68 examples of countermands in sentences

<Mand> (order): (1 and 2 combined) mandate, mandamus, mandatory, demand, remand, countermand, commandment.

They rushed onward to the city; and even the general, who was instructed by Ivan to countermand the attack, in vain attempted to restrain them.

This she was obliged to countermand, and, hardest of all, she had to break the matter to Georgie, who made a loud outcry.

On another occasion, later in the bombardment, when Madero insisted that the Federal artillery should use explosive shells against the Citadel, General Huerta did not hesitate to take it upon himself to countermand the President's suggestions to Colonel Navarrete, the Federal chief of artillery.

"I have no house there, my dear madam," he replied; "when I thought myself about to succeed in my suit before, I directed a lawyer at Bath, where Sir William Harris resided most of his time, to endeavor to purchase the deanery, whenever a good opportunity offered: in my discomfiture," he added, smiling, "I forgot to countermand the order, and he purchased it immediately on its being advertised.

Pray, sir, We women are bold suitors; by your looke It is no meane perplexity her folly Has cast upon your temper,pray, disclose it; And ift be anything the obedience She owes to me may countermand, she shall Repent her error.

abolition, abolishment; dissolution. counter order, countermand; repudiation, retraction, retractation^; recantation &c (tergiversation) 607; abolitionist.

disclaim &c (deny) 536; ignore, repudiate; recant &c 607; divest oneself, break off. countermand, counter order; do away with; sweep away, brush away; throw overboard, throw to the dogs; scatter to the winds, cast behind. dismiss, discard; cast off, turn off, cast out, cast adrift, cast out of doors, cast aside, cast away; send off, send away, send packing, send about one's business; discharge, get rid of &c (eject) 297; bounce

Fortunately there arrived soon after a countermand from Manila, where the authorities seemed to have been gradually convinced of the harmful tendency of such violent measures.

He would have to countermand the dinner which he had ordered over half an hour before, and he would have to explain who he was to those other servants who had always regarded him as such a great gentleman.

His government is said to be that of a child; one moment he orders something to be done, and an hour afterwards countermands it.

The news reached Warwick too late for him to countermand the messages he had sent to his friends on the king's behalf.

He also said something about going to the boat early in the morning to countermand an order that he had given on the night before.

I would rather be a galley-slave than go through the rubbish; so away with it, and countermand the cart which you say is coming; but pray let me hear no more complaints on this subject.

The interview was a lengthy one, and the urbanity of the Queen produced so powerful an effect upon the mind of the finance minister that he ceased to apprehend any diminution of his influence, and accordingly sent to countermand the return of the Duc de Rohan, who had already advanced a day's march towards the capital.

Tuesday, June 27.Being still hopeful of achieving the pass over into the Sind, we struck camp early yesterday and marched down to Lidarwat, only to find that the party which we knew had camped there with a view to crossing, had given up the idea and retreated down the valley; so I sent a swift messenger to countermand the three days' supply of "rassad" which I had ordered from Pahlgam for my men, and we marched on to Aru.

Francis I. replied that, for his part, "he would not lay any countermand on the duchess, that he would willingly hear what the emperor's ambassadors had to say, but that, if they did not come to any conclusion as to a peace and his own liberation, he would not keep his own ambassadors any longer, and would send them away."

I was in a state of exaltation all forenoon, and when I met my husband at dinner, the reaction had set in, and I proposed to countermand the order, when he said emphatically: "You will do no such thing.

His chief-of-staff looked in our direction, and fortunately recognized us in time to countermand the order.

" "Battle sure to come offis it?" "Certainly, unless Hunter comes and countermands the order.

I believe, at least I hear afterward, that Mr. Parker, whose spirits go on rising with the steady speed of quicksilver in fine weather, declines to allow his guests to depart, countermands their carriages, bribes their servants, and, in short, reaches the pitch of joyfully confident faith to which all things seem not only possible, but extremely desirable, and in whose eyes the mango-tree feat would appear but a childish trifle.

The bitter cup Of that hard countermand Which gave the Envoys up, Still was wormwood in the mouth, And clouds involved the land, When, pelted by sleet in the icy street, About the bulletin-board a band Of eager, anxious people met, And every wakeful heart was set On latest news from West or South.

'To countermand everything!'

'Countermand what?'

I therefore had to prolong my stay and to countermand the order for the horses.

68 examples of  countermands  in sentences