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337 examples of  contoured  in sentences

337 examples of contoured in sentences

Isabelle's chill hauteur had increased with the years and a peevish discontent was carving indelible lines upon her face which was rapidly losing its delicate contour and bloom.

If we are thinking of it as distinguished or individualized by the contour, lines, etc., we speak of the features.

Shape, form, figure, outline, conformation, configuration, contour, profile.

I have called her a woman and certainly I had loved her as such, but as, in this moment of strange detachment, I watched her descend, swaying foot following swaying foot falteringly down the stairs, I was able to see that only the emotions which denaturalised her expression were a woman's; that her features, her pose, and the peculiar childlike contour of the one cheek open to view were those of one whose yesterday was in the playroom.

From Rafa Redoubt the contour of the sand dunes permitted the enemy to construct an exceedingly strong line running due south for 2000 yards, the strongest points being named by us Zowaid trench, El Burj trench, Triangle trench, Peach Orchard, and El Arish Redoubt, the nomenclature being reminiscent of the trials of the troops in the desert march.

They were not very tallabout four feet in heightand they were dressed in metallic-looking one-piece spacesuits that closely followed the contour of their slender bodies.

She seemed, indeed, like some fruitful Cybele, retaining all firmness of contour, and living anew in the broad daylight with gentle good humor sparkling in her large black eyes.

Mademoiselle (for I cannot call her by her new name) is altered a good dealmore, however, in the character than in the contour of her face and figure.

Of the scrofulous constitution, I will merely mention here, that it is of the greatest importance, where a predisposition to this disease exists in a family, that a mother should immediately attend to any alteration in the gait or contour of her child, and give prompt attention also to any complaint made of swelling about a joint, although it may be unattended with pain.

Her great dark eyes were softer than her mother's, and her face and contour were perfections of beauty.

Upon these bones depend, in a measure, the build of the forehead, the shape of the chin, the size of the eyes, the prominence of the cheeks, the contour of the nose, and other marks which are reflected in the beauty or ugliness of the face.

A perfectly formed skeleton and well-developed muscles give the graceful contour and perfect outline to the human body.

Hence, every part of the surface of the body rapidly takes on a change in contour, and soon assumes that appearance of vigor and soundness which marks those of firm physical condition.

Our Parish Church has a good contour, and many of its exterior architectural details are well conceived and arranged; but, like other buildings of the same order, it has got a multiplicity of strange hobgoblin figure-heads about it which serve no purpose either earthly or heavenly, and which are understood by hardly one out of five million.

In general contour it is symmetrical and strong; in detail it is neat and compact; and, whilst the colour of it may indicate some singularity, and strike you as being eccentrically variegated, there is nothing in any sense improper about the character of its materials, and as time goes on, and familiarity with them is increased, they will cease to look whimsical and appear just as good as anything else.

The mouldings are the same as the Grecian in general form, although they differ from them in contour; they are less delicate and graceful, but were used in great profusion.

On the desk pad of blotting paper, too, Victor detected marks of fresh paste defining the contour of the flap.

I can't get that much in my little lisle thread bank without spoiling the contour of that new gown effect I am going to be poured into.

Outline N. outline, circumference; perimeter, periphery, ambit, circuit, lines tournure^, contour, profile, silhouette; bounds; coast line.

Form N. form, figure, shape; conformation, configuration; make, formation, frame, construction, cut, set, build, trim, cut of one's jib; stamp, type, cast, mold; fashion; contour &c (outline) 230; structure &c 329; plasmature^. feature, lineament, turn; phase &c (aspect) 448; posture, attitude, pose.

Her hair was of that rare copper-gold tint, her features regular, with a slightly protruding chin, soft eyes, and cheeks perfect in their contour.

Stone by slow stone his empire was built up, an edifice owing its contour to his complete grasp of detail and his dauntless energy.

As to the incongruity of his contour and other little accidents of physique, he is probably no more aware that they will affect others as incongruities than Armida is conscious how much her rouge provokes our notice of her wrinkles, and causes us to mention sarcastically that motherly age which we should otherwise regard with affectionate reverence.

