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590 examples of  conspire  in sentences

590 examples of conspire in sentences

From Spain she went to England, organizing there the French exiles into a strength which frightened Richelieu; thence to Holland, to conspire nearer home; back to Paris, on the minister's death, to form the faction of the Importants; and when the Duke of Beaufort was imprisoned, Mazarin said, "Of what use to cut off the arms while the head remains?"

"I heard some days ago that Leigh Hunt was on his way to you with all his family; and the idea seems to be that you and he and Shelley are to conspire together in the Examiner.

Here, you, I'll conspire with you to fix it.

If we fail to do thus, we do, vainly, or rashly, or maliciously, conspire with the slanderer to the wrong of our innocent neighbour; and that in the psalmist, by a parity of reason, may be transferred to us, "Thou hast consented unto the liar, and hast partaken with the" author of calumny.

I'll to Blackheath, and there with friends conspire, But I'll have Gloster's head, my heart's desire.

" "Why, doctor, if our wives conspire against us, and prevent our enjoying a comfortable dish of tea with Clara, or a glass of wine with Frank, we must call in the higher authorities as umpires.

Severe punishments, want of sufficient food, labour extracted by the whip, and a system of prostitution, conspire, almost as much as ever, to make inroads upon the constitutions of the slaves, and to prevent their increase.

why should he conspire?

Should all the Legions and the provinces, In one united, against me conspire I could disperce them with one angry eye; My brow's an host of men.

O, must my hands with envious death conspire To shut the morning gates of my life's light! FITZ.

Nay, then let heav'ns in sorrow end my days, And fatal fortune never cease to frown: And heav'n and earth, and all conspire to pull me down, If black oblivion seize upon my heart, Once to estrange my thoughts from Lelia's love.

Now love and fortune both conspire, And sort their drifts to compass my desire.

Whilst angry gods conspire to make him great.

While you, my lord, the rural shades admire, And from Britannia's public posts retire, Nor longer, her ungrateful sons to please, For their advantage sacrifice your ease; Me into foreign realms my fate conveys, Through nations fruitful of immortal lays, Where the soft season and inviting clime Conspire to trouble your repose with rhyme.

A curse there cleaves to the devoted place, That shall the new foundations raze: Greece shall in mutual leagues conspire To storm the rising town with fire, And at their armies' head myself will show What Juno, urged to all her rage, can do.

How Night and Day conspire a secret flight; For Day, they say, is gone away by Night.

"And, in avengement of their bold attempt, Both sun and starres and all the heavenly powres Conspire in one to wreake their rash contempt, And downe on them to fall from highest towres: 580 The skie, in pieces seeming to be rent, Throwes lightning forth, and haile, and harmful showres, That death on everie side to them appeares, In thousand formes, to worke more ghastly feares.

J'ai conspiré comme le paratonnerre conspire avec le nuage pour désarmer la foudre.

And with such admiration that they can Be hardly brought to thinck he should conspire Against these States, for which yourselves best know What travayles he hath undergon; and therefore Once more he do's advice you to use mercy, Which if you doe, he then shall thinck you merit

" From Shirley we learn that the apprentices took their pleasure in the mild form of treating their sweethearts to cream and prunes: "You have some festivals, I confess, but when They happen, you run wild to the next village, Conspire a knot and club your groats apiece For cream and prunes, not daring to be drunk.

Everything should conspire to determine her to accept the offer you have made of your hand.

V. concur, conduce, conspire, contribute; agree, unite; hang together, pull together, join forces, make common cause.

But the elements seemed to conspire to bring on a second struggle, despite the reluctance of both commanders.

His cook and valet de chambre conspire to dress dinner and him so punctually together that the one may not be ready before the other.

Take the case of a large number of people who have formed themselves into a league for the purpose of carrying out some practical object; if there be two rascals among them, they will recognize each other as readily as if they bore a similar badge, and will at once conspire for some misfeasance or treachery.

Yet to this element did not all the others, more brutal in force, more extended in space, conspire?

ojo, m., eye; darse de , to conspire, have a secret understanding; en un abrir y cerrar de s, in the twinkling of an eye; in an instant; hacer mal de , to cast the evil eye; medirse con los s, to scan each other.

