590 examples of conspire in sentences

And as a matter of fact, a good number of observations conspire for the idea that a certain number of neurasthenics are suffering from insufficiency of the adrenal gland.

I'll to Blackheath, and there with friends conspire, But I'll have Gloster's head, my heart's desire.

The quiet of the nation has been, for years, disturbed by a faction, against which all factions ought to conspire; for its original principle is the desire of leveling; it is only animated, under the name of zeal, by the natural malignity of the mean against the great.

In this state of balance the touch of satire in l. 338 f. ("My mother I will know no more," etc.), and the fact that he speaks immediately after the complete sincerity of Alcestis, conspire to weigh down the scale against Admetus.

When man gainst man conspire to doe evill, For what Society is a fitt! Thu.

Everything should conspire to determine her to accept the offer you have made of your hand.

Take the case of a large number of people who have formed themselves into a league for the purpose of carrying out some practical object; if there be two rascals among them, they will recognize each other as readily as if they bore a similar badge, and will at once conspire for some misfeasance or treachery.

ojo, m., eye; darse de , to conspire, have a secret understanding; en un abrir y cerrar de s, in the twinkling of an eye; in an instant; hacer mal de , to cast the evil eye; medirse con los s, to scan each other.

Meanwhile, Boges, the eunuch, sank in public estimation, since it was known that Cambyses had ceased to visit the harem, and he began to conspire with Phædime as to the best way of ruining Nitetis, who had come to love Cambyses with ever growing passion.

Their proud and disdainful Hearts, which were petrified with the Love and Pride of this World, were impregnable to the Reception of so mean a Benefactor, and were now enough exasperated with Benefits to conspire his Death.

Who knows not how to oppose or to comply Unjust to grant, or dangerous to deny! How near, in this dark juncture, Israel's fate, Whose peace one sole expedient could create, Which yet the extremest virtue did require, 590 Even of that prince whose downfall they conspire!

It is not true that the English were sufficiently clearheaded or self-controlled to conspire for the destruction of Germany.

The forest trees standing in solemn grandeur, the winding avenues, the sloping hills, the deep dells, with the placid waters sleeping in their bosoms, with the bright red flowers contrasting with the white polished marble monuments, all conspire to render the place one of extreme beauty and interest.

It is difficult to conspire within the gates of that fortress.

The senses conspire with the intellect to impose upon us.

Well, they might conspire; but he would take what care he could that the estate should not be stolen from his family.

Brown, Innes, and the other separatist leaders in Kentucky were not actuated by the motives of personal corruption which influenced Wilkinson, Sebastian, and White to conspire with Gardoqui and Miro for the break-up of the Union.

But such was not the king's opinion; two cruel passions, suspicion and vengeance, had taken possession of his soul; he remained convinced, not without reason, that nearly all the great feudal lords who had been his foes were continuing to conspire against him, and that he ought not, on his side, ever to cease from striving against thorn.

But a chorus of leaves and grasses speaks her heart And tells his name: the birches flutter by the wall; The wild cherry-tree shakes its plumy head And whispers his name; the maple Opens its rosy lips and murmurs his name; The marsh-marigold sends the rumor Down the winding stream, and the blue flag Spread the gossip to the lilies in the lake: All Nature’s eyes and tongues conspire

This led several of my customers to conspire to frighten me into paying them large sums as hush money, pretending that I had secured their purchases under false pretenses; but the Yankee spirit of our fathers, "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute," prompted me to defy their infamous demands.

A man might conspire with his father with the object of doing this fraudulently, as Captain Scarborough was no doubt thought to have done by most of his acquaintances.

He also established the feast of San Juan, which lasted, and still lasts, the whole month of June; and when some respectable people, Insulars as well as Peninsulars, protested against this official propaganda of vice and idleness, he replied: "Let them bewhile they dance and gamble they don't conspire; ... these people must be governed by three B'sBarraja, Botella, and Berijo."

Yea, though all things in providence should seem to say, that truth shall not rise again, but seem, on the contrary, to conspire against the same.

It was begun an hour late, and all things seemed to conspire to hinder them.

To-night I pace this pallid floor, The sparkling waves curl up the shore, The August moon is flushed and full; The soft, low winds, the liquid lull, The whited, silent, misty realm, The wan-blue heaven, each ghostly elm, All these, her ministers, conspire To fill my bosom with the fire And sweet delirium of desire.

590 examples of  conspire  in sentences