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No General Council, no Pope, has made such a law, but the old-established custom has grown, until it has the force of a law (Bened.

Billuart quotes the text of the fourth Council of Carthage to prove that it existed in the fourth century, Clericus, qui absque corpusculi sui inequalitate vigiliis deest, stipendiis privatus, excommunicatur.

However, the matter is clearly and definitely dealt with by the General Council of Lateran (1213) and by the Bulls, Quod a nobis and Ex proximo, of Pope Pius V. (1571).

III., p. 582), explains clearly this time difficulty and its solution by the Congregation of the Council on 22nd July, 1893.

The Bishop of Trier explained to the Congregation of the Council that owing to the State legislation in the German Empire all public clocks should register the same time, and that this meant that in his diocese the legal computation differs by half an hour from the mean time.

The Congregation of the Council answered by a simple affirmative.

4. The Council of Trent seems to exact this attention when it wishes that the Divine Office be said reverently, distinctly and devoutly, reverenter, distincte, devote.

I have been favoured by Mr. Simon with an early copy of the last published of the valuable "Reports on the Public Health," which, in his capacity of their medical officer, he annually presents to the Lords of the Privy Council.

The grand-vizir and the lords of council had just gone in as she entered the hall and placed herself in front of the Sultan.

When the council broke up on the sixth day the Sultan said to his vizir: "I see a certain woman in the audience-chamber every day carrying something in a napkin.

Sometimes, for a brief space, she would seem to mend a little; and a council of doctors, convened to consider her case,though each member differed from all the others touching the nature of her malady,unanimously declared she would ultimately recover.

What was once whispered in the secret chamber of council is now proclaimed upon the housetops; what was once done by indirection and guile is now carried with the high hand, in the face of day, at the mouth of the cannon and by the edge of the sabre of the nation.

Russia paid no attention to the ultimatum, but M. Goremykin, president of the Council of the Russian Empire, issued a manifesto which read: "Russia is determined not to allow Servia to be crushed and will fulfill its duty in regard to that small kingdom, which has already suffered so much at Austria's hands.

KAISER ASKS FOR PRAYERS After the first three weeks of war, Emperor William requested the supreme council of the Evangelical Church throughout the German empire to include the following prayer in the liturgy at all public services during the war: "Almighty and most merciful God, God of the armies, we beseech Thee in humility for Thy almighty aid for German Fatherland.

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Therefore he convened another council, and prohibited, under the terrible penalty of excommunication,for that was his mighty weapon,the investiture of bishoprics and abbacies at the hands of laymen: only he himself should give to ecclesiastics the ring and the crozier,the badges of spiritual authority.

The stadtholderess, who represented him, having but a nominal authority, was forced to follow her instructions, and liable to have all her acts reversed; besides which, she had the king's orders to consult her private council on all affairs whatever, and the council of state on any matter of paramount importance.

On August 5, 1714, came to the Elector of Hanover, James Craggs, junior, with a letter from the Privy Council, dated July 31, announcing the precarious state of Anne's health, and conveying assurances that in the event of her demise every precaution would be taken to safeguard the rights of George Lewis.

" On the death of the Queen, the Council, which had assembled at Kensington Palace, adjourned to St. James's.

It was not a parliament, but an administrative council of the Germanic Confederation founded by the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

Washington, too, was there,the Ulysses of the war, brave in battle and wise in council, of transcendent dignity of character, whose influence was patriarchal, the synonym of moral greatness, to be revered through all ages and countries; a truly immortal man whose fame has been steadily increasing.

"At length their conduct became so bad, and the parents found themselves so powerless to prevent it, that they decided to appeal to the Indian Council for assistance.

American Council on Education psychological examination for college freshmen.

American Council on Education psychological examination for high school students

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No lady e'er is ogled by a lover, Horse by a black-leg, broadcloth by a tailor, Fee by a counsel, felon by a jailer, As is a slave by his intended bidder.

Most of you know at least something of the reason why, but this urgent meeting was called to make sure that everyone is brought up to date and, more importantly, to take counsel on a course of action.

