3574 examples of contesting in sentences

During that afternoon it was all we could do to hold our own in fighting the mounted warriors, who were in our front and contesting every inch of the ground.

Apparently he had decided that his smaller vessels were fully capable of coping with the small number of the enemy that was contesting his advance.

Jesus Montaña, first proprietor of Greenfields,you can see at once that Judson had the racial advantage,contesting the right with him, walked into five of Judson's bullets and his eternal possessions on the same occasion.

On the 3d and 4th the Bulgarians retired sullenly northward toward Doiran, contesting every yard and putting in the units of the 14th Division as quickly as they could be detrained; but the Greeks never flagged for one moment in the pursuit.

I have, hitherto, entertained an opinion that for this purpose only we are deputed by our constituents, who, if they had reposed no confidence in our care or abilities, would have given up, long since, the vexatious right of contesting for the choice of representatives.

The reconciliation of Rinaldo with his enchantress takes place within a few stanzas of the close of the poem, as if contesting its interest with religion.

To this Mill acutely replies: There is the greatest difference between assuming an opinion to be true, because with every opportunity for contesting it it has not been refuted, and assuming its truth for the purpose of not permitting its refutation.

I went in with Mr. Hodgkinson, who is contesting this Division; he is quite young and wears an eyeglass, which he keeps dropping.

Although taken by surprise, and wholly ignorant of the strength of the force opposed to them, the pickets stood their ground, but before the heavy masses of men clambering up the hill, they could do nothing, and were forced to fall back, contesting every foot.

If he does, there is such a thing as contesting a willthat is, if he gives her much.

It was mere madness in him to think of contesting with a man of Mr. Tyrrel's eminence and fortune.

"I think it is brutal," she broke out indignantly, as if the iron gates were already closing upon her, and she were contesting the justice of the punishment.

Contesting every foot of the way, Harry's regiment was driven back into the town, where a terrible confusion reigned.

He was not accustomed to being denied, this man; and there was no contesting the obvious fact that now a confidence was being withheld.

Of the convention's preliminary work little is worth recordingthere were the clamor and protest of contesting delegations and small fire of parliamentary skirmishes, by which factions feel and measure each other's strength.

But some of the States that withdrew at Charleston had sent contesting delegations, and it resolved itself into tangled rivalry and quarrel of platforms, candidates, and delegations all combined.

Several dragon boats filled with rowers, rather paddlers, were contesting this afternoon in the harbor.

Julia shrugged her shoulders, and, contesting the matter no further, followed the good woman along a corridor and through a door which shut off a second and shorter passage.

Mr. Chalk, contesting this hotly, convinced him at last that he was in error, and then found that, bewildered by the argument, the captain had consented to be informed of a secret which he had not intended to impart.

The expert is an every-day frequenter of the courts; he makes his living by testifying for contesting litigants.

He established a footing in the land, as one of many contesting powers, but the immediate results of his coming were slight.

The habit of contesting in open court, in the face of the world, engenders an honorable, manly highmindedness, free from the underhanded jealousy and petty wars of the doctors.

With what jealous care is it watched over on the eve of a battle to keep the contesting team from painting it with their college colors!

But a second glance showed her the black and gray, bristling, tossing backs of tumbling beasts of prey, charging the carcass of the bear that lay at its roots, or contesting for the prize with gluttonous choked breath, sidelong snarls, arched spines, and recurved tails.

" Instead of contesting the point, Julius asked whether Miss Vivian were at home.

3574 examples of  contesting  in sentences