227 examples of cops in sentences

I'll have you know that I am only nicked by the best cops on Broadway, and not by any high-grass constable.

So Wilbur lopes on, carelessly knocking over a couple of cops on his way out.

A black man being beaten by white cops in Los Angeles is captured on a home video camera and appears on television sets around the globe overnight.

Unsubstantiated and bungled raids on young hackers and their families turned law enforcement into the Keystone Cops of cyberspace and the US Justice Department into a sworn enemy of the shareware community's most valuable members.

Two state cops were drinking coffee at one end of the counter.

I didn't know you was cops.

"I don't give a damn how smart you fly-cops areyou can't prove nothin' on me.

Sar-r-gint Leary came, Wid near a dozen other cops, and stopped the purty game; But niver did Oi see dhress-suits in sich a mortial state As thim the or-r-ators had on at our big j'int debate.

I'll telephone for the cops.

"It's a long story, mates, but it seems this is one rotten Government and everybody knows it but a few cops.

If someone would only call off the cops and let the fur-faces run it we might have a regular country.

But this is not a story about police brutality, for most cops are not brutal.

"Cops and prison keepers and bondsmen and under sheriffs, and all kinds of crooked petty officials.

Nothing happened until the cops had got Eset out of the window and she was over at Regan's.

"I've told the cops who done it.

Da cops pinch-a Spatola, and for why, eh?



The cops are almost invariably wound direct from the spinning bobbins, the exception being coloured yarn which is wound from hank.

The disposition of the cops in the winding operation is vertical, but while in some machines the tapered nose of the cop is in the high position and the spinning bobbin from which the yarn is being drawn is in the low position, in other machines these conditions are opposite.

Thus, in the cop winding frame made by Messrs. Douglas Fraser & Sons, Ltd., Arbroath, and illustrated in Fig. 25, the spinning bobbins are below the cops, the tapered noses of the latter are upwards in their cones or shapers, and the yarn guides are near the top of the machine.

This view shows about three-fourths of the full width of a 96-spindle machine, 48 spindles on each side, two practically full-length cops and one partially built.

Cops may be made of any length and any suitable diameter; a common size for jute shuttle is 10 in.

CALCUTTA, jute machinery introduced into Calender finish Calenderoy Carding Card waste Cargoes of jute Chest finish Clasp-rods Conditioning fibre Cops Cop winding Corchorus capsularis clitorius Crisping and crisping machines Cropping machine Cultivation of jute Cutting knife for jute fibre Cuttings.

Warping, beaming and dressing mill Washing Waste teazer Weaves or designs Weaving Weaver's lease Weeding of plants Weft winding Wilton carpet Winding (bobbin) machine from hank (large roll) machine (ordinary size from hanks) machine rolls and cops World's great war.

227 examples of  cops  in sentences