88 examples of construc in sentences

Accordingly, whether may be said for the questionable according Accusative before infin., in Lat. and Gr., of what reckoned the subject whether the construc.

can in general be imitated in Eng. who adopt the Lat. doctrine of what our nearest approach to the Lat. construc.

by terms of, your Majesty, your Highness, &c., in what construc.

against Ago and since, difference between AGREEMENT, of words, defined with what synonymous Agreement, how many of the parts of speech in Eng., incapable of; none necessary between words unrelated as differing from relation of words in the same construc.

Latin, names of the letters of, scarcely known even to the learned; account of its letters A perfect alphabet in Eng., what it would effect Letters of the alphabet, when and how used in the sciences Alphabetic writing, its advantage over the syllabic Ambiguous, construc., with respect to the class of a word do., with resp.

against Amen, use and import of Among and amongst, amid and amidst, different in sense and construc.

not taken as a noun insertion or omission of, with respect to a comparison or an alternation made with two nouns required in the construc.

denial to what construc.

censuring But, save, as well as, construc.

of only in ambiguous construc.

But and save, whether they ever govern the obj. case as prepositions Cannot but, construc.

opposite instructions concerning do. Cases, whether personal pronouns have two, only, rules for the construc.

Enumeration of numbers, see Addition Epicene nouns, see Generic Names Epithets, new compound, poets frequently form Equivalence, the argument of, has often led into errors Equivocal, or ambiguous construc.

N. directed against Feel, its construc.

Few and many, form and construc.

in what differ from relatives are always of the third pers. declined their place in a sentence their construc.

with, in ellipt. construc.

verbs contrasted with active-trans, verbs, in respect to the object or the agent of the action; their compos, and construc.

in o preceded by a consonant, construc.

in the same construc.; erron. remark of PRIESTL., MURR., et al., concerning the latter Preposition, the separating of, from its noun, false doctrine of LOWTH, MURR., et al., concerning Prepositions, prop, choice of do., with respect to the allowable uses of as adapted in meaning to two objects, or to more Preposition, ellips.

See also Who, Which, &c. Repetition, of a noun or pronoun, what construc.

, what, differs from mere words and mere grammar; not regulated entirely by rules of construc.

, its peculiarity of construc.

to the Eng. of WICKL., To, before infin., evasive teachings of the later grammarians concerning its class and construc.

than who, in all personifications its construc.

88 examples of  construc  in sentences