123 examples of corollary in sentences

All that came afterwards was simply a corollary from this.

Attendants on the Person.-"No man is a hero to his valet," saith the proverb; and the corollary may run, "No lady is a heroine to her maid."

With this hopeless concernfor it had been sinking ever since its commencement, and could now reckon upon not more than a hundred subscribersF. resolutely determined upon pulling down the Government in the first instance, and making both our fortunes by way of corollary.

But if the bones were not John Bellingham's, the ring was; from which followed the important corollary that whoever had deposited those bones in the well had had possession of the body of John Bellingham.

The Republican Party do not know any of these amazing things; ergo, they must know America; and the corollary (judging from Mr. Choate's own practice, as displayed in the parts of his oration which we are sure he will one day wish to blot) would seem to be, that, having the honor of her acquaintance, they may apply very contemptuous epithets to everybody that disagrees with them.

That divergence from our original ideal produced the pregnant sayings of Mr. Lincoln, "A house divided against itself can not stand," and its corollary, "This nation can not permanently endure half slave and half free."

I want no assurance about it,being an imperative corollary of existing facts.

The important distinction, which is often insisted upon, between killing your enemy in a fair fight with equal weapons, and lying in ambush for him, is entirely a corollary of the fact that the power within the State, of which I have spoken, recognizes no other right than might, that is, the right of the stronger, and appeals to a Judgment of God as the basis of the whole code.

Let this be the corollary then, the strongest beams of beauty are still darted from the eyes.

A natural corollary of this demonstration would seem to be, that a material connection between a series of created thingssuch as the development of one of them from another, or of all from a common stockis highly compatible with their intellectual connection, namely, with their being designed and directed by one mind.

When the races of men are admitted to be of one species, the corollary, that they are of one origin, may be expected to follow.

This is, indeed, a plain corollary from the principle of tension.

But go a little further, and closer study will prove that some of the world's greatest virtuosos in love could neither make nor carry a tune; and that, by corollary, some of the greatest tunesters in the world were tyros, ignoramuses, or heretics in that old lovers' arithmetic which begins: 1 plus 1 equals 1.

Twenty years before, he made a proposition of marriage to the present Mrs. S. He added a little Corollary to his proposition not long after.

The Corollary was a girl.

It was just when spring was coming to extract the roots of frozen-up vegetation that I fell in love with the Corollary.

Sir JOHN REES thought another order lengthening skirts was the logical corollary, and so it is if the Government really want "to make both ends meet."

As a corollary, frozen laws are enacted by the government only in order to freeze some people, though these laws are hardly taken out of the freezer and defrosted.

As a corollary to this preface, in which I have done justice to others, I owe somewhat to myself: not that I think it worth my time to enter the lists with one Milbourn, and one Blackmore, but barely to take notice, that such men there are, who have written scurrilously against me without any provocation.

We have shown that woman's inferiority in special achievements, so far as it exists, is a fact of small importance, because it is merely a corollary from her historic position of degradation.

Jamieson too, with an implicitness little to be commended, takes this passage from Campbell; and, with no other change than that of "learnt" to "learned" publishes it as a corollary of his own.

None the less, in producing their illustrations, the artists made Krishna the central figure and we can only conclude that eschewing the obvious Rasika Priya, Raja Kirpal Pal had directed his artists to do for Sanskrit what Keshav Das had done for Hindi poetryto celebrate Krishna as the most varied and skilled of lovers and as a corollary show him in a whole variety of romantic and poetic situations.

(As a corollary), the more the divine background disappears, the more the prudishness of the police becomes the standard of ethics and aesthetics alike.

Then we learn that Mrs. Schallibaum has remained in England; which might be of little importance if it were not for a very interesting corollary that it suggests.

The suffrage also has this invaluable advantage, that it brings about a substitution of the principle of persuasion for that of force, as the normal mode of dealing with important differences of view in State affairs; it is, in this respect, the corollary of free speech and the preservative of that great element of liberty, and progress under liberty, which is not otherwise well safe-guarded.

123 examples of  corollary  in sentences