2552 examples of correspondent in sentences

"Ain't it the limit?" remarked the chief clerk to Bud Haines, correspondent of the New York Star.

The brightest young correspondent in Washington.

*** "I had a thrill the other night," writes a correspondent of The Daily Mail.

*** The salute, says a correspondent, is being reintroduced into the German Army.

*** A correspondent would like to know whether the naval surgeon who recently described in The Lancet how he raised "hypnotic blisters" by suggestion received his tuition from one of our University riverside coaches.

At page 310 of the present volume of your miscellany, your correspondent Vyvyan states that the tide rises at Chepstow more than 60 feet, and that a mark in the rocks below the bridge there denotes its having risen to the height of 70 feet, which is, perhaps (Vyvyan states), the greatest altitude of the tides in the world.

"How the Germans never got wind of it," writes a correspondent of the British attack on the HINDENBURG line, "is a mystery."

Well, what I want to say is this: if I have been a bad correspondent in the past I am a good one now; and Celia, who was always a good one, is a better one.

With what success this interesting cause has been prosecuted is well expressed in a single sentence by a valued transatlantic correspondent of mine, who, writing at the most critical period of the controversy, says:"We, or rather Lewis Tappan, has made the whole nation look the captives in the face.

A correspondent of "The Guiding Hand" relates this incident: "In the year 18, having a brother living in the city of R., I went to see him.

65 is an attempt at reproducing the form sent by Mr. George F. Smythe of Ohio, an American correspondent who has contributed much of interest.

69 fills the whole of the middle column of Plate IV., and contains specimens from a large series of coloured illustrations, accompanied by many pages of explanation from a correspondent, Dr. James Key of Montagu, Cape Colony.

He writes, in 1859, to a correspondent whom he was directing to further the organisation of the new party: "Do not, in order to secure recruits, lower the standard of the Republican party.

He gave his affection to her, as our correspondent Miss (or Mrs.) Ailie McLean shows, in his earliest boyhood, and from this, his one romance, he never swerved.

says my correspondent.

Your correspondent, "R.G." (No. 13.

I apprehend that the author belonged to the "mob of gentlemen who wrote with ease," as it is something like Savage's "tenth transmitter" (which, by the bye, your correspondent, Mr. Gutch, should have said is said to be Pope's)his only good line.

I beg to inform your correspondent "R.V." in reply to his query (No. 14.

No. 13., your correspondent N. replies to A.T.'s query, that "there can be no reasonable doubt, that the original authority for Rem transubstantiationis patres ne altigisse quidem, is William Watson in his Quodlibet, ii. 4. p. 31.

Tempora mutantur &c.In reply to your correspondent, "E.V." (No. 14.

Your correspondent, "H.B." (No. 13.

Your correspondent, "CLERICUS" (no. 10.

I cannot agree with your correspondent "A.F." (p.90), that the nine of diamonds was called "the curse (cross) of Scotland" from its resemblance to the cross of St. Andrew, which has the form of the Roman X; whereas the pips on the nine of diamonds are arranged in the form of the letter H. "Mend the instance.

Does your correspondent suppose that Northmouth was among the fens?

But on this etymology our correspondent can consult an article by Sir F. Palgrave, on the "Popular Mythology of the Middle Ages."

2552 examples of  correspondent  in sentences