104 examples of conundrums in sentences

If I slept through this, I could feel reasonably sure of sleeping through even the dark conundrums and sentimental colored ballads.

Satan's she Advocatepeace, I say;so, you look as innocently now, as a little Devil of two years old, I'll warrant;come, come, look me full in the facethus,turn your nose just to minesonow tell me whose damnable Plot this was, to send your Gallant with his Eloquence, Querks and Conundrums, to tutor me into better manners? Jul.

Why is he?" "Stop," I calmly interpollate, "profane not the high calling of the Italian hero with frivolous conundrums.

Dl take me, if I did not feel some remorsebeast, if I had not,at quitting my old compeers, the faithful partners of my toils for six and thirty years, that smoothed for me with their jokes and conundrums the ruggedness of my professional road.

They next fell to quibbles and conundrums.

For want of better amusements, it had become the fashion to make conundrums, and to have printed books full of them, which were produced at parties.

At ten o'clock the gas will be turned off, and no further Puns, Conundrums, or other play on words will be allowed to be uttered, or to be uttered aloud.

"Of late years he puts his whole Conundrums in blankbut they please him just as well.

You were speaking to me a moment ago in conundrums, and you have aroused my curiosity to a most uncomfortable degree.

At ten o'clock the gas will be turned off, and no further Puns, Conundrums, or other play on words, will be allowed to be uttered, or to be uttered aloud.

Of late years he puts his whole Conundrums in blank,but they please him just as well.

Your rhymes and your rebusses, your quirks and your conundrums, may then be every thing that is grand for what I care.

I can only guess, and as tracking conundrums is not my purpose in these chapters, I will leave others to unravel the riddle if they can.

Conundrums, 176.

What I mean to say is that if there is in a Government office a series of half a dozen standard epistles, one or other of which can be used as a reply to the majority of the conundrums that daily serve to bulge the post-bag of the "controller" or "director," the selection of the appropriate missive should not be left purely to chance.

"One of the best conundrums I have heard for a long time, is attributed to that excellent and agreeable fellow, Yates, who is amongst those who do credit to the stage.

"Would the high-well-born be so fearfully gracious as to allow them to continue until 10 P.M.?" To be suddenly taken unawares and to have such conundrums volleyed at you in a strange tongue is apt to be rather exhausting.

Similarly Bergson answers the intellectualist conundrums by pointing back to our various finite sensational experiences and saying, 'Lo, even thus; even so are these other problems solved livingly.

If one seeks to measure how far removed the great classic moralists are from thinness, let him turn from La Bruyère to the inane subtleties and meaningless conundrums, not worth answering, that do duty for analysis of character in some modern American literature.

It is the present fashion to make conundrums: there are books of them printed, and produced at all assemblies: they are full silly enough to be made a fashion.

Almost every night our angel friends communicated with us unmistakably through the ouija, and planchette; they would draw caricature pictures of us all, and give us conundrums and jokes that we had never known before.

Well, it was no use asking myself conundrums out there in the dark when time was so scarce.

They were cracking jokes, propounding conundrums, and telling stories humorously broad to each other.

The comic papers served him up in puns, conundrums, and acrostics, of the most satirical import.

SUMMERS coming up fresh with batch of new conundrums.

104 examples of  conundrums  in sentences