237 examples of cosy in sentences

Old Stephen I and his cosy goodwife lived there.

A glance into the apartment at eight o'clock on this eventful evening would have resulted in the opinion that it was as cosy and comfortable a nook as could be wished for in boisterous weather.

The Fountain Abbey of which I speak is no such rich and proud place as the other, but a simple little cell; yet, withal, as cosy a spot as ever stout anchorite dwelled within.

It was his custom to read far into the night, for he was a poor sleeper and preferred a cosy fireside to his bed.

Cosy little hamlets nestle in most of the valleys; the houses built of sun-dried bricks, and much more substantial than those we saw yesterday, &c., where the walls generally were made of matting, probably because of the inundations.

It was a nest of rest and cosy comfort.

A pretty little glossy-leaved shrub that is well worthy of attention, particularly where a cosy corner can be put aside for its cultivation.

Both for its flowers and fruit, this Nepaul shrub-tree is well worthy of a great amount of trouble to get it established in a cosy corner of the garden.

The pure white, fragrant flowers are plentifully produced when the plant is grown in a cosy corner, or on a sunny wall.

Against a sunny wall and in a cosy nook it may occasionally be found doing fairly well, but it is not to be generally recommended.

One evening of howling wind and hammering rain, when all was cosy and home-like for two in the little firelit Wrightery, she nerved herself up to facing the facts.

The cosy homes and promising fields of these freedmen attracted his attention as striking evidences of their thrift.

Anxiety, however, to reach Teherán and definitely map out my route to India overcame everything, even the temptation to defer a journey fraught with cold, hunger, and privation, and take it easy for a few days, with plenty of food and drink, to say nothing of cigars, books, and newspapers, in the snug cosy rooms of the Consulate.

We were sitting round our cosy fireplace, wishing it were summer or that we had some coal, when one of those thoughts that make me so loved occurred to me.

To go back to yesterday, my headache entirely disappeared by the time the Skinners got here, and we had a pleasant cosy evening with them, and at the end made Dr. Skinner pray over us....

Immediately opposite the house, stood a high hill, composed of jagged rocks, behind which the sun ever sank to his cosy bed in the west, and where I have watched the forked lightning play as the blackened cloud gathered together, ominous of a portending storm, while the distant thunder murmured behind their eternal summit.

The fleet, consisting of four sail (I use this word in its purely conventional sense, a dounga having no more sails than a battleship), got under way about 5 A.M., while it was yet but barely daylight, and so we were well clear of Srinagar when we emerged from our cosy cabins into a world of clean air and brilliant colour.

It was with an undoubted sense of solid comfort that we lay in our cosy beds under a wooden roof, whereon the fat rain-drops sputtered, while the thunder still crackled and banged in the distance!

The thick walls and thatch kept it warm and cosy in winter, when they gathered round the fire.

The last I saw of him he was sitting at the desk in the salon, his pipe in his mouth, looking comfortable and cosy, and as if settled for life.

She looked round the cosy room and then at the open door, which was causing a bitter draught.

Re-emerging, he took the road again, his whole man hot within his furred coat as a teapot within a cosy.

It looked so bright and cosy with the great wood fire blazing on the hearth and the rose-coloured light falling from its softly shaded lamps, that she forgot the coldness of the night outside.

May we a' be canty an' cosy, An' ilk hae a wife in his bosy.

A cosy but, and a canty ben, To couthie women and trusty men.

237 examples of  cosy  in sentences