4868 examples of convey in sentences

Let the reader endeavor to imagine Pandemonium broke loose, with all its burly inmates, and thundering voices, and outré forms, and, perhaps, the general idea in his mind may convey to him some impression of the rout which swept by with its shouts and mad defiances.

" Mr. Smithson coughed-a short, dry cough, meant to convey incredulity.

Filled with this fiendlike joy, he found means to convey to the king the satire written by the hand of Zadig, who, together with the lady and his two friends, was thrown into prison.

The tragedies of Otway, Lee and Southern, are irresistibly moving, but they convey not such grand sentiments, and their language is far from being so poetical as Dryden's; now, if one dramatic poet writes to move, and another to enchant and instruct, as instruction is of greater consequence than being agitated, it follows naturally, that the latter is the most excellent writer, and possesses the greatest genius.

The officers of the existing government convey the missives of the invisible government, the diligences transport its agents.

Luxurious lifts conducted by the Company's own liveried attendants convey guests to the dormitories.

Frequent trains convey visitors direct to their beds.

Alas, there was nothing to convey the situation very clearly even under this heading.

My object is to convey the sublime system of geometry which he realized, and by that must I decide."

Morning was well advanced when Walker arose, and began operations by moving the furniture about in an excited manner, to attract the attention of those in the bar below, and convey an idea of search.

I have italicized the phrase "expectation mingled with uncertainty" because it expresses in other terms the idea which I have sought to convey in the formula "foreshadowing without forestalling.

The latter found him still breathing and on his death carried his body to Rome, causing the centurions and military tribunes to convey him over the first stage,as far as the winter quarters of the army,and from there the foremost men of each city.

But he had previously removed their servants, who stood at the doorway, and gave them in charge of other, unknown slaves, to convey either to carriages or litters, and by this act he filled them with far greater fear.

That they had also brought three hundred thousand pecks of wheat, and two hundred thousand of barley, that there might be no want of provisions, and that as much more as might be necessary they would convey, as a supply, to whatever place they might appoint.

If a squad leader's attention is attracted by a whistle other than that of his platoon leader, or if there are no orders or commands to convey to his squad, he resumes firing at once.

In an engagement the voice can seldom be heard over a few feet, and the platoon commander will generally have to convey his orders by signals.

It was proposed to them at the same time to procure and convey to them territory beyond the Mississippi in exchange for that which they hold within the limits of Georgia, or to pay them for it its value in money.

In conformity with a resolution of Congress of the last session, an invitation was given to General Lafayette to visit the United States, with an assurance that a ship of war should attend at any port of France which he might designate, to receive and convey him across the Atlantic, whenever it might be convenient for him to sail.

That the Constitution does, in some one or more of its passages, convey the power, is manifest from the testimony of the Constitution itself.

The natives of this part use logs to convey them from and to the islands.

It was with sad hearts that on the morning of the 1st of July, 1888, we bade adieu to the long cortége which followed us to the boat, now waiting to convey us to Green Bay, where we were to meet Governor Porter and Mr. Brush, and proceed, under their escort, to Detroit.

Cortes then produced a richly carved and painted arm-chair, some artificial jewels called margajitas enveloped in perfumed cotton, a string of artificial diamonds, and a crimson velvet montero cap ornamented with a gold medal of St George killing the dragon; which he requested Teuchtlile to convey to Montezuma as a present from the king of Spain, and to signify his request to be permitted to wait upon him.

The chief made answer, that his sovereign would assuredly be happy to hold intercourse with ours, and that he should convey a true report of this request to Montezuma, who would instruct him what answer he should make.

Some able Mexican painters accompanied the two chiefs on this occasion, who drew accurate representations of Cortes and the other Spanish officers and soldiers, of Donna Marina, Aguilar, and every circumstance that seemed worthy of remark, even our dogs, guns, and balls, in order to convey exact information to Montezuma.

The ambassadors replied, that they would convey his message to their sovereign, but gave no hopes of bringing back a favourable answer.

4868 examples of  convey  in sentences