756 examples of cores in sentences

Pare and take out the cores of the apples without dividing them, and make 1/2 lb. of suet-crust by recipe No. 1215; roll the apples in the crust, previously sweetening them with moist sugar, and taking care to join the paste nicely.

Pare and take out the cores of the apples without dividing them; sweeten, and roll each apple in a piece of crust, made by recipe No. 1211; be particular that the paste is nicely joined; put the dumplings into floured cloths, tie them securely, and put them into boiling water.

Wipe the apples clean, but do not pare them; cut them in halves, and take out the cores; lay them in the batter, rind uppermost; shake the suet on the top, over which, also grate a little nutmeg; bake in a moderate oven for an hour, and cover, when served, with sifted loaf sugar.

Reserve tops of apples, cores, and small pieces for apple sauce.

APPLE SAUCE Put in saucepan Tops, cores, and small pieces of apple removed in the making of apple shells.

Strain through a sieve, rubbing the apple pulp through, but leaving cores, etc., behind.

Clean apple peelings and cores, and any fresh vegetable cuttings may also be added with advantage.

Chapter Nine The Dual Man Within the alcyonic globes of differentiated pranic-manasic atoms the vibration divided them also into solid-liquid cores and gaseous envelopes, and a kinetic skin of phenomena.

To the etheric globes the stellar pranic cores transferred their light, which manifested itself in the solid static ether as Attraction and in the gaseous static ether as Repulsion, within the kinetic skin of each etheric world more specialized and less varied than the pranic.

That portion of the back of the slab which is undercut is formed by means of soft India-rubber cores.

In order to provide for flues, air-passages, and ways for electric installations, and for gas and water, pipes (made of an insulating material if required) or cores of the required shape are inserted in the plastic beton, and where necessary suitable openings are provided on the face of the work.

CORES, LUCY M. SEE Kortchmar, Lucy M. Cores.

CORES, LUCY M. SEE Kortchmar, Lucy M. Cores.

KORTCHMAR, LUCY M. CORES. Fathers and sons.

Lucy Cores <pb id='123.png' /> Kortchmar (Lucy M. Cores) (A) & Evarts G. Loomis, Sr.





by Lucy Cores. NM: introd., glossary, chapter summaries & revisions.

Baked sweet or sour apples rubbed through a colander to remove cores and skins, are also excellent.

APPLE DESSERT.Pare some large tart apples, remove the cores, put into the cavities a little quince jelly, lemon flavored sugar, or grated pineapple and sugar, according to the flavor desired.

BAKED APPLES WITH CREAM.Pare some nice juicy sweet apples, and remove the cores without dividing.

BAKED SWEET APPLE DESSERT.Wash and remove the cores from a dozen medium-sized sweet apples, and one third as many sour ones, and bake until well done.

" "Under certain circumstances," I said, unguardedly, "I could be fond of apple-cores."

756 examples of  cores  in sentences
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