123 examples of corollaries in sentences

It is not easy, indeed, to make a monopoly of theorems and corollaries.

Nor can the ethical corollaries of such a view be tolerated for a moment.

It was in the winter of 1822-3 that I formed the plan of a little society, to be composed of young men agreeing in fundamental principlesacknowledging Utility as their standard in ethics and politics, and a certain number of the principal corollaries drawn from it in the philosophy I had acceptedand meeting once a fortnight to read essays and discuss questions conformably to the premises thus agreed on.

In working out the logical theory of those laws of nature which are not laws of Causation, nor corollaries from such laws, I was led to recognize kinds as realities in nature, and not mere distinctions for convenience; a light which I had not obtained when the First Book was written, and which made it necessary for me to modify and enlarge several chapters of that Book.

Wavering conviction, doubt of evidence, the corollaries of assurance, the oppression of misery, a sense of the worthlessness of the world's whole economyeach demanding delay, might yet well, all together, affect the man's feeling as mere causes of rather than reasons for hesitation.

The refusal to do so was essential to clear thought; it led to some very useful practical corollaries.

Because in my judgment there are certain logical consequences following from them as necessarily as various corollaries from a problem in Euclid.

In these two volumes this natural basis is set forth, and its corollaries are elaborated.

We observe, finally, that, in the first work, there were drawn essentially the same corollaries respecting the rights of individuals and their relations to the State that are drawn in the "Principles of Ethics.

Corollaries and questions.

" Let us, therefore, first proceed with a general statement of the theory and then develop some of its corollaries.

To these four principal parts are further added as less essential, deductions or corollaries immediately resulting from the theorems, and the more detailed expositions of the demonstrations or scholia.

" This is inductively supported by illustrations from every region of nature and all departments of mental and social life; and, further, shown deducible from the ultimate principle of the persistence of force, through the mediation of several corollaries to it, viz., the instability of the homogeneous under the varied incidence of surrounding forces, the multiplication of effects by action and reaction, and segregation.

From this law follow various particular corollaries or rights, all of which coincide with ordinary ethical concepts and have legal enactments corresponding to them.

The corollaries from the principle of utility, like the precepts of every practical art, admit of indefinite improvement, and, in a progressive state of the human mind, their improvement is perpetually going on.

In one point of view, they may be considered as corollaries from the principles already laid down.

On all sides there stretched out illimitable space, for eternity (with its corollaries) was fully as effective in it as was time.

The conviction of this truth has a literary power and incentive not to be found in "the scientific method" or any of its corollaries.

The opinions now laid before the reader are presented as corollaries necessarily following from the principles upon which Free Trade itself rests.

From this may be deduced all the corollaries which Mr. Ricardo and others have drawn from his theory of profits as expounded by himself.

Of these several points, the first will be only brief and cursory, or else I should have to take my readers into the devious paths of our national history; the second will be dwelt upon at greater length, as being most likely to interest students of International Ethics and Comparative Ethology in our ways of thought and action; and the rest will be dealt with as corollaries.

Marx's general formula of economic materialism had three minor propositions or corollaries: (a) The doctrine of the class conflict; all history is a record of the class struggle between those who have property, the ruling classes within the nations, and those who have not, the oppressed working class, (a conception of history blind to most of the great international conflicts).

He sat and listened to all the propositions and corollaries, quite as one does go through the form of demonstration of a geometrical fact patent at first glance.

And that means two things, as direct corollaries.

All this, with the varied historical corollaries and speculations which it suggested, was highly interesting to my fellow-travellers.

123 examples of  corollaries  in sentences