590 examples of conspire in sentences

From Spain she went to England, organizing there the French exiles into a strength which frightened Richelieu; thence to Holland, to conspire nearer home; back to Paris, on the minister's death, to form the faction of the Importants; and when the Duke of Beaufort was imprisoned, Mazarin said, "Of what use to cut off the arms while the head remains?"

Here, you, I'll conspire with you to fix it.

I'll to Blackheath, and there with friends conspire, But I'll have Gloster's head, my heart's desire.

" "Why, doctor, if our wives conspire against us, and prevent our enjoying a comfortable dish of tea with Clara, or a glass of wine with Frank, we must call in the higher authorities as umpires.

why should he conspire?

Should all the Legions and the provinces, In one united, against me conspire I could disperce them with one angry eye; My brow's an host of men.

How Night and Day conspire a secret flight; For Day, they say, is gone away by Night.

J'ai conspiré comme le paratonnerre conspire avec le nuage pour désarmer la foudre.

Everything should conspire to determine her to accept the offer you have made of your hand.

But the elements seemed to conspire to bring on a second struggle, despite the reluctance of both commanders.

To touch the brave Cowdenio's heart, The Graces all in her conspire; Love arms her with his surest dart, Apollo with his lyre.

Judas was scandalised upon this occasion, and hastened forthwith to Jerusalem again to conspire with the high-priests for the betrayal of Jesus into their hands.

As soon as he had informed him of the resolutions and orders of the senate, and in his turn been thoroughly instructed in what manner to prosecute the war in Spain, he returned to his camp; his expedition more than any thing else saving him, for he quitted every place before the people could conspire.

"My neighbours now began to conspire against me.

Their proud and disdainful Hearts, which were petrified with the Love and Pride of this World, were impregnable to the Reception of so mean a Benefactor, and were now enough exasperated with Benefits to conspire his Death.

I hope there is implanted in all of us such a hatred of subjection that we should conspire to die rather than endure it.

Here, if anywhere, is the lotos-eater's paradise,the purple skies, the enchanted shores, the soothing gales, the dreamy mists, which all conspire to melt the energy of the will, and to make existence either a half-doze of dreamy apathy or an awaking of mad delirium.

Thus while I sat intent to see and hear, And drew perfumes of more than vital air, All suddenly I heard the approaching sound Of vocal music on the enchanted ground: A host of saints it seem'd, so full the quire; 150 As if the bless'd above did all conspire To join their voices, and neglect the lyre.

"Anon. "Virtue, honour, nay, even self-interest, conspire to recommend the measure.

And having entered the fathomless deep, teeming with fishes and crocodiles, the Danavas assembled together and began to proudly conspire for the destruction of the three worlds.

The men and women who take their lives in their hands to lead the westward march of civilization, are held as foes by the main body of the army, who conspire with the enemy, and hand them over as scapegoats whose tortures and death are to appease divine wrath for the crimes which this same main body say it has itself committed against Indians.

But since with Fortune Nature doth conspire, Since age, disease, or some less noble end, Though not less certain, does our days attend; Since 'tis decreed, and to this period lead A thousand ways, the noblest path we'll tread, And bravely on, till they, or we, or all, A common sacrifice to honour fall. FRIENDSHIP AND SINGLE LIFE, AGAINST LOVE AND MARRIAGE. 1 Love!

"You would never go to do such an unneighborly act," he cried, "as" "As conspire to bring down the value of a property the moment it had passed out of my hands?I would not, Mr. Barwood; and this very day the intending purchaser shall know of your project.

It is said that Apes and the rest were indicted under some obsolete law, making it a misdemeanor to conspire against the laws.

Tout le monde ici m'en veut, me persécute et conspire pour me faire sortir, j'en suis consterné; je tremble que vous ne cédiez à leur inimitié pour moi, et j'en serois dans la dernière affliction.

590 examples of  conspire  in sentences