10 examples of contenders in sentences

"I think it might be fairer to both world's series contenders to play a regular schedule, regardless of the fact that any tie games may arise in the series.

But if it were necessary to advance an argument as to the integrity of the sport and the high class of the men who are engaged in the summer season in playing professional Base Ball, there could be nothing better to prove that the price of victory is the one great consideration, greater than the fact of Philadelphia's success against a team which was a strong contender against that which finally won the championship.

The rifle fire was ineffective, although at times the lines of contenders were not more than 300 yards apart.

Yet the hot-headed contenders on both sides may be reminded of certain facts.

She therein declares that those who transport "officers, soldiers, despatches, arms, ammunition, or any other article considered by law and modern usage as contraband of war, for either of the contenders, will do it at his own risk and peril, and will incur the high displeasure of her Majesty.

The disputes between them sometimes looked very serious; but they were kept under until the festival of the birthday of the Schah; on that occasion, the contenders were at last permitted to show their joy by a general fight.

The advertisement of a sale is a signal which, at once, puts a thousand hearts in motion, and brings contenders from every part to the scene of distribution.

This distinguished Irish nobleman furnished a contender in his Valkyrie II.

There were many contenders for survival and supremacy.

They not only failed in their main objective but they gave the Soviet Union and the Chinese a chance to pit their advisers, technicians and military equipment against that of the United States as the major capitalist contender in the area.

10 examples of  contenders  in sentences