17706 examples of contains in sentences

The tanks are filled with compressed forage, except one, which contains 12 tons of fresh water, enough, we hope, to take us to the ice.

We manage somehow to find a seat for everyone at our cabin table, although the wardroom contains twenty-four officers.

Evidently the men's deck contains a very merry band.

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Our literature contains occasional assertions bearing upon this point, but I know of no full or able discussion of it.[30] Cardell's instructions proceed upon the supposition, that neither the reason of men, nor even that of superior intelligences, can ever operate independently of words.

4. The value of a language as an object of study, depends chiefly on the character of the books which it contains; and, secondarily, on its connexion with others more worthy to be thoroughly known.

"That it contains no visible marks, of articles, which are the most important of all others, to a just delivery.

"A simple sentence is a sentence which contains only one nominative case and one verb to agree with it.

I have thought, then, that it would be important, from a hygienic standpoint, to have a filter that should effectually rid water of all the microbes or germs that it contains, while at the same time preserving the salts or gases that it holds in solution.

Under these circumstances, when the cock is turned on, the water fills the space between the two tubes and slowly filters, under the influence of pressure, through the sides of the porous one, and is freed from all solid matter, including the microbes and germs, that it contains.

The proportion of solid impurities present in water as ordinarily met with is extremely variable: rain water which has been collected toward the end of a storm contains only a minute fraction of a grain per gallon, while river or spring water may contain from less than thirty grains per gallon or so and upward.

Ordinary sea water generally contains from three to four per cent.

of saline matter, but that of the Dead Sea contains nearly one-fourth of its weight of salts.

The heating gases are furnished by a producer, and pass from below upward over the shelves, S, then through the channel, C, into the drum, D, which contains the concentrated chloride of magnesium.

Colonel Goss has a very fine collection of mounted birds in the capitol building at Topeka, and he has recently published a catalogue of the "Birds of Kansas," which contains 335 species.

That report contains not a single harsh or unpleasant word.

I read the other day that it is probable that the very mire of the London streets contains that mysterious substance known as radium, the most tremendous agent of light and heat ever yet discovered by man; so in man himself, however low his state, there is the spark of God, an ember lit at the altar fires of the Eternal, and it is because we forget this that we forget the dignity of common life.

The literary history necessarily contains an account of the labours of the learned, in which, whether we shall show much judgment or sagacity, must be left to our readers to determine; we can promise only justness and candour.

The first idea contains the seed of the second; this second, expanding itself, gives birth to a third; and so on.

Plautus is not quite so regular as Terence in the scheme of his designs, or in the distribution of his acts, but he is more simple in his plot; for the fables of Terence are commonly complex, as may be seen in his Andria, which contains two amours.

First allowing that as a fact it contains in it things than which we cannot imagine anything better, and without which we should never have reached to where we are, they then have to dispute its divine claims.

"We walked down, and François opened the first room, that which contains the dresses; habits of all shapes, all dimensions, hideously jumbled together; gaiters pinned to a sleeve, a shawl shading the neck of a coat; dresses of peasants, workmen, carters and brewers' frocks, women's gowns, all faded, discoloured, shapeless, flap against each other in the current of air which entered through the windows.


Shelby's later report contains the grossest self-contradictions.

The collection contains no letters or manuscripts of Shakespeare.

17706 examples of  contains  in sentences