There none are swept by sudden fate away, But all, whom hunger spares, with age decay: Here malice, rapine, accident, conspire, And now a rabble rages, now a fire; Their ambush here relentless ruffians lay, And here the fell attorney prowls for prey; Here falling houses thunder on your head, And here a female atheist talks you dead.

You will see how avarice causes a daughter to conspire against her father.

To touch the brave Cowdenio's heart, The Graces all in her conspire; Love arms her with his surest dart, Apollo with his lyre.

The Loire is one of the finest rivers in France; and perhaps there is no river in the world, that equals that part of it, which flows from Angers to Nantes: the breadth of the stream; the islands of wood; the boldness, culture, and richness of its banks, all conspire to render it worthy of this character.

Judas was scandalised upon this occasion, and hastened forthwith to Jerusalem again to conspire with the high-priests for the betrayal of Jesus into their hands.

So many things conspire to intimidate you; the weariness of these years, old habits, dread of the effort needed to examine yourself, to throw away what is dead, and stand for what is living.

For some time the emperor was a prey to great perplexity not wishing to kill the men,for he saw that no greater safety would be his by their destruction,nor yet to let them go, for fear this might attract others to conspire against him.

Gentlemen of the Senate and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives: The whole of the intelligence which has for some time past been received from abroad, the correspondences between this Government and the ministers of the belligerent powers residing here, and the advices from the officers of the United States, civil and military, upon the frontiers all conspire to shew in a very strong light the critical situation of our country.

As soon as he had informed him of the resolutions and orders of the senate, and in his turn been thoroughly instructed in what manner to prosecute the war in Spain, he returned to his camp; his expedition more than any thing else saving him, for he quitted every place before the people could conspire.

"My neighbours now began to conspire against me.

Yee timorous thoughts that guide my giddy steps In unknowne pathes of dreadfull wildernesse, Why traitor-like do you conspire to holde My pained heart twixt feare and jealousie?

These can not be fixed or known till the line of division between her and Texas shall be ascertained and established; and numerous and weighty reasons conspire, in my judgment, to show that this divisional line should be established by Congress with the assent of the government of Texas.

But everything seemed now to conspire against him.

Their proud and disdainful Hearts, which were petrified with the Love and Pride of this World, were impregnable to the Reception of so mean a Benefactor, and were now enough exasperated with Benefits to conspire his Death.

No matter how well he may portray the deeper passions, the public is loath to give him up in his old character; they even conspire to make him a failure in serious work, in order to force him back into comedy.

I hope there is implanted in all of us such a hatred of subjection that we should conspire to die rather than endure it.

The loud dashing of the waves on shore, and the darkness and dreariness of all without my tent, conspire to give a saddened train to my reflections.

Accidental as the choice may appear, it is undoubtedly based on laws more eternal than the stars; yet why all subtile influences conspire to bless that undistinguishable knoll no man can say.

If my eye and ear should so conspire against me, that, I thought, was hard.

The natural advantages of that lovely island; its climate, situation, and scenery; the intelligence and hospitality of the higher orders, and the simplicity and sobriety of the poor; the prevalence of education, morality, and religion; its solemn Sabbaths and thronged sanctuaries; and above all, its rising institutions of libertyflourishing so vigorously,conspire to make Antigua one of the fairest portions of the earth.

The natural advantages of that lovely island; its climate, situation, and scenery; the intelligence and hospitality of the higher orders, and the simplicity and sobriety of the poor; the prevalence of education, morality, and religion; its solemn Sabbaths and thronged sanctuaries; and above all, its rising institutions of libertyflourishing so vigorously,conspire to make Antigua one of the fairest portions of the earth.

Here, if anywhere, is the lotos-eater's paradise,the purple skies, the enchanted shores, the soothing gales, the dreamy mists, which all conspire to melt the energy of the will, and to make existence either a half-doze of dreamy apathy or an awaking of mad delirium.

Conspire to raise the sound.

