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31 examples of continues to speak in sentences

When his voice ceased, his countenance, every line moving, continued to speak.

The few mutterings which left his lips continued to speak of discontent.

But far beyond any local gathering, her example will continue to speak, through all the ages, and in many a land.

Teaching is a matter of strict conscience with him, and even after years of experience, and in spite of more than one severe lesson as to American sensitiveness, he continues to speak the truth.

Jesus continued to speak: 'The Son of Man indeed goeth,' he said, 'as it is written of him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man shall be betrayed: It were better for him if that man had not been born.

Not heeding them, his heart full of his son, the old man continued to speak, in short, almost tremulous sentences.

In the same way, despite our natural and reasonable desires for a death like Mr. Tomkinson's, we still continue to speak, not only of sleeping in our beds, but of dying in them, as one of the chief objects of a virtuous and happy existence.

One day he read to Purcell the speeches of Mr. King on the subject of slavery and told Purcell how this friend of the Negro race declared he would continue to speak, write, and publish pamphlets against slavery "the longest day he lived," until the Southern States consented to emancipate their slaves.

MEPHISTOPHELES [stretching himself on the settle and playing with the whisk, continues to speak.] Here sit I, like a king upon his throne; My sceptre this;the crown I want alone.

It has spoken and will continue to speak, not only by its words, but by its acts, the language of sympathy, encouragement, and hope to those who earnestly listen to tones which pronounce for the largest rational liberty.

Mr. C. continued to speak of slavery.

Mr. C. continued to speak of slavery.

[I shall continue to speak in my narrative of the silent, as well as the articulate part of the intercourse between us.

After which the Cacique Hatuey resuming his Discourse, continued to speak to them in these terms: If we keep this God (says he) till he's taken away from us, he'll certainly cause our lives to be taken away from us; and therefore I am of opinion it will be the best way to cast him into the river.

A good deal of attention was paid to his instruction, and fortunately for himself, his servitude under the eastern pedagogue was of very short duration, and Mark continued to speak the English language as his fathers had spoken it before him.

Yes, this very misfortune which you have suffered has befallen you for no other reason than that you continued to speak and act in everything for the laws and for the government.

"The people continued to speak of her here for a long time; it was said that she was wandering about in the country in disguise, but for the last few years nothing has been heard of her, and I do not know what has become of her.

"Mem. Never to tell this to Ned,, lest he should think hardly of his deceased Father; though he continues to speak ill of me for this very Reason.

But the man sat down in the chimney corner and continued to speak.

I looked at my husband and saw that care was on his brow, although he still continued to speak cheerfully.

Whilst the incumbent continued to speak of the future, of his own sacrifice, and my great gainwhilst his words, without penetrating, touched my ears, and died awaymy soul grew busy in the contemplation of the prize, which, now that it was mine, I scarce knew how to estimate.

"Give me the Laird's dues and you shall hear no more from me," she said, "never again will I come to trouble your dulness; but, if you deny it to me, you shall never rest from me;no, no, I will haunt you day and night," and getting hotter as she continued to speak, "you shall have no rest from me, neither moat nor stone walls shall keep me out."

" Mrs. Hamilton smiled, and as she gazed on the glowing features of the young man, she thought he who could so well appreciate such virtues could not benay, she knew he was notdeficient in them himself, and stronger than ever became her secret wish; but she hastily banished it, and gave her sole attention to the interesting subjects on which St. Eval continued to speak.

Incoherent fancies occupied his mind, but from all which presented themselves as solutions to the mystery his pure mind revolted; and, compelled by an impulse he could not resist, he continued to speak of Alphingham every time he visited the cottage.

While he continued to speak, the sports were wholly stopped.

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