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237 examples of  cosy  in sentences

237 examples of cosy in sentences

The weatherit being in Aprilwas cold and stormy, but we found a warm and cosy camping place in a bend of the creek.

Old Stephen I and his cosy goodwife lived there.

Oh!' I said, 'don't sit all in a row a long way off; come up close and cosy; we can talk ever so much better then, can't we?'

A glance into the apartment at eight o'clock on this eventful evening would have resulted in the opinion that it was as cosy and comfortable a nook as could be wished for in boisterous weather.

Soon after, she was making war on the fine spider-webs in the kitchen, and in a couple of hours it already looked livable and cosy there.

The Fountain Abbey of which I speak is no such rich and proud place as the other, but a simple little cell; yet, withal, as cosy a spot as ever stout anchorite dwelled within.

A mile or more from Nottingham Town, and not far from the southern borders of Sherwood Forest, stood the cosy inn bearing the sign of the King's Head.

Hence, some few minutes afterward, in a cosy nook of the verandah while the others danced, the moon and Gloria were serenely victorious.

But the day passed, night drove them indoors to a cosy fireplace and lights and fragments of music which Gloria played wistfully or crashingly in bursts of impatience, and still he did not come.

On this floor, in a cosy little room opening upon the upstairs sun-porch, was an extension telephone, installed for the convenience of Gloria and her mother.


He had given Patsy this cosy little apartment house at 3708 Willing Square and made his home with her, from which circumstance she had come to be recognized as his favorite niece.

It lay beneath an upward sweep of land, in a cosy indenture of a great circle that swept far around and away, fringed with cocoanut trees.

Having selected a cosy spot and spread the luncheon, we were besieged by children anxious to sell us flowers and apples, and to share whatever we would give them.

" On their arrival at Santa Monica Mr. Merrick invited the party to be his guests at luncheon, which was served in a cosy restaurant overlooking the ocean.

" They had retired to a cosy corner of the public drawing room and were conversing on this interesting topic when they espied A. Jones walking toward them.

It was his custom to read far into the night, for he was a poor sleeper and preferred a cosy fireside to his bed.

What a cosy party!" "The other children will probably join us for the Easter holidays," Avery said.

" Polly departed, leaving her mistress cosy in bed and strangely reluctant to rise and part company with her waking thoughts.

The novelist received me in a cosy little room, with a window opening onto the park, already beginning to turn yellow with the advancing autumn.

Lady 's own room was large and hung with tapestry, and yet it was cosy and homelike.

Cosy little hamlets nestle in most of the valleys; the houses built of sun-dried bricks, and much more substantial than those we saw yesterday, &c., where the walls generally were made of matting, probably because of the inundations.

And I gave the Maid an help upward to the little cave, and came after, myself; and so we did be in a very nice and cosy place, that did not be easily gotten at by any monstrous thing.

Adj. enjoying &c v.; luxurious, voluptuous, sensual, comfortable, cosy, snug, in comfort, at ease.

It was a nest of rest and cosy comfort.

A pretty little glossy-leaved shrub that is well worthy of attention, particularly where a cosy corner can be put aside for its cultivation.

Both for its flowers and fruit, this Nepaul shrub-tree is well worthy of a great amount of trouble to get it established in a cosy corner of the garden.

The pure white, fragrant flowers are plentifully produced when the plant is grown in a cosy corner, or on a sunny wall.

Against a sunny wall and in a cosy nook it may occasionally be found doing fairly well, but it is not to be generally recommended.

Many were the cosy little cave-like retreats where Mary often led the children.

There, very early in the morning, come the khansamahs of the various Mem-sahibs and buy all that is needed for the day, while the Mem-sahibs are cosy in bed, needing not to worry about house, visitors, or forthcoming dinner-parties.

At home, although the poverty and misery are terrible, still, I comfort myself, the poor have their cosy moments.

The strangest people, on the strangest errands, run over each other in that cosy little nest of hers.

One evening, as they were all three sitting cosily in Henry's study,as they still faithfully called it,Esther was reading "Pride and Prejudice" aloud, while Dot and Mat busied themselves respectively with "macramรฉ" work and a tea-cosy against a coming bazaar.

One evening of howling wind and hammering rain, when all was cosy and home-like for two in the little firelit Wrightery, she nerved herself up to facing the facts.

There are some cosy little tables arranged for playing cards, with nice screens near, so that the other people's counting, &c., may not put one out.

The sun had scarcely risen, and I was sitting in the cosy cabin of my yacht enjoying my "chota hazree," which, being interpreted, means "lesser presence," and in Anglo-Indian speech signifies an "eye-opener" of tea and toastthe greater presence appears some hours later and we call it breakfast.

