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323 example sentences with  convulsively

323 example sentences with convulsively

Of a sudden the oars jerked convulsively.

Beneath his left arm he convulsively carries a struggling game-cock, with gigantic gaffs, while his right hand feebly clutches a lance, the napping of whose pennant in his face appears to give him great annoyance and suggests the services of a "Shoo-fly."

His brow contracted and his lips twitched convulsively.

He flung up his arms, the pale lips moved convulsively, but no sound came forth.

Mrs. Atterbury turned to him, crying convulsively: "Oh, what does it mean, Mr. Sprague?

She squeezed the astonished Merry's hand, convulsively, and shot off, leaving the bewildered lady quite speechless, so speechless that, when she reached the stately presence of Aunt Pliny, she forgot the commissions she had been sent to execute, and was at once reviled by the parrot as "a no-account dawdler."

A moment later, Rogers gasped convulsively.

Straight as an arrow he heads for the seashore, his hands clutching the air convulsively, his 'sari' streaming in the night-breeze; and behind, like hounds on the trail of the deer, come Rama, the brethren, the sisters, and rest of the community.

After the last visitor had vanished through the floor there was dead silence for three minutes, while Fateh Muhammad wrestled with the spirit within him; and then with chest heaving and hands convulsively grasping the heavy air, he fell prone upon his face and lay still.

Reassuringly pressing her hand, I was startled to find a small piece of paper clutched convulsively within it.

He could feel the throb of life in the soft body, the muscles of the dying rabbit twitched convulsively under him, and he hung with his teeth until there was no longer a tremor of life in his first kill.

He was trembling like a leaf, his eyes were bloodshot, and his lower jaw was working convulsively.

His fingers worked convulsively, as though clawing at some unseen object close beside him, and then his breath whistled through his teeth.

My uncle moved convulsively to his feet, and his voice was sharp and malignant.

There was a bright patch of red in either liver-colored cheek; his lips were working convulsively.

She was rising to her value, she was soaring with itthe value Mr. Pitman almost convulsively imputed to her, the value that consisted for her of being so unmistakably the most dazzling image Mrs. Brack had ever beheld.

Without unclosing her eyes, she sprang into a sitting posture and clasped my hand almost convulsively with her own long, thin all but transparent fingers.

His hands worked convulsively and his eyes pierced her very soul.

He dropped shells, fumbled with them at the breech, loaded wildly, aimed at random, pulled convulsively.

I saw her clasping fingers convulsively grip the rail, and, even at that distance, marked a sudden flame of color in her cheeks.

and the child sobbed convulsively, from mingled grief and fear.

In this statue-like posture he remained for some moments, while his breast heaved convulsively, and foam gathered on his parted lips.

At last they were seated outside in the street with their hands convulsively clasped together.

He gave one loud howl, kicked convulsively, then turned over on his side and lay quite still.

She gasped, started convulsively, and began to breathe with less effort.

At the foot of the companionway steps, Popinot, no phantom but the veritable Apache himself, was writhing and heaving convulsively; and even as Lanyard looked, the huge body of the creature lifted from the floor in one last, heroic spasm, then collapsed, and moved no more.

As he spoke she sank upon the couch, and tugged convulsively at the white linen band around her throat.

Old Heck said again, his weatherworn features working convulsively, "it's more than a mortal man can endure and stand!"

Old Heck, white-faced, but his lips drawn in a smile of satisfaction, stood up in the Clagstone "Six" and watched the Ramblin' Kidhis eyes set and staring, his body twitching convulsively, check the filly, swing her around, ride back to the judges' stand, weakly fling up a hand in salute and then, barely able to sit in the saddle, rein the Gold Dust maverick off the track and ride toward the box stall.

Sabota's great hands worked convulsively, eager to grasp and crush his wiry opponent; the Ramblin' Kid, with lips curled back from white teeth, like a pure-bred terrier circling a mastiff, bent forward, every muscle tense as drawn copper, his eyes cold as a rattler's as he searched for a place to strike!

But no sooner did she feel the cold water than a shivering seized her, she felt about convulsively with her hands, tried to step forward, and fell down.

The old woman turned her head, and seeing us, shuddered convulsively, and then, reassured probably by the blouse of the last-maker, she got up and came towards us.

