712 examples of consorting in sentences

The affair was no easy matter to trace, but, after inconceivable delays and persistent misleading, he found that Jack was in the military archives charged with desertion, murder, and treason: desertion in quitting his company and regiment without orders, treason in consorting with armed rebels, and murder in joining with the enemies of the country to take the life of his commanding officer.

And, indeed, the uncle and the niece having met by chance, ended by consorting together, their favorite refuge, it was thought, being the limekilns in the direction of Les Moulineaux.

It is very honourable, he thinks, to serve the Emperor upon the field of battle, and to risk life in his behalf, but when it comes to living amidst danger as I have done, consorting with desperate men, and knowing well that the least slip would mean death, why then one is beneath the notice of a fine clean-handed gentleman.

At present he is consorting with the lowest Europeans here, drinking with them, playing cards with them, and going to ruin as fast as he can.

Her knowledge (argued I to myself) must be all theory; and the complaisance ever consorting with an age so green and so gay, will make so inexperienced a lady at least forbear to show herself disgusted at freedoms of discourse in which those present of her own sex, and some of ours, (so learned, so well read, and so travelled,) allow themselves.

Domestic dogs can become, and again and again do become, wild, even consorting with wolves, interbreeding with them, assuming their gregarious habits, and changing the characteristic bark into a dismal wolf-like howl.

Vituperation is almost too mild a term to describe their expressed disgust when they see one who was, they believed, a man of the people consorting with royal dukes, belted earls, and even with the Sovereign herself.

granted "la Real" to his consort Philippa, for the term of her life, that is might be used as a depository for her wardrobe.

177, et seq.; this account is erroneously attributed in the catalogue to Eleanor, consort of Edward I. One Maria de Beauvais, probably a descendant of Master Simon, received compensation for quitting a tenement which she held at the time Philippa's operations commenced.

But, ah! how swiftly, threateningly they grew: the smaller, two-masted fore-and-afts, each seemingly unarmed but for one monster gun pivoted amidships, and the towering, wide-armed three-masters, the low and the tall consorting like dog and hunter.

But what I can't understand is how a man of your calibre, your tastes, your fineness of make-up, can stand consorting with these people.

Even the sermon at first sight seems at variance with his actions as a councillorhis repeated recourse to treachery ill consorting with the paramountcy of duty.

The cowgirls whose impassioned love he inspires are all married and in consorting with them he is breaking one of the most solemn requirements of the moral code.

The other is yet another version of the Gita Govinda where Krishna is shown consorting with the cowgirls in blissful abandon.

A chief who kills or mutilates one of his ten wives for consorting with another man without his consent, acts no more from jealousy, properly so called, than does a father who shoots the seducer of his daughter, or a Western mob that lynches a horse-thief.

'Ludship''tis the cant of a pot house wench,'is Ludship' to me, who has been consorting with Sister Agnes and Phelia and Drusah and the Mother Superior of the Ursuline.

I shall become known among the musicians and meet" "And said he naught of home-life, and the extent of his riches?" "Nay, we are to live at Court always, free and happy, consorting ever with kings and queens" "Did his High-mightiness ever consider that court dignitaries consort not with a rogue who hath entrapt an angel for spouse?

" "Perhaps it has," continued Eugene, "but should not society have a greater ban for those who, by consorting with an alien race, rob their offspring of a right to their names and to an inheritance in their property, and who fix their social status among an enslaved and outcast race?

And as I walk on my way, I behold them consorting and coupling; Faithful it seemeth, and fond, very fond, very probably faithful; And I proceed on my way with a pleasure sincere and unmingled.

Ye daughters of Italy, tell me, Graceful and tender and dark, is she consorting with you?

My mind was at that time A parti-coloured show of grave and gay, 340 Solid and light, short-sighted and profound; Of inconsiderate habits and sedate, Consorting in one mansion unreproved.

Through the fine consorting mass of silence and odor, went the soft thunder of Niger's gallop over the turf.

But they gradually pulled further and further out of the horrible chaos of despair, and, with the other boat still consorting with them, rowed on.

I that always was your sweetheart, to see you consorting with a mis-shapen squinting Whig of a Nonconformist like that.

Words cannot express the Major's anger and shame at such consorting with a person, whom alike, on account of parentage, religion, and education, he regarded as a son of perdition.

712 examples of  consorting  in sentences