Apparently most of the shells from the Allies' sidewhich of course was the far side from usrose out of a dip in the contour of the land.

ly. perfil, m., profile, outline, contour. perfumado, -a, adj.

And so it is with contoursthe definition does not help much if you know a contour when you meet it on a map.

Should the Missouri River rise in flood to 880 feet, the penitentiary would be on an island, the edge of which is marked by the 880 contour.

Usually the contour has labeled on it in figures the height above some starting point, called the DATUM PLANEgenerally sea level.

If, with a surveying instrument, you put in on a piece of ground a lot of stakes, each one of which is exactly the same height above sea levelthat is, run a line of levelsthen make a map showing the locution of the stakes, a line drawn on the map through all the stake positions is a contour and shows the position of all points of that particular height.

With reference to a point through which no contour passes, we can only say that the point in question is not higher than the next contour up the hill, nor lower than the next one down the hill.

With reference to a point through which no contour passes, we can only say that the point in question is not higher than the next contour up the hill, nor lower than the next one down the hill.

For the purposes of any problem, it is usual to assume that the ground slopes evenly between the two adjacent contours and that the vertical height of the point above the lower contour is proportional to its horizontal distance from the contour, as compared to the whole distance between the two contours.

For the purposes of any problem, it is usual to assume that the ground slopes evenly between the two adjacent contours and that the vertical height of the point above the lower contour is proportional to its horizontal distance from the contour, as compared to the whole distance between the two contours.

It has already been explained that from any contour to the next one above it the ground rises a fixed number of feet, according to the vertical interval of that map.

On a good many contoured maps a figure like this will be found in one of the corners:

Each single contour shows the shape at its particular level of the hill or valley it outlines; for instance, the 880 contour about the penitentiary shows that the hill at that level has a shape somewhat like a horse's head.

Each single contour shows the shape at its particular level of the hill or valley it outlines; for instance, the 880 contour about the penitentiary shows that the hill at that level has a shape somewhat like a horse's head.

Similarly, every contour on the map gives us the form of the ground at its particular level, and knowing these ground forms for many levels we can form a fair conception of what the whole surface is like.

A round contour like the letter O outlines a round ground feature; a long narrow one indicates a long narrow ground feature.

Draw roughly on a piece of paper a figure of the same shape and you will have a contour showing the shape of the bit of ground where you poured your water.

To illustrate the subject of contours to aid those who have difficulty in reading contoured maps the following is suggested: 1. Secure modeling clay and build a mound.

The luxurious contour of the form of this Nymph is beyond expression and reminded me of the description of Olympia: Le parti che solea coprir la stola Fur di tanta eccellenza, ch'anteporse A quante n'avea il mondo potean forse.

The gradients are clearly shown by contour lines.

The equidistance being 30 metres, or roughly 100 feet, the dotted contour lines when height is marked some every 8 or 10 ordinary contour lines.

The equidistance being 30 metres, or roughly 100 feet, the dotted contour lines when height is marked some every 8 or 10 ordinary contour lines.

Cliff and rock are shown grey, while glacier contour lines are blue.

The gradient of slopes is shown by the contour lines, the drop between each being 30 metres or approximately 100 feet.

A slope showing eight 30-metre contour lines in one centimetre works out roughly at 27ยฐ, which is a steeper slope than most people care to take straight, running over unknown country.

A comfortable slope is 5 contour lines in 1 centimetre, or a gradient of 17ยฐ.

Taking English measurements as in Commander Merriman's scale, 16 contour lines in one inch on the map.

The beginner will probably content himself with slopes where 10 contour lines are shown in one inch, or a gradient of about 13ยฐ.

The Pontresina map, for instance, though showing an equidistance of 30 metres as in the Ordnance Maps, really has 50 metres contour lines, which might be a terrible snare to the unwary, who would confidently run towards a slope, thinking it was about 20ยฐ and find that it was nearer 35ยฐ, or an avalanche slope.

1.30, or roughly 1s., and to study it carefully, noticing the contour lines on the well-known Nursery slopes, and gradually realizing the gradient represented by the different widths between them.

