267 examples of consulate in sentences

You will have to wait for a moment, however; the gentleman speaking with him is from the French consulate, and has but this moment come aboard.

"There are certain persons," I went on, "to whom it would be of intense interest to know the true reason why the steam-yacht Lola put into Leghorn; why I was entertained on board her; why the safe in the British Consulate was rifled, and why the unfortunate girl, kept a prisoner on board, was taken on shore just before the hurried sailing of the vessel.

Indeed, he may have helped to commit the burglary at the Consulate," I said.

I made searching inquiry, and found that on the evening she was purposely run aground in order to strike up a friendship at the Consulate, a Russian gunboat was lying in the vicinity.

She evidently knew of the proposed rifling of the safe at the Consulate.

The instant, however, you went ashore, Chater, Woodroffewhom you called Hornbyand Mackintosh, the captainwho, by the way, was an old ticket-of-leave manwent ashore, and, of course, broke into the Consulate.

He possesses the complete confidence of the British labor force, and indeed the Hindu immigrants, who deposit money at the Consulate, will hardly wait to obtain receipts for it.

He prospered in the Revolution, bought the confiscated Church lands at a low price, married the daughter of a wealthy timber merchant, was made mayor under the consulate, became Monsieur Grandet when the empire was established, and every year grew wealthier and more miserly.

The first baseman certainly, who had oftenest to wade into the scrub, should have received a consulate, at the very least.

Late this afternoon, when I walk around to the American consulate, I shall pass the office of the chief local paper; and there I am sure to find anywhere from seventy-five to a hundred men and women waiting for the appearance on a bulletin board of the latest list of dead, wounded and missing men who are credited to Aix-la-Chapelle and its vicinity.

We remained in Krasnoyarsk for two days, and marched through the town and saluted the British Consulate.

It is told in Alexander Powell's "Fighting in Flanders," but it suffices here to state that by a pact between the Belgian burgomaster of Ghent and the German commandant it was understood that the wounded man was not to be considered a prisoner, but under the jurisdiction of the American Consulate.

CHAPTER X THE DARK ROAD TO PEKING Half an hour later the American consul, Captain Martin, and Ned sat in a private room at the consulate.

Witherbee, sitting in the window of the consulate, called twice before Simpson heard him.

Episodes of French History during the Consulate and the First Empire.

There were chamberlains and lackeys, grooms and outriders; splendid dinners and evening parties were given, and the ambassadors of foreign powers were received in solemn audience; for, now, all the European states had recognized the French Republic under the consulate, and, as Bonaparte had concluded peace with England and Austria, these two great powers also sent envoys to the court of the mighty consul.

The consulate for life must therefore be changed into an hereditary empire.

Cyrus, though aged (if Xenophon say true), Lucius Metellus (whom when young I knew), Who held (after his second consulate) Twenty-two years the high pontificate; Neither of these in body, or in mind, Before their death the least decay did find.

CONSULATE, name given to the French Government from the fall of the Directory till the establishment of the Empire.

" When the Minister came back in September, Robert Hart was appointed to the British Consulate at Ningpo, and started off immediately, travelling up to Shanghai in a trim little 150-ton opium schooner called the Iona.

Some of the poor wretches reached the British Consulate, alive or half alive, clamouring for shelter; but Mr. Meadows, then Consul, refused to let them in, fearing to turn the riot from an anti-Portuguese disturbance into an anti-foreign outbreak, and the unfortunate creatures frantically beat on the closed gates in vain.

Perhaps much of their fate was well deservedsome historians say sobut it was none the less terrible when it came; and I can imagine that the predicament of Meadows and young Hart, standing behind the barred gates of the Consulate, could have been little worse, mentally, than that of the wretches outside praying to them in the name of Heaven and the saints for shelter.

Then, "last scene of all," the Cantonese stormed the Portuguese Consulate, pillaged and wrecked the building, and were just climbing on to the flat roof to haul down the flag when a stately white cloud appeared far down the river, serenely floating towards the disturbed city.

Hart left his work under Sir Harry Parkes with real regret in October 1858, when he was promoted and appointed interpreter at the British Consulate in Canton under Sir Rutherford Alcock; but in May 1859 he resigned to enter the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs.

Mr. H.N. Lay, Vice-Consul and Interpreter in the British Consulate at Shanghai, was then appointed to succeed Mr. Wade, and, as the two other Powers concerned did not appoint successors to their original nominees, he thereafter managed Chinese Customs business alone.

267 examples of  consulate  in sentences