spelling;" and seemed to console himself in the reflection!

The Blessed Virgin knelt down frequently and kissed the ground where her Son had fallen, while Magdalen wrung her hands in bitter grief, and John, although he could not restrain his own tears, endeavoured to console his companions, supported and led them on.

Don't try to console me.

" Then the kettle boiled, and Henry made the tea; and when it had long since been drunk, Esther began to think it must be five o'clock, and, horrified to find it a quarter to six, confessed to being ashamed of herself, and tried to console her conscience by the haste of her good-bye.

She could console herself only by regarding it as part of her sad lot that poverty and the relentless animosity of his family, should have put an end to so perfect a union: she gradually began to look on herself and Ralph as the victims of dark machinations, and when she mentioned him she spoke forgivingly, and implied that "everything might have been different" if "people" had not "come between" them.

Once in the control center, Gene took his seat at the main console, glanced at the Starman and the other men in the large room, then stared at the screen before him.

[To the herdsman.] Herdsman, do thou Console my wife if I should come to grief.

" While affliction thus prepares us for felicity, we may console ourselves under its pressures, by remembering, that they are no particular marks of divine displeasure; since all the distresses of persecution have been suffered by those, "of whom the world was not worthy;" and the Redeemer of mankind himself was "a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!" No. 126.

I could get no admittance, and had to console myself with a sight of the marble figure sitting in the middle of the Square with his face turned towards the house.

Don't you fret,' said a man who had lost nothing and was anxious to console.

And when you had come all the way out there to console hergot up out of a sick-bed!

"Console yourself.

Of course Welby had shared in the immense effort of the family to comfort and console her.

Capital trout-fishing, some good deer-shooting, and a fine supply of rabbits, hares, and wild ducks help to console the sportsman for the scarcity of dangerous game.

But a child has no such reflection to console him.

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