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15682 example sentences with  cooking

15682 example sentences with cooking

If you are a student of languages you will be able to hear half the tongues of the world spoken in less than an hour's walk, ranging say from Parisian French to Pigeon English; you shall make the acquaintance of every sort of smell the human nose can manipulate, from the sweet perfume of the lotus blossom to the diabolical odour of the Durien; and every sort of cooking from a dainty vol-au-vent to a stuffed rat.

But the boy recovered; and was punished with twenty years of Cayenne; and here he was now, on a sort of ticket-of-leave, cooking for his livelihood.

The cooking is carried on between a few stones in the garden; the washing at the neighbouring brook.

" "The deuce, but you're interesting," laughed the young engineer, sniffing at the odors of cooking supper.

The fire was yet burning, and by it sat Elzevir, cooking something in the pot.

The West knows no cooking but its own, and, like all victims of uneducated taste, it prefers the familiar bad to the unfamiliar good.

But what you think: a bit of a kitchen as well, maybe, if 'twas any cooking to be done?" "Ay, 'twould be a shame to built with never a bit of kitchen," says Sivert.

some of them, as they rise to boiling point, the natives use for cooking."

Maybe he would do most of the cooking.

We passed several tired mothers with babies in shawls hanging from their shoulders and little boys trudging behind with some rusty kettle or coffee-pot, and once a woman, standing in the ruins of her house, of which only the chimney was left, calmly cooking her dinner.

The man at the village shop said he would put me up, so I took off my knapsack and sat down on a sackful of cattle cake while the bacon was cooking.

Finally, they concluded that their only chance was to endeavor to slip away on the following evening, just as it became dusk, when all the party generally reassembled, and were busy cooking their food, or relating what had happened during the day.

His ideas of cooking were of the vaguest kind.

I would go myself, sir, but there is something cooking which I cannot leave, and I beg your pardon for troubling you and will thank you, sir, very much if you" It was not worth while for her to finish her sentence, for Ralph had gone.

But it's not only young people, but a good many older ones, and some of them of high station, too, who think that cooking is not a fit matter for the intellect to work on.

Ella, she worked in da house cooking for Miss Fannie

Every family done his own cooking.

and she got a little job cooking.

I do my own cooking in the kitchen.

Facing the door, as the visitor entered, was a huge open fireplace, with a bar across, whence hung three skillets of kettles for the cooking of the food.

The poorly paid employment of office-cleaning is sadly popular among widows and deserted wives, because, being followed during the evening, and sometimes night hours, it leaves a mother free during the day to attend to her cooking and housework and sewing, and be on the spot to give the children their meals.

The stove in winter needs little attention; there is not enough cooking and cleaning to fill up her time, and as for sewing she can buy most of their clothing cheaper than she can make it.

It is being taken out of the hands of the individual houseworker, who is wont to scrub, sweep and dust in the intervals between marketing, cooking, laundry-work or sewing, and by whom it is performed well or ill, but always according to the standards of the individual household, which means that there are no accepted standards in sweeping, scrubbing and dusting.

There is no doubt that in cooking, for instance, the housewife finds scope for a far higher range of qualifications than the factory girl exercises in preparing tomatoes in a cannery, or soldering the cans after they are filled with the cooked fruit.

The housewife has first of all to market and next to prepare the food for cooking.

Yet it is impossible to believe that compared with other ways of employing time and energy, the hours that women spend in cooking and cleaning for the family, even if on unavoidably primitive lines, have no value to the community.

I exclaimed; and somebody else had to superintend the cooking that day.

"My mother used to be a cook, and when she was busy cooking, my mistress would nurse both me and her baby, who was four weeks older than me.

Let the foolish vulgar laugh at the importance which the queen-mother seems to place in the art of cooking; but they have not considered that it is at table, in the midst of the fumes of Burgundy, and the savoury odour of rich dishes, that she meditated the means of quelling a dangerous faction, or the destruction of a man, who disturbed her repose.

Roasting, boiling, frying, broiling, do not alone constitute the arc of cooking, otherwise the savage of the Oronoco might be maรฎtre d'hรดtel with Prince Esterhazy.