Instead, nearly all the sojourners at Weet-sur-Mer had arisen aching from their beds, had hurried forth to the beach, and stood there now, facing unanimously seawards, staring toward the dim horizon, only moving convulsively from time to time in the effort to keep warm.

"I swear to Your Highness," protested Tellier, his cheeks livid, his lips quivering convulsively, "that I told only the truth!

gasped Nell, sinking limply into a chair, and trembling convulsively.

Even the presence of her brother scarce drew a glance away from the sad spectacle; though, when it at length did, the youthful matron bowed her face down to that of her child, and wept convulsively.

The child's hands grasped the island convulsively.

"Supposesuppose we wait," he began lamely; but at that moment her blue eyes widened; she caught him convulsively by the arm, pointing, one snowy finger outstretched.

A few minutes later the paper hanging young man entered, swinging an empty dinner pail and halted in polite surprise before a flushed young girl in full fencing costume, who sat on his operating table, feet crossed, convulsively hugging a book to the scarlet heart embroidered on her plastron.

His feet pawed convulsively once or twice.

Ever since her husband had left her she had sat with her little one gathered convulsively in her arms, showering upon him a tenderness so passionate and so unlike herself in its uncontrolled expression, that the child, wondering and afraid, was but half-beguiled by the rare treat of the music and the lights of the Canal Grande, and clamored for his nurse.

His hands twitched convulsively in the despair of his mind.

Doc Coffin's forefinger, tightening convulsively on the trigger of its wearer's sixshooter, sent an unaimed shot downward.

Her young bosom moved convulsively.

He went to work at once, giving occasional curt directions to Avery, while Jeanie clung convulsively to Piers, her face buried in his coat, and fought for self-control.

Gracie's fingers tightened convulsively upon Avery's hand, and she turned as white as the table-cloth.

" She felt his hold upon her tighten almost convulsively, but for a while he made no answer.

She even convulsively clung to him.

A second later he was sunk in Crowther's chair with his head in his hands, sobbing convulsively, painfully, uncontrollably, in an agony that tore like a living thing at the very foundations of his being.

And the worship of a man like Piers must bemust be" She broke off, one hand caught convulsively to her throat; then swallowed hard and rushed on.

He put her down again in the chair, and knelt beside her, for she clung to him convulsively, scarcely knowing what she did.

I think something in my voice must have told him I was speaking the literal truth, for although his mouth opened convulsively it closed again without any audible response.

Then she uttered a sharp cry, as of one who had suddenly got a wound, and, burying her face in her hands, sank into a chair and began to cry convulsively.

When he came to the interchange of writings, she sprung to her feet, and, clutching his arm convulsively, exclaimed, "Did he do that?"

If Angela's shark had bitten me in the leg, I couldn't have leaped more convulsively.

Mr. Sharp shook it convulsively.

Mr. Sharp shook it convulsively.

Mrs. Byron convulsively clasped her son to her one moment and threw the scissors and tongs at him the next, calling him "the lame brat," in reference to his club foot.

Rohan did not stir; his eyes were fixed on the ground, but his features worked convulsively.

These three men were looking at a fourth mana young man who appeared to be falling out of his chair, clutching convulsively the hilt of a dagger, the blade of which had been buried in his heart, clearly by Macari, who stood over him.

He began to struggle convulsively.

When he tried to laugh, his lips trembled convulsively and the only noise produced was a hoarse wheeze like the blowing of bellows.

The brown, bony fingers closed convulsively on the hem of the Magian's robe and held him fast.

Mary gasped and clutched Agony's hand convulsively.

For a moment she watched him clutching the bedclothes convulsively, uttering hoarse cries of despair, his face pressed against the coverlet.

Just as the lynchers let go of their victim the fingers of the half dead logger clung convulsively to the planking of the bridge.

A piercing shriek was heard, and Aunt Rachel, lifting her foot, clung to it convulsively, while an expression of pain disturbed her features.

"Juana held down her head, colour mounted into her cheeks, tears suffused her eyes, her bosom heaved convulsively, and for some moments she was silent from confusion, shame, grief, and gratitude.

The skin of his flabby, wrinkled old throat was working convulsively.

Nigh forty years have gone by since then; but he has never forgotten the sound of that terrible cry, when his mother, slowly recovering from her swoon, clasped him convulsively in her arms, and wetted his face with a flood of tears."

He cried so convulsively, so hard, that he didn't register the moment when she stopped and began to rub his shoulders, comforting him.