Who knows not how to oppose or to comply Unjust to grant, or dangerous to deny! How near, in this dark juncture, Israel's fate, Whose peace one sole expedient could create, Which yet the extremest virtue did require, 590 Even of that prince whose downfall they conspire!

or how, or why Should all conspire to cheat us with a lie? Unask'd their pains, ungrateful their advice, Starving their gain, and martyrdom their price.

But modern conditions conspire to put a heavy handicap upon parentage and an enormous premium upon the partial or complete evasion of offspring, and that is where the clue to the trouble lies.

Before he left New York I had volunteered to fight or conspire, or take any part in the struggle which might fall to me.

My position as wife of a minister secures for me many affectionate attentions, and opens to me many little channels of happiness, which conspire to make me feel contented and at home here.

At any rate, they left a beautiful opening for the very complications which now conspire to give the natives their own, after all.

And every heart conspire, and every tongue, Still to have such a king, and this king long.

Thus while I sat intent to see and hear, And drew perfumes of more than vital air, All suddenly I heard the approaching sound Of vocal music on the enchanted ground: A host of saints it seem'd, so full the quire; 150 As if the bless'd above did all conspire To join their voices, and neglect the lyre.

The forest trees standing in solemn grandeur, the winding avenues, the sloping hills, the deep dells, with the placid waters sleeping in their bosoms, with the bright red flowers contrasting with the white polished marble monuments, all conspire to render the place one of extreme beauty and interest.

Not content with conspiring in the Louvreunder the very roof which shelters their sovereignthey conspire also in their own palaces, by the glare of tapers as busily as in the shade.

If the principle here stated is just, Murray has written the following models erroneously: "Virtue, honour, nay, even self-interest, conspire to recommend the measure.

"Virtue, honour, and interest, all conspire to recommend the measure."

"Anon. "Virtue, honour, nay, even self-interest, conspire to recommend the measure.

His only praise attends the pious heir; Him in whose soul the virtues all conspire, The best good son, from the worst wicked sire.

The senses conspire with the intellect to impose upon us.

The generous wish which a free people must form to disseminate freedom, the grateful emotion which rejoices in the happiness of a benefactor, and a strong personal interest as well in the liberty as in the power of this country, all conspire to make us far from indifferent spectators," and he glanced at Calvert as though certain of having expressed the young man's sentiments as well as his own.

Plants, animals, a multitude of distressful growing children would conspire irresistibly to force the world to revert again to the Food, whatever happened in the present struggle.

Well, they might conspire; but he would take what care he could that the estate should not be stolen from his family.

There are commonly more manuscripts than one; and they do not often conspire in the same mistakes.

And having entered the fathomless deep, teeming with fishes and crocodiles, the Danavas assembled together and began to proudly conspire for the destruction of the three worlds.

Circumstances entirely beyond the control of most people conspire to locate for them their places of abode, and when originally selected no regard was paid to sanitary laws, and the result many times has been the forfeiture of precious lives as a penalty.

He took from him the countships of Vernon and Brionne, but permitted him still to live at his court, a place which the Burgundian found himself too ill at ease to remain in, so he returned to Burgundy, to conspire against his own eldest brother.

But such was not the king's opinion; two cruel passions, suspicion and vengeance, had taken possession of his soul; he remained convinced, not without reason, that nearly all the great feudal lords who had been his foes were continuing to conspire against him, and that he ought not, on his side, ever to cease from striving against thorn.

Oh, if we twain together might conspire, Would we not grasp them by the scruff and fire Coal merchants, barons, dukes and millionaires, And run the business to our hearts' desire, Paying no dividends on watered shares; Blessing State ownership and State control, You for high wages, I for cheaper coal.

It seems even to-day hardly credible that events should conspire to such futility of error.

"Au pied de ce monument "Ou le bon Henri respire "Pourquoi l'airain foudroyant? "Ah l'on veut qu' Henri conspire "Lui meme contre son fils "Dans les prisons de Paris.

"Au pied de ce monument "Ou le bon Henri respire "Pourquoi l'airain foudroyant? "Ah l'on veut qu' Henri conspire "Lui meme contre son fils "Dans les prisons de Paris.

