68 example sentences with  counting-room

68 example sentences with counting-room

At the club, in the university, in the market, the ploughing-field, the counting-room, they rub up against each other, and no mercy is shown by man to man until primary signs of crudeness are worn off.

The princely merchant, in his counting-room, involuntarily experiences the softening, humanizing influence of the hour, and, in tones tremulous with unwonted emotion, privately directs his Chief-Clerk to tell all the other clerks, that, on this night of all the round year, they may, before leaving the store at 10 o'clock, take almost any article from that slightly damaged auction-stock down in the front cellar, at actual cost-price.

Six months before his appearance in B, Captain Jarvis had been a clerk in the counting-room of Jarvis, Baxter & Co., and had never held fire-arms of any kind in his hand, with the exception of an old blunderbuss, which had been a kind of sentinel over the iron chest for years.

Failing to find Mr. Royal at his counting-room or his hotel, he proceeded to his suburban residence.

Rosabella, pale and trembling, gasped out, "What has happened to my father?" Franz Blumenthal, a favorite clerk of Mr. Royal's, replied, in a low, sympathizing tone, "He was writing letters in the counting-room this afternoon, and when I went in to speak to him, I found him on the floor senseless.

He was alone in his counting-room when he read it; and there Franz Blumenthal found him dead, with the letter in his hand.

"Moreover, I would recommend to you, should your wife happen to have some literary or artistic tastes, not to ignore them entirely because they do not pay so well as your counting-room accounts do, and are not so entertaining to you as billiards.

A situation was found for him in a merchant's counting-room, and in due time he was admitted into partnership and became a thriving young merchant.

When he entered the counting-room, he found his employer in close conversation with Mr. Grossman, a wealthy cotton-broker.

" "Hello, old Poopoo, you grow personal; and if you can't keep a civil tongue in your head, you must go out of my counting-room.

He went to his counting-room and asked for a private interview, which was readily granted.

"Gone across the lake with Nell and Mr. Laudersdale for a letter," replied Master Fred Heath, who had returned that afternoon from the counting-room, with his employer, and now sauntered by.

I breakfasted, read my paper, smoked my cigar, and walked leisurely to my counting-room.

Inquiring for him in the counting-room, I was told by his book-keeper to follow the stairs to the top of the store, and I should find him.

But when one sees a bookworm in his library, an anxious merchant-prince in his counting-room, tottering feebly about, his thin underpinning scarcely able to support what he has already crammed into that heavy brain of his, and he still piling in more,one feels disposed to cry out, "Unsafe passing here!

He returned to the counting-room, but, unsated with adventure, joined the disastrous expedition of Lieutenant Strain, during which his health was still more weakened, and he came home again in 1854.

The day after his memorable rebuff, he was sitting in the choky little counting-room of a crammed commission-warehouse in India Street, musing and mousing over the various schemes that occurred to his fertile brain for increasing the profits of his business.

They would not, after obtaining such news, lose a moment in parading it on their bulletin-boards, and Captain Grant might get hold of it before reaching the little counting-room in India Street.

" "Well, Sir, I'm much obliged to you; the bill of sale shall be at your counting-room directly; the clerk will receive the notes and deliver the cotton.

The native merchant goes to his counting-room, the banker to his desk, the clergyman discourses from a pulpit, the lawyer addresses the court, the professor expounds to his students and the coolie carries his load, all with limbs naked from the ankles to the thighs, and never more than half-concealed by a muslin divided skirt.

Jerry, the porter, who had gone downstairs to the counting-room to find two whole chairs, now entered with one in each hand.

There was an angry scene between the two, and Edgar was told that he must leave the university and go into the counting-room.

In the close atmosphere of his counting-room George Douglas too again battled manfully with his olden love, listening each day to hear that she was dead.

Sent to Geneva to complete the education that had been commenced at London, he returned to a seat in the counting-room with intellectual qualifications that seemed to justify his aspirations for a very different scene of action.

I remember that you looked a little dissatisfied, when I came into the counting-room, and rather shook your head over my narrative (perhaps too impassioned) of the events of the game.

A prominent Christian had just entered a merchant's counting-room, when the head man of the place said to him, "Let us kneel and ask God to help me through, for without his help, I shall be a bankrupt before the setting of the sun."

how can I tell you?" Still murmuring to himself, Mr. Lindsay slowly walked out of the counting-room.

Mr. Lindsay was not the only heart-stricken man who left the counting-room that day.

The "going into camp" now adopted is even worse; for here youths taken from the sheltered counting-room and furnace-heated house are exposed to the inclemencies of the weather not long enough to harden them, but long enough to lay the foundation of disease.

The old theories were all born in the counting-room, or the court-house.

Will you have the kindness to follow me to my counting-room?

The scene was altogether such as to fill any hearty soul with impulses of genial friendliness and gentle candor; such a scene as will sometimes prepare a man of the world, upon the least direct incentive, to throw open the windows of his private thought with a freedom which the atmosphere of no counting-room or drawing-room tends to induce.

"It will give me a pretext for going," he had said to himself, as he put it into his pocket in his counting-room.

To a counting-room?

"How can I serve you, Mr. Frhowenfeld?" asked the merchant, glancing through into the counting-room.

Never was pretty lady in cheerier mood than that in which she had come home from Honoré's counting-room.

"Honoré!" cried Sylvestre again, holding up a torn scrap of writing-paper which bore the marks of the counting-room floor and of a boot-heel, "how do you spell 'la-dee?'"

It was a paper Sylvestre had picked out of a waste-basket on the day of Aurore's visit to the counting-room.

Mr. Innerarity was about to make strenuous objection, when there came in one whom he recognized as an attaché of his cousin Honoré's counting-room, and handed the apothecary a note.

With this look on his face he reëntered his counting-room after his morning visit to Frowenfeld's shop.

He passed into the counting-room, to M. De Brahmin, and standing there talked in an inaudible tone, leaning over the upturned spectacles of his manager, for nearly an hour.

If you will be seated again" They thanked him and resumed their seats; he excused himself, passed into the counting-room, and sent a messenger for the apothecary.

"Uncle," Aurora by and by heard Honoré say, "shall I leave my own counting-room?

Doctor Keene called twice, within the following two days, upon Honoré at his counting-room; but on both occasions Honoré's chair was empty.

A merchant, for example, may be employed nearly all the day at his counting-room, and so may a mechanic.

As I went through his counting-room one of the clerks said, "They have just broken Anti-People's to 90 on a bulletin that Tom Reinhart's wife and only daughter have been killed in an automobile accident at their place in Virginia.

To the counting-room?

"But when America spoke there was no one in the land who was not an American; the laborer dropped his hammer; the farmer turned from his plow; the merchant forgot his counting-room; the millionaire closed the door of his mansion; and side by side, equal in love of country; their resolve to serve her, they marched to danger and to death.

The counting-room, which you enter first, is cheerful and elegant.

Four squares farther on, the roar of commerce swelled and surged, in storehouse and counting-room, on mart and shipboard and quay; but here all was quiet, calm, secluded, as in the country, miles beyond.