243 examples of converge in sentences

Meet, encounter, collide, confront, converge.

The remedy is in the use of convex glasses to converge parallel rays of light before they enter the eye.

Literally, a lentil; a piece of transparent glass or other substance so shaped as either to converge or disperse the rays of light.

While this muscular action is taking place, the pupil contracts and the eyeballs converge by the action of the internal rectus muscles.

Chorus: So early in the morning, &c. Now on every side we faintly hear The crack of the stockwhip drawing near; To the camp the cattle soon converge, As from the thick scrub they emerge.

As soon as one has crossed the Atlantic he will seldom longer see single square tops built upon the chimneys, but each apartment of the house has its own chimney; all these converge, but do not meet before coming out of the roof, so that from two to six or eight tops generally keep each other company on the house-tops.

In the Apocynum Androsaemifolium, one kind of Dog's bane, the anthers converge over the nectaries, which consist of five glandular oval corpuscles surrounding the germ; and at the same time admit air to the nectaries at the interstice between each anther.

But when a fly inserts its proboscis between these anthers to plunder the honey, they converge closer, and with such violence as to detain the fly, which thus generally perishes.

Virginia was to be pierced by no less than four armiesfrom the northwest, the Shenandoah Valley, the Potomac, and the Peninsulathe whole force to converge upon Richmond, the "heart of the rebellion."

At this time, the whole country appeared to be encircled by a fiery zone, which, gradually contracting its circle by the devastation it had made, seemed as if it would not converge into a point while any thing remained to be destroyed.

All the ridges in this vicinity converge to the main ridge, which overlooks Queen's Cañon.

Mr. Hodgson bends the arms of his propellers backward, not into the form of a triangle, but into the form of a parabola, to the end that the impact of the screw on the particles of the water may cause them to converge to a focus, as the rays of light would do in a parabolic reflector.

There are two sets of arms to the wheel, which converge to a cast iron centre, formed like a short pipe with large flanges, to which the arms are affixed.

It was one of those moments when the accumulated impressions of life converge on heart and brain, elucidating, enlacing each other, in a mysterious confusion of beauty.

In Hamlet all his qualities converge, and in him the tradition of the stage that all an ambitious actor's experience is only to fit him to play Hamlet is for once justified.

While the roads converge like the rays of a wheel upon the inland town, each a stream of hurrying life, here the world flows to you more rarely and deliberately.

Such was the character of Mary; such the portrait really painted by St. Luke; and, as it seems to me, these scattered, artless, unintentional notices of conduct and character converge into the most perfect moral type of the intellectual, tender, simple, and heroic woman that ever was placed before us for our edification and example.

At that distance, Cousin Benedict's two eyes, by making their visual rays converge, could, like two lens, dart their double look on the insect.

But in the Mandrinas, although all the partitions converge toward the central opening, as in the Astraeans, these central openings elongate, run into each other, and form waving furrows all over the surface, instead of the small round pits so characteristic of the Astraeans.

We can keep in sight almost all the way, I think, and,¸ as you know, a little below this height, the paths converge.

The eyes converge toward the object they examine, at such a point that if the object were there they would squint.

A drunken man sees double because the eyes do not converge.

The streets conveniently converge upon a central market-place.

Its name recalls the fact that it was a Roman station, and upon it several Roman roads converge.

The streets are spacious and well-built, and converge upon a triangular market place which is rather spoilt by an ugly market hall in its centre.

243 examples of  converge  in sentences