Her hands convulsively clasped the back of the pillion; her lips were slightly apart, and her eyes fixed upon the prostrate form of the Earl of Rochester.

She glanced from one brother to the other with a piteous, entreating look; her mouth moved convulsively; in the effort to speak, she sat upright for an instant, ghastly and rigid, and then fell heavily back.

As in a dream, I saw the grey coat whirl convulsively round, and caught a glimpse in the moonlight of three inches of red point which jutted out from between the shoulders.

Not a tear did I suffer to mount to my eyes, in order to make her believe that the departure was an easy one; but a heart beating convulsively within punished me for the restraint.

Chaney seized the pencil convulsively and wrote, "Balaam!"

She gasped convulsively, half rose from her seat and fell back in a deathlike swoon.

Twice his hand rested almost convulsively on the butt of his heavy revolver.

Suddenly Ken's hat flew from his head, and as he stooped quickly to recover it, the fat German gave a yell like a stuck pig, and kicked out so convulsively that his bearers incontinently dropped him.

My brother said he never saw so many men shed tears at a funeral, and I am sure I never did; some sobbing as convulsively as women.

Thou wast there; thy icy breath was upon him; thy agonizing throes were depicted on his pallid countenance; his expansive chest heaved laboriously; his shortening breath came up convulsively, and his eyes seemed starting from their sockets.

He grasped his friend convulsively.

"Yes," I encouraged, "last night" She was clutching the chair arms convulsively, trying to force her trembling lips to form the words.

The chief magistrate felt unable to answer; his knees tottered and his teeth chattered convulsively.

Dicky started, looked at me a bit wildly, then stooped, and, gathering me to him convulsively, pressed a long, tender kiss upon my lips.

" He caught hold of her convulsively, and she pressed his head against her breast.

Numa's breathing became more and more oppressed, and his large chest heaved convulsively.

Again she paused, and her tears trickled to her lips, which moved convulsively.

" Chonita stood grasping the back of her chair convulsively; it was the only sign of emotion she betrayed.

Have your too sensitive feelings caused you to fancy Caroline unkind?" "Would to heaven it were only fancy!" replied St. Eval, with unwonted emotion, and almost convulsively clenching both hands as if for calmness, added more composedly, "I have been too presumptuous in my hopes; I fancied myself beloved by your beautiful daughter, but I have found myself painfully mistaken."

Fancying it came from the object of their conversation, Mrs. Hamilton opened the folding-doors, and discovered her young friend weeping violently, almost convulsively, on the sofa.

Emmeline heard, and every limb of her slight frame trembled, almost convulsively, with her powerful struggle for composure, with the wish still to conceal from him the truth that he was to her even as she to him, dear even as life itself; but the struggle was vain.

Emmeline had cast herself on her knees beside her couch; she had buried her face in her hands, while the sobs that burst incessantly from her swelling bosom shook her frail figure convulsively; the blue veins in her throat had swelled as if in suffocation, and her fair hair, loosened from its confinement by her agitation, hung wildly around her.

For a moment Emmeline struggled as if to break from her embrace, but then, with a sudden transition of feeling, clasped her arms convulsively about her mother's neck, and burst into a long and violent but relieving flood of tears.

"What have you to say," demanded the clerk, "why sentence of death should not be pronounced upon you, according to law?" The shadow started convulsively as the terrible words fell from the man's lips; and I saw that the suddenly-upraised eyes of the prisoner were fastened on the face of the fearful questioner.

Indeed, the spectacle of fifteen hundred warriors, stripped, smeared with red ochre, stamping, swaying, leaping, uttering deep guttural shouts, and brandishing their muskets, while their wild rhythmic songs rose up in perfect time, and their tattooed features worked convulsively, was calculated to affect even stronger nerves than the Governor's.

" The burgher groaned, and, covering his face with his hands, he sunk back into his chair, shivering convulsively.

Then releasing her hold, she opened wide her arms, and cast them convulsively about his unmoved and unyielding form.

All this time Evelyn was sobbing convulsively, and what I have told continuously here was said by me in a far more fragmentary way between her bursts of grief.

Oh, it's all right," she continued, as she observed FOOTLES press his right hand convulsively to the precise spot on his gorgeous mess-waistcoat under which he imagined his heart to be situated, "it's all right.