12379 examples of cooking in sentences

" "And we can take Mary along to do the cooking," suggested Patsy, entering into the idea enthusiastically.

The Boston cooking-school cook book.

ROMBAUER, IRMA S. The joy of cooking; a compilation of reliable recipes with an occasional culinary chat.

More than cooking.

Hows and whys of cooking.

Meta Given's Modern encyclopedia of cooking.

The Boston Cooking-School cook book.

ALLEN, IDA COGSWELL (BAILEY) Mrs. Allen on cooking, menus, service, 2500 recipes.

Hows and whys of cooking.

Having performed the pleasantly exciting part of killing it, he leaves all the drudgery and hard work of hauling, butchering, cooking, tanning, shoe-making, etc., to the women.

Then the boy at once pounded her head in the Dhenki and killed her: he then put on her clothes and cut her body up in pieces ready for cooking.

Then they cut up the body of the girl ready for cooking and sent Lita to a well to fetch water in which to cook the flesh.

The cooking is not like ours, however, unless Delmonico's skill be supposed to have extended to all the homes in Manhattan Island, which is, unfortunately, not the case.

What an admirable product of French genius is the art of cooking!

We want to see what sort of practical soldiers you will make, and whether you are as good hands at cooking as at crying and blubbering.

The more timid formed round her a circle of adulation, endeavouring to evoke her protection by cleaning her house and cooking for her, while Mariquita, dressed in the habit, and with her hair most carefully combedthe only luxury allowed by her uncleloitered about the cloister hoping to meet there some cadet, or that some of the foreigners visiting the tower or the hall of the giants would take notice of her.

Aunty Alice Lee was seated by a cooking fire, on which stood the enormous iron pot in which the "big meals" were prepared, when the tribe was to eat together and not in separate groups, as it usually did.

When they were through, the mothers and the old men cleared away the tables and put the younger children to bed in the wagons, and the princess and George Lane and Marda and young Adam Lane, George's youngest brother, walked up and down, outside the glow from the cooking fire, taking the deep, full breaths which cleanse the mouth and prepare the soul for the ecstasy of song.

The men took away the table and the lanterns which had been standing about, and put out the cooking fire, for the big moon was rolling up over the treetops, and Romanys sing by her light alone, if they can.

From the bedroom window of the little one-storied unpainted house came a bright red glow, and from the kitchen the smell of cooking meat.

In cooking vegetables, conserve their juices.

*COFFEE CAKES (KUCHEN)* RENDERED BUTTER Procure as much country or Western butter as desired, you may get several pounds of it when it is cheap during the summer; or any butter unfit for table use may be made sweet and good for cooking purposes and will last for months, if prepared in the following manner: Place the butter in a deep, iron kettle, filling only half full to prevent boiling over.

Ceilings, windows, doors and door-handles, chests, locks, candlesticks, banisters, waterpots, the very cooking utensils, all betray the fine taste and skilled labor, the personal interest of the man who made them.

Though neither cooking nor eating was done in their dwelling-houses, and offal of all kinds was carefully kept at a decent distance, the atmosphere in their dim, stifling interiors was as a rule unendurable by White noses and lungs.

Although his mode of life was regular and extremely retired,living alone, having never married, cooking his own victuals and washing his own clothes, and scarcely ever being absent from home,yet there was nothing misanthropic in his character; for a gentleman who knew him thus speaks of him: 'I recollect him well.

12379 examples of  cooking  in sentences