Do we say council or counsel

council 6700 occurrences

The kaid called a council and asked what had better be done with the people of Massat.

The members of the council said: "This creature is handsome; we'll make him our king."

The next day he assembled the council of the village, and his wife said, "Forgive me and let me go, for I am a woman.

"I met Colonel Washington a moment ago looking like a thunder-cloud, and he said a council of war had been called at the general's tent.

But Peyronie had made a good guess, as we found out when the result of the council was made known next day.

"The suggestion was made by Sir John St. Clair, and a council was held half an hour since to consider it.

Beaujeu at once called the warriors to a council, and urged that they accompany him against the English on the morrow.

In the morning, the council was called together again, and the Indians refused to take part in the expedition.

The desire of the kings to enlist valiant Swiss favored the avidity of the council lords, as did the wish of the young men to get booty.

Only the sons of the patricians and council lords obtained captaincies, commands, and riches, by which they increased their influence and consideration in the land, and could oppress others.

When the kings perceived the cupidity and folly of the Swiss, they took advantage of them for their own profit, sent ambassadors into Switzerland, distributed presents, granted gratifications and pensions to their partisans in the councils, and for these the council lords became willing servants of foreign princes.

The Orsini, perceiving too late that the power of the Duke and the Church must be established upon their ruin, called a council of their friends at Magione, in Perugia, to concert measures of prevention.

Pope Eugenius removes his council from Ferrara to Florence; here is signed a treaty for the ostensible union of the Latin and Greek churches.

Yet the primary aspect of the federal Constitution was undoubtedly that of a permanent league, in which each state, while retaining its domestic sovereignty intact, renounced forever its right to make war upon its neighbours and relegated its international interests to the care of a central council in which all the states were alike represented and a central tribunal endowed with purely judicial functions of interpretation.

Ambassador Sharp and his escort were received at the city hall by the members of the municipal council and other distinguished persons.

Adrien Mithouard, president of the municipal council, welcomed Ambassador Sharp, who was greeted with great applause when addressing the people of Paris.

A counter-revolution was promptly and forcibly crushed in Petrograd and an "extraordinary national council," meeting at Moscow, August 25, took steps to end the crisis.

AN ESTIMATE OP CASUALTIES An estimate of the total war losses, made near the close of the third year of the war and voiced by Arthur Henderson of the British War Council, placed the number of men killed at 7,000,000 since August, 1914.

The outcome of the forthcoming extraordinary national council to be held at Moscow was therefore awaited in Washington with the keenest interest, scarcely less keen than in Russia itself.

The immediate fate of Russia, it was felt, depended upon the action of the council in its efforts to throw off the demoralizing socialistic control of the Russian army and workmen.

FOCH A MARSHAL OF FRANCE On August 6 General Ferdinand Foch, commander-in-chief of the Allied forces, was elevated by the French council of ministers to the rank of a Marshal of France.

The council of each province is joined with them in authority, by whom any private regards may be overborne, and who cannot be supposed to concur in any directions which will not promote the general interest of the colony.

It is not very consistent with that candour with which every man ought to dispute on publick affairs, to censure those measures which have been proposed, without proposing others that are more eligible; for it is the duty of every man to promote the business of the publick; nor do I know why he that employs his sagacity only to obstruct it, should imagine, that he is of any use in the national council.

The latter is thy situation, for of the several foreign lords who seek thy hand the council see none to whom the favor may be extended without the apprehension of creating an influence here, in the centre of the canals, which ought not to be given to a stranger.

Time hath extinguished the elder branch; and Don Camillo hath for years besieged the council to be restored to those rights which his predecessor renounced.

counsel 3304 occurrences

He tendered the best counsel he could.

Repentance in Thy counsel finds no place: Nor can the eloquence of mortal man Bend Thee to mercy, when Thy sure decree Hath stablished that this frame of mine should be Rent by these pangs that flesh and spirit tire.

Hast Thou lost counsel?

When Iblís found that he had got Zohák completely in his power, he told him that, if he followed his counsel and advice implicitly, he would become the greatest monarch of the age, the sovereign of the seven climes, signifying the whole world.

I am grown too old To have my passions roused by this rebellion; All I can do is, with paternal love, To counsel peace.

He then directed Minúchihr to be seated on the throne; And put himself the crown upon his head, And stored his mind with counsel good and wise.

But whoever find themselves wholly insensible to their charms, would, I think, do well to keep their own counsel, for fear of reproaching their own temper, and bringing the goodness of their natures, if not of their understandings, into question.

Trite as the counsel was, and impossible, as one should think, to be missed on,shall I confess?in this emergency, it was to me as if an Angel had spoken.

I was one of the Counsel for the sitting member, and took the liberty of previously stating different points to Johnson, who never failed to see them clearly, and to supply me with some good hints.

Hence, it became customary for Bellew to sit with him, and smoke, and take counsel of this "preux chevalier" upon the unfortunate turn of affairs.

Somewhat she would not have my master know: Whate'er it be, 'tis nothing unto me; She's my good mistress, and I'll keep her counsel.

I would I had been wiser once to-day; I went on purpose to my Lord of Kent To give him some good counsel for his wife, And he, poor heart, no sooner heard my news, But turns me up his whites, and falls flat down: There I was fain to rub and chafe his veins,

Well, in regard that in my maiden-days I lov'd thee well, now let me counsel thee.

If you will trust me, I will give you some good counsel.

"Good counsel is indeed a precious thing.

When you came in, I was praying for strength to seek your counsel.

O, sir, I would have credited these words Without this oath: but bring your daughter hither, That I may give her counsel, ere you go.

Good counsel, passing good instruction; Follow it, daughter.

I understand you well enough: Admit, my husband doth frequent that house Of such dishonest usage; I suppose He doth it but in zeal to bring them home By his good counsel from that course of sin; And, like a Christian, seeing them astray In the broad path that to damnation leads, He useth thither to direct their feet Into the narrow way that guides to heaven.

But keep my counsel, vale tu!

" The earl took counsel with himself"So long as he is playing piquet with me," he said to himself, "so long he cannot be making love to Nora.

The Trans-Missouri Case was argued on December 8, 1896, very elaborately and by the most eminent counsel.

If an election be lost, and the legislature, which has been chosen by the majority, cannot be pacified by money, but passes some act which promises to be annoying, the first instinct of the capitalist is to retain counsel, not to advise him touching his duty under the law, but to devise a method by which he may elude it, or, if he cannot elude it, by which he may have it annulled as unconstitutional by the courts.

Peace After this day folly alone could counsel a continuance of the war on the part of Carthage.

"Would that were true," answered he, "both of me and of all who will counsel here this day.

Do we say   council   or  counsel