12 examples of corresponsive in sentences

Conjunctions are divided into two general classes, copulative and disjunctive; and a few of each class are particularly distinguished from the rest, as being corresponsive.

The corresponsive conjunctions are those which are used in pairs, so that one refers or answers to the other: as, "John came neither eating nor drinking.

OBS.Not all terms which stand in the relation of correspondents, or corresponsives, are therefore to be reckoned conjunctions; nor are both words in each pair always of the same part of speech: some are adverbs; one or two are adjectives; and sometimes a conjunction answers to a preceding adverb.

But, if a word is seen to be the mere precursor, index, introductory sign, or counterpart, of a conjunction, and has no relation or import which should fix it in any other of the ten classes called parts of speech, it is, clearly, a conjunction,a corresponding or corresponsive conjunction.

The Corresponsives; Bothand; asas; asso; ifthen; eitheror; neithernor; whetheror; though, or althoughyet.

What are corresponsive conjunctions?

Which are the corresponsive conjunctions? LESSON XXIX.PARSING.

NEITHER, not either, is a union and contraction of ne either: our old writers frequently used ne for not; the Anglo-Saxons likewise repeated it, using nene, in lieu of our corresponsives neithernor; and our modern lexicographers still note the word, in some of these senses.

WHETHER, a corresponsive conjunction, which introduces the first term of an alternative, is from the Anglo-Saxon hwæther, which was used for the same purpose. 29.

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Either or, neither nor, corresponsives: transposed, with repeated disjunction or negat.

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12 examples of  corresponsive  in sentences