320 examples of convulsively in sentences

Straight as an arrow he heads for the seashore, his hands clutching the air convulsively, his 'sari' streaming in the night-breeze; and behind, like hounds on the trail of the deer, come Rama, the brethren, the sisters, and rest of the community.

After the last visitor had vanished through the floor there was dead silence for three minutes, while Fateh Muhammad wrestled with the spirit within him; and then with chest heaving and hands convulsively grasping the heavy air, he fell prone upon his face and lay still.

At last they were seated outside in the street with their hands convulsively clasped together.

He gave one loud howl, kicked convulsively, then turned over on his side and lay quite still.

His hand was pressed convulsively.

She swallowed convulsively, turned to her glass, and found it empty.

She gasped, started convulsively, and began to breathe with less effort.

Captain Snipes is aboard that ship!" Sukey's face was deathly white, and his fingers convulsively clutched the air as if grasping at an imaginary throat.

Suddenly Marston burst into tears, as he ended this sentence, and wept long and convulsively.

Wherein the Green Mouse Squeaks A few minutes later the paper hanging young man entered, swinging an empty dinner pail and halted in polite surprise before a flushed young girl in full fencing costume, who sat on his operating table, feet crossed, convulsively hugging a book to the scarlet heart embroidered on her plastron.

Her young bosom moved convulsively.

She broke off, one hand caught convulsively to her throat; then swallowed hard and rushed on.

He put her down again in the chair, and knelt beside her, for she clung to him convulsively, scarcely knowing what she did.

I fell upon my knees beside the bed and, burying my face in the sheets, sobbed convulsively.

President Ham clinched his great fist convulsively and, with delight in his pantomime, opened his fingers one by one, and held out his pink palm, wrinkled and crossed like the hand of a washerwoman, as though to show Billy that in it lay the fly, dead.

' She looked at me palely, her hands twisting convulsively in and out of each other.

" Faith looked from one to the other and clenched her fingers convulsively.

Her lips twitched convulsively and tears trembled on her lashes.

And then Moussa was knocked head over heels and sat upon by the overseer in charge of the garden-gang, while the Brahmin twitched convulsively on the ground.

" Now she knew, and her arms rocked convulsively.

"Yes," I encouraged, "last night" She was clutching the chair arms convulsively, trying to force her trembling lips to form the words.

He hastily replaced the cloth, shuddering convulsively as he did so.

Again she paused, and her tears trickled to her lips, which moved convulsively.

Freed from his death-grip, I stood breathing convulsively, hands clinched, one foot on my fallen rifle.

Caroline's voice rung clear and distinct upon his ear, and every word brought comfort, still he spoke not; but when she ceased, when slowly, more impressively her last words were spoken, he uttered a faint cry, and folding her slight form convulsively to his heart, sobbed like an infant on her shoulder.

320 examples of  convulsively  in sentences