Under the Consulship, and during the empire, the art of cooking, thanks to the labours of Beauvilliers, Balaine, and other artists, made new and remarkable improvements.

That cannot have been very good for the cooking.

" My correspondent says, "Would not our women be spared the drudgery of cooking and all its attendant worries, leaving them free for higher culture?"

A woman cooking may not always cook artistically; still she can cook artistically.

If you are quite sure that the ladies in Brixton, the moment they give up cooking, will beat great gongs and blow horns to Mumbo-Jumbo, then I will agree that the occupation is at least human and is more or less entertaining.

No doubt the current is also utilized for domestic purposes, such as warming the Beehive and cooking food, I can see that in a neighboring cavity it is applied to the alembics used to produce fresh water.

I cannot doubt that the more wholesome and abundant food, the moderation in drink, the better cooking, the warmer wearing apparel, the airier sleeping rooms, the greater cleanliness, the more complete change in holidays, and the healthier lives led by the women in their girlhood, who become mothers afterwards, have a great influence for good on the favoured portion of our race.

With her, the protagonists, Osborne and his young wife, are no sooner wed than their troubles begintroubles of the domestic budget, of cooking and stove lighting and the rest.

Clissold's work of cooking has fallen on Hooper and Lashly, and it is satisfactory to find that the various dishes and bread bakings maintain their excellence.

I start cooking again to-morrow morning.

Cooking for five takes a seriously longer time than cooking for four; perhaps half an hour on the whole day.

Cooking for five takes a seriously longer time than cooking for four; perhaps half an hour on the whole day.

There is some chicken broth Dave has been cooking for you.

They had done no cooking for the last four days, as no fuel of any sort was to be obtained, and they lived upon the dried meat and a drink of flour and water.

"We must do some cooking to-day," Dave said, "and a good batch of it; there is no saying when it will be safe to cook again.

Cooking under pressure.

Cooking for one.

The Fitzhughs all had a natural talent for cooking, and chief among them was Isabella, wife of a naval officer,Lieutenant Swift of Geneva,who had made a profound study of all the authorities from Archestratus, a poet in Syracuse, the most famous cook among the Greeks, down to our own Miss Leslie.

Cooking is a high art.

He had done some rude cooking.

We have portable houses, portable beds, portable stoves and cooking ranges, as well as portable steam-engines.

Eats hatched by the incubations of a goosedogs playing dominosmonkeys breeding men and womenall distinctions between natural and moral done awaythe Bible proved all a lie, and mental philosophy one mass of folly, all of it to be pounded down, and done over again in the cooking vessels of Gall and Spurzheim!"

You could see that the conqueror missed his wife's cooking and Sunday afternoon in the beer garden with his family.

We want to see what sort of practical soldiers you will make, and whether you are as good hands at cooking as at crying and blubbering."

As I shall eat it, it is the same matter altered, not only by death, but by exposure to sundry artificial operations in the process of cooking.

The smell which arises from cooking is never disseminated through the rooms of the house.

She stood with folded hands and serious face, looking on as he was busy with his cooking.

Our boat was much slower than the packets and the passenger boats which had relays of horses at stations and went pretty fast, and had good cabins for the passengers, too, and cooks and stewards, serving fine meals; while all our cooking was done by the captain or one of our hands, though sometimes we carried a cook.

The fires had been made of small saplings and underbrush, hastily collected, the mildness of the weather rendering anything beyond what sufficed for the purposes of cooking and drying the men's clothes, superfluous.

Tourists from the other hotels were being landed at our pier from tiny boats, to have their supper at the Hotel Rhiner, for the cooking is famous.

The Rhiner family themselves do the cooking.

This room at one time perhaps had been a real kitchen, where cooking was done.

The Mormon boys, to whom freighting over the rugged hills was more of a pastime than real work, brought in a few pieces of furnitureiron beds, a stove, cooking-utensils, and the hardware and provisions incidental to the maintenance of a home in the wilderness.

She stayed only for cooking and keeping the house clean.

This last I said to cheer her, for she loved compliments on her cooking.

