320 examples of convulsively in sentences

Of a sudden the oars jerked convulsively.

Old Heck, white-faced, but his lips drawn in a smile of satisfaction, stood up in the Clagstone "Six" and watched the Ramblin' Kidhis eyes set and staring, his body twitching convulsively, check the filly, swing her around, ride back to the judges' stand, weakly fling up a hand in salute and then, barely able to sit in the saddle, rein the Gold Dust maverick off the track and ride toward the box stall.

Under the table, and out of sight, his fingers worked convulsively.

I stood in the centre of the room, brandishing my arms convulsively, an heaving sighs that seemed to shatter my whole being.

" The muscles of Balthazar's mouth played convulsively, the twitching of the lip seeming to threaten a loss of self-command.

I believe, however, that he was tripped up by the snake part of my friend as he convulsively rushed away.

I fell upon my knees beside the bed and, burying my face in the sheets, sobbed convulsively.

Suddenly Ken's hat flew from his head, and as he stooped quickly to recover it, the fat German gave a yell like a stuck pig, and kicked out so convulsively that his bearers incontinently dropped him.

she whispered convulsively.

Yet Robin in the act of advancing, stopped in sudden doubt with a scared backward movement, his eyes upon one of Dick's hands that was clenched convulsively and quivering as if he were in pain.

What's it all about?" Robin's shoulders heaved convulsively; his hold tightened.

She was trembling convulsively.

" She clasped his hand convulsively, a desperate revolt in her soul.

Her hands, which she had folded behind her back, worked convulsively.

Now I felt her fingers tighten convulsively.

Janet, I'm going to-morrow!" Her arms tightened about him convulsively.

One or two, indeed, came close to his head and almost followed the example of the first, but he dodged convulsively out of the way.

he sobbed convulsively.

He was leaning forward with his face buried in his hands, sobbing convulsively.

The door opened, and a man advancing stealthily behind laid a hand kindly on his shoulder, saying softly, "So, so, brother!" Father Antonio looked up, and, dashing his hand hastily across his eyes, grasped that of the new-comer convulsively, and saying only, "Oh, Baccio!

Freed from his death-grip, I stood breathing convulsively, hands clinched, one foot on my fallen rifle.

She leaned forward, and grasped his arm convulsively.

By the body of my holy ancestor, San Riccardo, I will disgrace youpublicly disgrace you!" Trenta's rosy face had grown purple, his lips worked convulsively.

As she spoke, with her face upturned to him, and the hot tears rolling down her cheeks, her fingers convulsively clasped about his hand, and her form bending closer and closer toward him, till her cheek was resting on his bosom, Arthur shuddered with intensity of feeling, and from his averted eyes the scalding drops, that had never once before moistened their surface, betrayed how terribly he was shaken with emotion.

and, in an agony of grief, I caught Miss Glen around the neck, and sobbed convulsively on her sympathetic breast.

320 examples of  convulsively  in sentences