The cosy homes and promising fields of these freedmen attracted his attention as striking evidences of their thrift.

Anxiety, however, to reach Teherรกn and definitely map out my route to India overcame everything, even the temptation to defer a journey fraught with cold, hunger, and privation, and take it easy for a few days, with plenty of food and drink, to say nothing of cigars, books, and newspapers, in the snug cosy rooms of the Consulate.

"I say, Arthur, what a brick your mother is to make us so cosy!

But Frank leaned back in a cosy arm-chair, and did not stir.

* TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 1846.After a quiet cosy breakfast, served up on a little round table for myself alone, I sat down to test the practicability of the plan I had formed at home for my peregrinations in England:viz., to write until one, P.M., then to take my staff and travel on, eight or ten miles, to another convenient stopping-place for the night.

No, the night was dark and cheerless, and her little home was warm and cosy.

Make enough for two, in case: pour it off into another pot, and have it under the tea-cosy.

But for the many, struggling with the innate consciousness of evil, in them and around them-an instinctive consciousness which no argumentation about 'evil being a lower form of good' will ever explain away to those who 'grind among the iron facts of life, and have no time for self-deception'-what good news for them is there in Mr. Emerson's cosy and tolerant Epicurism?

I would sing about the blossoms, and the sunshine and the sky, And the tiny wife I mean to have in such a cosy nest; And if some one came and shot me dead, why then I could but die, With my tiny life and tiny song just ended at their best.

You're nice and cosy here, Miss Craydocke."

We were sitting round our cosy fireplace, wishing it were summer or that we had some coal, when one of those thoughts that make me so loved occurred to me.

As one sits in a brilliantly illuminated, comfortable, warm theatre, having just come from a cosy and luxurious restaurant, just think of some poor devil half-way along those corduroy boards struggling with a crate of biscuits; the ration "dump" behind, the trenches on in front.

The Ounces found themselves a cosy spot In a confectioner's or pastrycook's,

A tea-cosy will do.

The atmosphere was charmingly domestic, even cosy, despite the size of the rooma most pleasing contrast to the offices which we had just left.

"Co" we called her, for she was "such a cosy little thing", her father used to say.

My mother seemed to enjoy the drive, and when we lifted her into the bright cosy room prepared for her, she was delighted with the change.

And there you are in Josie Fifer's kingdoma great front room, unexpectedly bright and even cosy with its whir of sewing machines: tables, and tables, and tables, piled with orderly stacks of every sort of clothing, from shoes to hats, from gloves to parasols; and in the room beyond this, and beyond that, and again beyond that, row after row of high wooden cabinets stretching the width of the room, and forming innumerable aisles.

The houses are grouped in a compact and cosy way between the two hills, although of late years a number of new and, at close quarters, staring red brick efforts at modernity have been made on the hillsides.

The Konkani press in general abjured professionalism in order to cosy up with the political party in power.

The long tables which had so often, to use a hackneyed phrase, "groaned" beneath the weight of civic farethe cosy high-backed stuffed chairs which had held many a portly citizennay, the very soup-kettles and venison dishesall were to be submitted to the noisy ordeal of the auction hammer.

The fire-place will be recognised as the very beau ideal of cottage comfort: the raised hearthstone, massive fire-dogs and chimney-back, and its cosy seats, calculated to contain a whole family seated at the sides of its ample hearth-are characteristic of the primitive enjoyments of the happy people from among whom this model was taken.

To go back to yesterday, my headache entirely disappeared by the time the Skinners got here, and we had a pleasant cosy evening with them, and at the end made Dr. Skinner pray over us....

Every step was accomplished by the simple way of prayer; and, when I slept, late that night, in a cosy room at the Methodist parsonage in N.B., I could look back over the last few weeks, and thank God for the power of prayer.

Immediately opposite the house, stood a high hill, composed of jagged rocks, behind which the sun ever sank to his cosy bed in the west, and where I have watched the forked lightning play as the blackened cloud gathered together, ominous of a portending storm, while the distant thunder murmured behind their eternal summit.

It was very bright and cosy in their little room with their fire burning, the gas lit and the curtains drawn, and the number of applications they had written made them hopeful.

On the ground floor is the cosy bar where the village cronies gathered with Mr. Willett, and one may also see the low room with the small-paned windows against which John Willett flattened his nose looking out on the road on the dark night when the story opens.

What cosy pipes did we not smoke in the dining room, in the drawing room, or where we would!

I think of the outer world as a sailor must of the sea, when he finds himself all cosy at home after a voyage of continuous tempest.

It was a covering, a sheath, that went with him from one extreme of the ocean to the other, heating itself with the high temperature of the tropics, or becoming as cosy as an Esquimo hut on approaching the polar seas.