Time was when something could be inferred from a lip, a mouth, a chin,when character could be found in the contour and color of a cheek; but that time has passed.

Perhaps it lay in the curve of the sensitive nostrils, perhaps in the firm contour of chin, perhaps in the arch of the brow.

The Anterior or Laminal Surface, following closely in contour the wall of the hoof, is markedly convex from side to side, nearly straight from above to below, and closely dotted with foraminรฆ of varying sizes.

Having gained exit from the bone, their frequent anastomosis, right and left, with their fellows forms a large vessel following the contour of the inferior edge of the os pedis.

This cavity has been mentioned before as accommodating the coronary cushion, whose shape and general contour it closely follows, being widest and deepest in front, and gradually decreasing as it proceeds backwards.

The os pedis becomes deformed, loses its circular shape, and gradually becomes more or less oval in contour.

The break here made in the contour of the shoe allows of dressing the corn, and, in the case of sand-crack, removes the bearing from that portion of the wall.

There was a bloom on the soft contour of her cheek, a luminous gleam in her wide, gray eyes.

In 1812, while Gerry was governor of that state, the Republican legislature redistributed the districts in such wise that the shapes of the towns forming a single district in Essex county gave to the district a somewhat dragon-like contour.

It should also be remembered that objects of rough and careless contour, as the worn cart-horse, and the tattered beggar (neither of them laying claim to an iota of sublimity) please better in a painting, than the sleekest racer, and the most finished belle of the Magazin des Modes.

Tahiti from the sea was like a living being, so vivid, so palpitating was its contour and its color, but Moorea, when far away, was cold and black, a beautiful, ravishing sight, but like the avatars of a race of giants that had passed, a sepulcher or monument of their achievements and their end.

The pareu disclosed the rounded contour of her figure as if it were painted upon her.

This was away from the path of the Vairahaha River, and where the coral souls had manifestly indulged a thousand fancies in contour and color.

With her sweet delicate contour, her large gray eyes, and the sweep of the lustrous hair, setting off with its rich tint the little shell-like ears and the alabaster whiteness of the neck and throat, even Conde, who had seen all the beauties of three courts and of sixty years defile before him, stood staring in admiration at the Huguenot maiden.

The fine contour of head and forehead, the soft outline of face, the delicate moulding of the chin were the same still,the dark eyes glowed with even new lustre; but the graceful throat and white arm were hidden in a dark muffling cloak, the delicious blush had faded from the cheek, whose color was now firm and tranquil, the well-cut lips had settled into almost too harsh lines, an air of indescribably voluptuous grace had forever fled.

"Sir Frederick Smith, the Attorney-General, is 5, but does not look it for he keeps a full thatch and a fresh complexion, and has features so softly contoured that as a baby he must have been the pride of the family.

But while he fully recognised the limits of his powers, he had great faith in his own critical judgment; and with good reason, for his perception of the beautiful in contour and attitude and grouping was almost unerring.

In versatility of treatment the architects who have specialized in home building in the San Francisco Bay region have had their designs of contoured streets, parterres, terraces and plantings published more widely than those of their professional brethren in any other section of the country.

There was the full contour of the limbs hid under warm green folds, the white flesh that glowed when you touched it as if some smothered heat lay beneath, the sleeping face, the amber hair uncoiled in a languid quiet, while yellow jasmines deepened its hue into molten sunshine, and a great tiger-lily laid its sultry head on her breast.

She was doing just what thousands of other girls were doing in New York, with no more patience and no more self-sacrifice than they, but the childish vagaries of his visitor, still fresh in his memory, seemed to endow Dorothy Herrick with a firmer contour, a stronger claim on his interest and sympathies.

The first of these has a unity and a definiteness of contour unusual with Shelley, and is, with the exception of some of Robert Browning's, the best English tragedy since Otway.

His penetration faltered before her, for she lived and moved in the brilliant light of his love, blended with it, so that her figure, and her frailties, lost all sharpness of contour.