When we analyze the crowd into individuals, it soon appears that the passions and imaginations of men will not easily suffer them to be idle: we see things coveted merely because they are rare, and pursued because they are fugitive; we see men conspire to fix an arbitrary value on that which is worthless in itself, and then contend for the possession.

To this end all the appearances of nature uniformly conspire.

The men and women who take their lives in their hands to lead the westward march of civilization, are held as foes by the main body of the army, who conspire with the enemy, and hand them over as scapegoats whose tortures and death are to appease divine wrath for the crimes which this same main body say it has itself committed against Indians.

A thousand little things, not separately to be described, conspire to form these graces, this je ne scais quoi, that always pleases.

But a chorus of leaves and grasses speaks her heart And tells his name: the birches flutter by the wall; The wild cherry-tree shakes its plumy head And whispers his name; the maple Opens its rosy lips and murmurs his name; The marsh-marigold sends the rumor Down the winding stream, and the blue flag Spread the gossip to the lilies in the lake: All Nature’s eyes and tongues conspire

Lord Edward was a dreamer, an Irish Bayard, too chivalrous to conspire successfully and too frankly courageous to match a government of guile.

This led several of my customers to conspire to frighten me into paying them large sums as hush money, pretending that I had secured their purchases under false pretenses; but the Yankee spirit of our fathers, "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute," prompted me to defy their infamous demands.

A man might conspire with his father with the object of doing this fraudulently, as Captain Scarborough was no doubt thought to have done by most of his acquaintances.

The Sherman Act, our Anti-trust Act, does so where even two persons conspire together to restrain interstate commerce.

Reinaldo conspire against his government?

But could I, I, conspire against a wise and great man like Juan Bautista Alvarado?

I would not believe that a Carillo would plot, conspire, and rise again, after the terrible lesson he had received in 1838.

He also established the feast of San Juan, which lasted, and still lasts, the whole month of June; and when some respectable people, Insulars as well as Peninsulars, protested against this official propaganda of vice and idleness, he replied: "Let them bewhile they dance and gamble they don't conspire; ... these people must be governed by three B'sBarraja, Botella, and Berijo."

Our good sense, our moral sense, our progressive instincts, conspire with our interests in proclaiming that we ought to do better; but how shall we do better?

Bourmont himself, then young, was living in Paris, in order the better to conspire for the restoration of the Bourbons.

Paul's, the late theme of such a Muse, whose flight 19 Has bravely reach'd and soar'd above thy height: Now shalt thou stand, though sword, or time, or fire, Or zeal more fierce than they, thy fall conspire, Secure, whilst thee the best of poets sings, Preserved from ruin by the best of kings.

But since with Fortune Nature doth conspire, Since age, disease, or some less noble end, Though not less certain, does our days attend; Since 'tis decreed, and to this period lead A thousand ways, the noblest path we'll tread, And bravely on, till they, or we, or all, A common sacrifice to honour fall. FRIENDSHIP AND SINGLE LIFE, AGAINST LOVE AND MARRIAGE. 1 Love!

This was, as Madison to the end of his life maintained, "a fair calculation;" but it was exasperating to England, who thought that America ought to be equally interested with Europe in overthrowing the military despotism of Napoleon, and should not conspire with him for gain.

"It is strange," she went on, "that all things should conspire, or at least rise, against 'the roof and crown of things,' as Tennyson calls us.

"You would never go to do such an unneighborly act," he cried, "as" "As conspire to bring down the value of a property the moment it had passed out of my hands?I would not, Mr. Barwood; and this very day the intending purchaser shall know of your project.

So, if you "do me down," I have my lyre, And I shall trumpet (at the normal Press wage) Such things about that house, and with such fire, That all men ever after shall conspire To shun the said demesne and curse that messuage.

It is said that Apes and the rest were indicted under some obsolete law, making it a misdemeanor to conspire against the laws.

Tout le monde ici m'en veut, me persécute et conspire pour me faire sortir, j'en suis consterné; je tremble que vous ne cédiez à leur inimitié pour moi, et j'en serois dans la dernière affliction.