A pipe, a book, A cosy nook, A fire,at least its embers; A dog, a glass; 'T is thus we pass Such hours as one remembers.

Mr. Fenton deposited his carpet-bag at the cosy village inn, where snow-white curtains fluttered gaily at every window in the warm western breeze, and innumerable geraniums made a gaudy blaze of scarlet against the wooden wall.

It was half-past seven, and the Listers had dined at six: but in an incredibly short space of time the Sutherland table had been drawn out to a cosy position near the fire and spread with a substantial repast, while Mrs. Lister took her place behind the ponderous old silver urn which had been an heirloom in her husband's family for the last two centuries.

Bit hard on me, but fortunately for you, Janie Janet, I'm rather a dab at languages'specially when it comes to what the late lamented Boche referred to as 'cosy names.'

The fleet, consisting of four sail (I use this word in its purely conventional sense, a dounga having no more sails than a battleship), got under way about 5 A.M., while it was yet but barely daylight, and so we were well clear of Srinagar when we emerged from our cosy cabins into a world of clean air and brilliant colour.

It was with an undoubted sense of solid comfort that we lay in our cosy beds under a wooden roof, whereon the fat rain-drops sputtered, while the thunder still crackled and banged in the distance!

Plans were accordingly prepared for turning one part of it into a cosy breakfast parlour, and the other into a conservatory.

Their wives are tidy, their children clean, their cottages grow more cosy and homelike day by day; yet they work in the fields that come up to their very doors, and receive nothing but the ordinary agricultural wages of the district.

The thick walls and thatch kept it warm and cosy in winter, when they gathered round the fire.

There are many places made so cosy and attractive with these aids that, with persons of culture and taste, the tendency is to run into extremes, and, while they render their homes beautiful to the eye, they are fatal to life.

I thought them "so pretty," "so graceful," "so soft," and I always said they "gave a cosy look to a room.

This is only to tell you that I have got enough anthracite coal to go to the end of February, and that the house is warm and cosy, and I am duly thankful to face this third war-winter free from fear of freezing.

The last I saw of him he was sitting at the desk in the salon, his pipe in his mouth, looking comfortable and cosy, and as if settled for life.

She looked round the cosy room and then at the open door, which was causing a bitter draught.

I went into a cosy, clean-faced inn on the main street, and addressed myself with much satisfaction to a short season of rest and refreshment, exchanging hot and dusty boots for slippers, and going through other preliminaries to a comfortable time of it.

We enjoyed cosy chats, and yet you no more desired or wished to be present at my social functions than you desired me to enter into all your merrymakings and pleasures.

One day while she and her mother were in the cosy sitting-room, Mrs. Worthington said, "Bessie, I believe that God wants you at The Gospel Trumpet office and that he has used Cora's plan and your sickness to show you your duty.

A friend had given us pilgrims and dusty wayfarers his suburban residence, with all its conveniences, elegances, and snuggeries, its lawn and its cosy garden-nooks.

Here is a soft, cosy place, with everything as it should be.

If everything were as it ought to be, beautiful mansions and cosy cottages would there adorn the green earth, as do the fresh shrubs and flowers, and create a garden worthy of the gods.

I found old flabby, and she took me to a cosy little room with a table ready spread.

My brother exiles will remember as long as life is in them, how exquisite, in dear old England, is the enjoyment of a brisk morning walk in the clear frosty air, and how cheering and cosy is the social evening fire!

Re-emerging, he took the road again, his whole man hot within his furred coat as a teapot within a cosy.

Alongside the table ran two bunks, half-curtained, clean, cosy and inviting.

It looked so bright and cosy with the great wood fire blazing on the hearth and the rose-coloured light falling from its softly shaded lamps, that she forgot the coldness of the night outside.

If the Last Judgement occurred under his very nose, and he had had a cosy meal in front of him, he would have noticed nothing.

In the following summer, he built a cosy home for the reception of his bride, and came North, where, with Harry and Miss Delany as attendants, he was married to Iola, amid a pleasant gathering of friends, by Rev. Carmicle.

It is a pretty little place, and full of cosy corners.

What wonder poor "PUNJAB," who hails from the "Garrick," Got hungry as VASHTI, and dry as a hayrick? An Edition de Luxe, as a rule, is a sell, But a Train de Luxe sure as a fraud bears the bell, Which promises travel more cosy and quicker, And leaves you half starved, without moneyor liquor!

"But this is so cosy and snug, and yet so strange and foreign.

It was quite dusk by the time I gained the outskirts of the town, and I reflected with much contentment upon the prospect of a cosy bachelor dinner, and, after dinner, lamplight and a book.

May we a' be canty an' cosy, An' ilk hae a wife in his bosy.

A cosy but, and a canty ben, To couthie women and trusty men.