Instead of being able to see only that one type of beauty which first appealed to us, our eyes have become so instructed that we now see the beauty of all the other types as well; and we no longer scorn as Philistine the taste of the man in the street for the beauty that is robustly vital and flamboyantly contoured.

Dark as it was I had recognized him.... "His form was of the same strong and stalwart contour as ever....

3. The physical contour of western Palestine.

The rows and the contour of the orange groves could no longer be distinguished the forms of the nearby trees were lostthe rich, lustrous green of their foliage brushed out with the dull black of the night; while the twinkling lights of the distant towns and hamlets, in the valley below, shone as sparkling jewels on the inky, velvet robe that, fold on fold, lay over the landscape.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc. (PWH); 18Feb70; R479961. DOALL CO. DoAll contour saws.

DoAll contour saws.

DoAll contour saws.

A leaf in its general contour is symmetrical: here the symmetry is about a linethe midrib.

The whirl would be about a plane, and the contour of this plane would correspond to the ends of the axis line in the former vortex; and as before, the vortex would extend to the boundary.

The oval contour of the face was perfect; from the white brow, where the veins were so clearly marked, rose a crown of golden hair, not brown or auburn, but of pure pale golda dower of beauty in itself.

Practical farmers are beginning to look upon them with an evil eyean eye sharp and severe with pecuniary speculation; that looks at an oak or elm with no artist's reverence; that darts a hard, dry, timber-estimating glance at the trunk and branches; that looks at the circumference of its cold shadow on the earth beneath, not at the grand contour and glorious leafage of its boughs above.

A face drawn a trifle fine, a little ascetic, but balanced by the humour of the large, shapely mouth, and really beautiful in bone and contour.

These, however, as well as the Jones Collection examples, though thoroughly Indian in character as regards the treatment of scrolls, flowers, and foliage, shew unmistakcably the influence of French taste in their general form and contour.

Mrs. Brandon admired Mr. Mortimer; he was tall, fair, stately, and had just such a likeness to Valentine as could not fail to be to his advantage in the opinion of any one who, remembering Valentine's smiling face, small forehead, and calm eyes, sees the same contour of countenance, with an expression at once grave and sweet; features less regular, but with a grand intellectual brow, and keen blue eyesnot so handsome as Valentine's,

Beauty of contour and unbroken continuity of curve is obtained sometimes by sacrificing literal accuracy; a structurally impossible positionas the seated nude figure in the Louvre pictureis deliberately adopted to heighten the effect of line or the balance of composition.

This picture also illustrates a device to retain continuity of line; the right foot is hidden away so as not to interfere with the contour.

But what struck her present curious visitor more than these casual traits were the remains of great beauty in the still lovely contour of the face, the refined lines of her mouth, and the depth and varied play of the eyes.

The faintly tinted walls are framed with just one clear colored line, as finely placed as the member of a Greek capital; the door-handles and the lines of the panels of the door, the two chairs, the framework of the bed, the writing-table, have all that exquisite finish of contour that is begotten of sustained artistic effort.

Mrs. Burton was at this time a comely dame, whose embonpoint contour, however indicative of florid health and serenity of temper, exhibited little of the airy elegance and grace said to have distinguished the girlhood of Elizabeth Gainsford.

It was a face of a handsome woman of thirty, with even a suggestion of softness in the contour of the cheek and arching of her upper lip, no longer rigidly drawn down in anger, but relaxed by sleep on her white teeth.

This allowed us to observe its contour, which was remarkable.

This particular type is termed a "shell" feed because the upper contour of the guiding feed bracket is shaped somewhat like a shell.

The lakes were triangulated by means of magnetic bearings as far as was practicable, in order to obtain their widths and general contour.

The time had arrived for Pansy to depart; but she reclined in her morocco alcove with somewhat the stiffness of a tilted bottle and somewhat the contour.

If she could but sleep!" There lay Camilla Tyrrell, beautiful still, but more than ever like the weird tragic head with snake-wreathed brows, in the wasted contour of her regular features and the flush on her hollow cheeks, while her eyes burned with a strange fire that almost choked back Julius's salutation of peace, even while he breathed it, for might not the Son of Peace be with some there?