115 examples of countrywomen in sentences

Several other dresses I saw, which I am satisfied would be highly disapproved by my modest countrywomen.

what a fall was there, my countrywomen!]

It has been remarked that the incidents in the life of Lady Russell, apart from the one memorable public event of her husband's trial and death, are so few and her merits confined so much to the domain of private life and feminine duties, that her character, unlike that of most heroines, deserves to be held up more to the example than the admiration of her countrywomen.

I wish here to acknowledge the kind letters and congratulations I have received during the progress of this work, and have only further to add, that I trust the result of the four years' incessant labour which I have expended will not be altogether unacceptable to some of my countrymen and countrywomen.

" "You have at least done what, I fear, few of your countrywomen would have the moral courage and self-denial to do, and especially those who are accustomed to living abroadrefused to be the wife of an English baronet of a good estate and respectable family.

His lady, who was, I think, from Illinois, made herself very agreeable, her kind attentions tending to confirm the impression I already entertained of her countrywomen; they had no children, and the husband was engaged in some way with the Fur Company established in St. Louis.

The latter was an English lady, but not over kind to her, and reflected no credit on her countrywomen.

3 D. W. Come, you must be as we are and the rest of your Countrywomen; You doe not know the sweet on't. Eng.-gentw.

Among the party were Madame de Fontenay, Monsieur and Mademoiselle Claire de Vanssayvery agreeable people: the latter possessed, without great beauty, all the charms and vivacity of her countrywomen.

"I can well appreciate, sir," says he, in return to Stangrave's anxious inquiries, "your impatience to rejoin your lovely countrywomen, who have been for the last three weeks the wonder and admiration of our little paradise; and whose four days' absence was regarded, believe me, as a public calamity.

" "I can well believe it; but they are not countrywomen of mine.

Upon the whole I was well enough pleased with the Appearance of this gay Lady, and the more so because she was not Talkative, a Quality very rarely to be met with in the rest of her Countrywomen.

Early one morning I was agreeably surprised by the arrival of Mrs. Jameson, whom I had previously expected to spend some time with me, and found her a most agreeable, refined and intelligent guest, with none of the supercilious and conceited airs, which I had noticed in some of her traveling countrywomen of the class of authors. 15th.

The practice of extravagant gaming, common to the fashionable part of the fair sex in some places, is a vice with which my countrywomen cannot justly be charged.

Countrywomen passed me with baskets on their heads, all going into Albi to sell their vegetables.

He smiled to himself as he mentally compared Adrienne with the simple young beauties of Virginia he had knownwith Miss Molly Crenshawe and Miss Peggy Garyand he wondered a little bitterly why he could not have fallen happily in love with some one of his own countrywomen, whose heart he could have won and kept, instead of falling a victim to the charms of a dazzling creature quite beyond his reach.

His countrymen and countrywomen, however, who have the time and means, largely cultivate athletic sports.

Now I have not the slightest desire to discuss the moral character of Sappho or the vices of her Lesbian countrywomen.

This clergyman is a native Persian, and the account he gives of his countrywomen, unbiassed and sorrowful, shows that the chances for romantic love are no better in modern Persia than they were in the olden times.

And this fact led me, on one trip, to lecture to my fair countrywomen on "Marriage and Maternity," hoping to aid in the inauguration of a new era of happy, healthy babies.

These people now recommend fashions by saying one thing is invented by Tallien's wife, and another by Merlin de Thionville, or some other Deputy's mistress; and the genius of these elegantes has contrived, by a mode of dressing the hair which lengthens the neck, and by robes with an inch of waist, to give their countrywomen an appearance not much unlike that of a Bar Gander.

And the veiled countrywomen, shuffling side by side, elbow pressed to hip, and eloquent right hand pivoting round, palm uppermost, to give value to each shrill phrase, might have been the wives of so many Punjabi cultivators but that they wore another type of bangle and slipper.

When Frasquita was taken from Navarre to that lonely place she had not yet acquired any Andalusian ways, and was very different from the countrywomen in that vicinity.

It was forwarded to me with a letter from a British nobleman now occupying one of the highest official positions in England, with a request on behalf of these ladies that it should be in any possible way presented to the attention of my countrywomen.

[An American Correspondent of The Galignani Messenger is very severe on the manners of his fair countrywomen.]

115 examples of  countrywomen  in sentences