A man above medium height, somewhat spare in habit of body, of handsome features and distinguished presence, although with hair now slightly thinned by advancing years, he seemed, if not by natural right, at least by accorded authority, the leader in this company with whose members he was not unwilling to take counsel.

" "Nay, now, De Luynes, you jest," said Louis, striving to force a sickly smile; "you surely would not counsel" "Your Majesty mistakes me," interposed the favourite; "I would dare anything to secure your safety.

Did you counsel this violation of all the solemn promises which have been made to me?" "I was not consulted upon the subject, Monseigneur," replied the Keeper of the Seals; "nor shall it be my fault if so grievous an error be not speedily redeemed.

"My prayer for you is, that God may guide you by his counsel, and in the end bring you to glory: to this purpose, attend diligently to the dictates of his good spirit, which you may hear within you; for Christ saith, 'He that dwelleth with you, shall be in you.'

Let, when used intransitively, required the preposition to before the following infinitive; as, "He would not let [i. e. forbear] to counsel the king.

1. "When the | British | warrior | queen, Bleeding | from the | Roman | rods, Sought, with | an in | -dignant | mien, Counsel | of her | country's | gods, 2.

"A family of eight was stated to be living on £3 a week in the Bow County Court, and counsel said it was a marvel how they did it.

He simply thinks of no one but himself, takes counsel of no one, and cares not what the result may be.

He could not doubt that he had seen St. Luc, who, probably listening to some counsel of providence, had left the hall.

King William having one day asked him how he liked his hospital for decayed seamen, the Tzar answered, "If I were the adviser of your Majesty, I should counsel you to remove your court to Greenwich, and convert St. James's into a hospital.

The king set off to return, but bad weather and misleading counsel kept him another sixteen days on Irish soil.

Advised by the king to provide himself with a good counsel, "By St. Bride"his favourite oathsaid he, "I know well the fellow I would have, yea, and the best in England, too!"

The mission was performed with such guarded caution that only Sevier and a few of his friends ever knew of the negotiations, and these kept their counsel well.

Thou must needs, therefore, cone speedily to Paris, and we must take counsel together as to what shall be done with them; whether they shall be shorn and reduced to the condition of commoners, or slain and leave their kingdom to be shared equally between us.' Clotaire, overcome with joy at these words, came to Paris.

But Clodomir, taking no heed of this counsel, said, 'It were great folly to leave one enemy at home when I march out against another; one attacking me behind and another in front, I should find myself between two armies: victory will be surer and easier if I separate one from the other; when the first is once dead, it will be less difficult to get rid of the other also.'

Moderate and cautious in counsel and conduct, firm, yet a peacemaker, he was truly a father in the Church.

After he had set out, she wrote an interesting account, too long to be given at full length, of what had passed in the intervening time,the hopes and fears, the preparations, her father's parting with his friends and their words of encouragement to him, with his own counsel and exhortations to his children.

When it does not let him sleep, it is a Flame that sends up no Smoak; when it is opposed by Counsel and Advice, it is a Fire that rages the more by the Wind's blowing upon it.

7. Of taking him only for our guide to heaven, by denying our own wit, skill, and understanding, and looking to and resting upon him, who alone is the truth, and so acknowledging him in all our ways, depending on him for light and counsel, for singleness of heart, humility, diligence, and truth, in the inward parts.

"Counsel is his, and sound wisdom; he hath understanding and strength," ver.

His admirable sense, moreover, and his education fitted him to render aid and counsel in matters of controversy; so that he often acted as an umpire, and very often to the settling of disputes.

HOLT, SIR JOHN, English lawyer, born at Thame, Oxfordshire; called to the bar in 1663; was a prominent counsel in the State trials of his age, and rose to be Lord Chief-Justice of the King's Bench under William III., an office whose duties he discharged with unflinching integrity and fairness (1642-1710).

Do not take counsel as if it were for an alien, but as if it concerned, as it does, the private interest of your city; and do not dispense your honors carelessly, but with judgment; and let your public gifts be the distinctive possession of men most worthy.

Do we say   council   or  counsel