He always did look to me like he was built for herding sheep more than he was for cooking."

There would be hurrying to and fro with much clamor of wood-chopping, tent-raising and all the little man-made noises of camp life and cooking.

We missed him dreadfully when he was goneeven Villiers, who liked good cooking, owned to thinking long for his return.

All at once he saw something white lying on the sand, under a cooking glare of sunlight.

The only furniture they have and need is a hammock and a cooking-pot.

These recent orders of mine are sweeping, for they cut me down to one man, and we are to do our own cooking.

Besides a general notion of the appointments of the cooking department, we are enabled to form some conception of the aspect of the early kitchen itself from extant representations in the "Archaeological Album," the "Penny Magazine" for 1836, and Lacroix [Footnote: "Moeurs, Usages et Costumes au Moyen Age," 1872, pp 166, 170, 177].

A manufactory of brass cooking utensils was established at Wandsworth in or before Aubrey's time by Dutchmen, who kept the art secret.

The tripod which held the cooking-vessel over the wood flame, among the former inhabitants of Britain, has not been entirely effaced.

The kail-pot, as it was called, was used for cooking pies, and was buried bodily in burning peat.

The writer is doubtless correct in supposing that this utensil was originally employed for cooking kail or cabbage and other green stuff.

In Newbery's "Dives Pragmaticus," 1563, a unique poetical volume in the library at Althorpe, there is a catalogue of cooking utensils which, considering its completeness, is worth quotation; the author speaks in the character of a chapmanone forestalling Autolycus: "I have basins, ewers, of tin, pewter and glass.

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Ceilings, windows, doors and door-handles, chests, locks, candlesticks, banisters, waterpots, the very cooking utensils, all betray the fine taste and skilled labor, the personal interest of the man who made them.

Much of the night was spent in getting wood for the steamer, killing beeves, and cooking meats, rice, and corn, for our women and children on shore, and for the troops.

He cleaned off the worms and, after cooking the skin in, a pot, he ate it.

In one a cooking stove, in another a boiler, elsewhere a tripod standing before the fire, and spits for cooking.

In one a cooking stove, in another a boiler, elsewhere a tripod standing before the fire, and spits for cooking.

I studied them close at hand; these at least looked as might have looked the soldiers of the First Empire, strong and resolute, with an evident capacity for taking care of themselves even in the small matter of cooking their soup, and providing for their needs there on the asphalt.

Near these huts were several large sheds, open at one side, where the cooking is performedjudging from the remains of fires under them.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a spice, widely used in Asian cooking.

Two women cooking.

Typical domestic uses of hot water are for cooking, cleaning and bathing, and space heating.

Carรชme was an expert pรขtissier (pastry-maker), and this is still a mark of French cooking.

At the same time, she said, Island Grown is extending its cooking season in the Camp Jabberwocky kitchen, turning out soups with vegetables from Thimble Farm and other Island growers.

A whole day of free live and recorded virtual programming is planned on the event's MTV-inspired "Rad TV" YouTube channel, including history, culture, cooking, Cribs-style farm tours, travel, and more.

Back when she used to have a personal blog online, she often liked to share with fans, so itโ€™s clear that cooking is something she excels at.

Usually I add some salsa, but I've been cooking with a lot of salsa lately and was out of it.

We also initiated activities like mass cooking, cooking marathons, breast feeding awareness drives."

We also initiated activities like mass cooking, cooking marathons, breast feeding awareness drives."

โ€œWe call on the public to donate clean drinking water, food, emergency medicines, and other essentials (e.g., tents, mats, blankets, water containers, cooking pots, etc.) for the use of those currently in evacuation centers.

โ€œWe do some fun cooking together,โ€ said Palmer, 40.

$116,853 over three years to increase access to food literacy programming, including cooking classes and community gardens for people who require mental health supports.

$354,900 MLS, 4- level split, 3+1 bedrooms and the kitchen has been upgraded with new cabinetry and nice stainless steel appliances and the hood fan vents outside to ensure there aren't cooking smells.

Add white beans and continue cooking until the beans are heated through.