432 examples of cordiality in sentences

Phipps, after his first start of surprise, welcomed her with the utmost respect and cordiality.

The frank cordiality of the people appeared too familiar.

These overtures led to no conclusion; but the conferences between France and Spain went on with apparent cordiality and great promptitude, and a peace was concluded between these powers at Vervins, on the 2d of May, 1598.

I do not, however, less highly appreciate the good feeling and cordiality evinced by the Executive Government of the United States.

I am now at Singapore again, which is my kind of oasis in this desert of the East; the only place where I have felt well or comfortable, and where there has been a sort of cordiality in the people, which makes one feel somewhat at home.

He was, however, weary of English life and society; he did not like the climate with its interminable fogs; he was not received by the higher aristocracy with the cordiality he expected, and seemed to be intimate with no one but Canning, whose conversion to liberal views had not then taken place.

Those written to his Chancellor Eldon, to the Duke of Wellington, to Lord Liverpool, to Sir William Knighton, keeper of the privy purse, and others, show great cordiality, frankness, and the utter absence of the stiffness and pride incident to his high rank.

With what cordiality she will hate them and tear them to tatters!

Men do not penetrate the true cause of the lack of cordiality among women.

Whenever it happens that two beautiful women are so happy as to find a pretext to get rid of each other, they seize upon it with vivacity, and hate each other with a cordiality which proves how much they loved each other before the rupture.

disposition, inclination, leaning, animus; frame of mind, humor, mood, vein; bent &c (turn of mind) 820; penchant &c (desire) 865; aptitude &c 698. docility, docibleness^; persuasibleness^, persuasibility^; pliability &c (softness) 324. geniality, cordiality; goodwill; alacrity, readiness, earnestness, forwardness; eagerness &c (desire) 865. asset &c 488; compliance &c 762; pleasure &c (will) 600; gratuitous service.

That I have not here been honoured with the same demonstrations of local cordiality as in other places, I do not, with you, attribute to diplomatic influences.

But it was a reconciliation without cordiality, without affectiona shaking of hands across a barrier of brass; and even this hand-shaking was a strictly metaphorical one, for they do not seem ever to have got beyond the interchange of a frigid bow.

The marked cordiality of Krail and Flockart that I should take that seat aroused within me some misgivings, although I had never dreamed of this dastardly and cowardly plot against menot until I saw the result of their foul handiwork.

As a matter of fact the Quichua handshake is extremely fishy and lacks cordiality.

Members of each religious body are among the professors in each college, and all accounts represent the most perfect harmony and cordiality as existing throughout the whole body.

"Well, now you're 'ere," he said, with a great assumption of cordiality, "why not come in and 'ave a cup o' tea?"

We were welcomed with great cordiality, and immediately ushered into the room of state, an elegant apartment, overlooking the gardens below the city wall.

Junius thereupon presented Mr Croft, who was welcomed by the old lady with extended hand and exceeding cordiality.

In the pathos and cordiality Mr Brandon believed not at all.

And when he was shown into the parlor, he greeted Miss March with much cordiality, but no surprise.

When I offered to pay these good people, they would not take anything; I had no opportunity of rewarding them until the following morning, when I took two men of the family as guard across the mountains, and gave them twice as much as they are generally paid; they thanked me, with touching cordiality, and wished me safety and good fortune on my journey.

He was received with great cordiality by those of the party whom he knew, and with particular joy by Mrs. Crummles, who at once said: "Here is one whom you know,"thrusting forward the Phenomenon, in a blue gauze frock, extensively flounced, and trousers of the same.

He was surprised to see Mr. Fenton, but welcomed him with much cordiality.

He made them each a bow, courtly enough, but there was no smilenot even an affectation of cordiality.

432 examples of  cordiality  in sentences