789 examples of coup in sentences

From the manner in which you have expressed yourself, it is evident that there are points which puzzle youyou do not get a clean coup d'oeil of the whole regiment of facts, and their causes, and their consequences, as they occurred.

In three hours the head was finished and the background laid in, premier coup the best thing he had done in a year.

" An hour, for his morning exercise, He swayed that sword of wondrous size, 'Twas called his great "persuader"; Then a mace of steel he smote in two, A feat which the king would often do, Since Saladin wondered at that coup When he met our stout crusader.

In a country where a coup d'état was as easily given as a box on the ear, we all attentively watched for the arrival of one who had been sent from a neighboring empire to negotiate a loan for the tottering throne of this.

Sian; a coup d'etat, by Mayling Soong Chiang (Mme Chiang Kai-shek)

The King decided upon a coup de main.

Eh bien, ayez comme moi le courage de le lire; et si vous lui accordez d'avoir vu peut-être Constantinople, la Palestine et l'Egypte (ce que moi je me garderois bien de garantir), à coup sûr au moin vous resterez convaincu que

Mais tout-à-coup ce lion fougueux s'arrêta.

La mer entre dans la ville et forme un mauvais havre peu profond, il est dangereux de rester, parce qu'on peut être jeté à la côte par un coup de vent.

Elle s'élança sur messire André, qui d'un coup de la sienne lui coupa

On the other hand, it had been endeavored to persuade Prince Leopold, of Coburg, to whom the powers of Europe had just offered the crown of Belgium, that the Duchess of St. Leu had come to England in order to possess herself of Belgium by a coup d'état, and to proclaim Louis Napoleon its king.

It would not become him to force to a decision by a coup d'état the nation whose decrees he would ever hold sacred.

On the night of the 29th of September the diabolical idea occurred to him of giving the coup de grace to the prestige of the friars by making them pass through the streets of Ilagan conducting and playing a band of music.

She resolved upon her final coup.

The Empress Anna died, and was succeeded on the throne by the infant Ivan, her grand-nephew, who had been Emperor but a few months when, in 1741, a coup d'état gave the crown to Elizabeth, mistress of the Lemesh peasant.

In 1962 a military coup overthrew Goulart, drove him into exile, jailed and disenfranchised his supporters and lined up Brazil, largest and most populous nation of Latin America, solidly behind the Monroe Doctrine of United States supremacy in the Americas, implemented by Washington's burgeoning "Pentagon diplomacy.

No daily paper, with its fresh material for thought and discussion, comes to enliven the long blank evenings by the tent fire; no wars or rumours of wars, no coup d'état of diplomacy, no excitement of political canvass ever agitates the stagnant intellectual atmosphere of Korak existence.

AU`GEREAU, PIERRE FRANÇOIS CHARLES, marshal of France and duke of Castiglione, born at Paris; distinguished in the campaigns of the Republic and Napoleon; executed the coup d'état of the 4th Sept. 1797; his services were rejected by Napoleon on his return from Elba, on account of his having supported the Bourbons during his absence.

Now, Jim, this poor girl, who, it seems, has recently been acting as the judge's secretary, has just learned that that coup of Reinhart and his crowd has completely ruined her father.

Many a stout-hearted one has been known to postpone the inauguration of a long-planned coup merely because the air filled his blood with the dank chill of superstition.

The Creator might be recognised as the First Ancestor, après coup.

The day was lovely, and with the bright sunshine and cloudless sky, added new charms to this fairy land; for so, by the tasteful arrangement of gorgeous tents, sparkling fountains, exotic shrubs, and flowers of every form and shade, the coup d'oeil might have been termed.

It was a case of life or death with him, so I made my terms and took advantage of his pressure to execute a coup de main.

It would, for a month or two, look so peculiar a word that it might require something like a coup d'état to introduce it.

From the beginning Bismarck had little sympathy with this point of view; he regarded the coup d'état as necessary in a nation which had left the firm ground of legitimacy; France could not be governed except by an iron hand.

789 examples of  coup  in sentences