Do we say cow or horse

cow 2751 occurrences

And it does lie just right for a cow ranch.

At the instant that her free hand clutched at the rope it tightened with a jerk as the cow pony at the other end, feeling the strain and knowing his business, braced his legs and swayed backward.

Amongst these are numbered:a digest of the entire body of laws, even then become unwieldy and oppressive; the establishment of vast and comprehensive public libraries, Greek as well as Latin; the chastisement of Dacia (that needed a cow-hiding for insolence as much as Affghanistan from us in 1840); the conquest of Parthia; and the cutting a ship canal through the Isthmus of Corinth.

Hank had explained to him the outline of a bull's hoofs, of a cow's or calf's, too, for that matter; he had drawn them clearly on a strip of birch bark.

Even a strayed horse or a strayed cow is advertised with a picture representing the animal in the very act of going astray.

When Mrs. Thrale suggested that a lady would be grieved because her friend had lost the chance of a fortune, "She will suffer as much, perhaps," he replied, "as your horse did when your cow miscarried."

Besides the elements, the cow is considered sacred by them.

I milked a cow once.

OnlySay, what do you hit a cow with when you milk her?" "I don't hit her at all," laughed Joel.

The room behind him was getting dark, but outside the sky seemed to be growing lighter, and mother still stooped from bed to bed, moving placidly, like a cow.

As is customary, he was stripped, tied to a log, and the cow-skin applied to his naked body till his master was exhausted.

Mr. Long would tie them up by the wrist, so high that their toes would just touch the ground, and then with a cow-hide lay the lash upon the naked back, until he was exhausted, when he would sit down and rest.

As soon as he had rested sufficiently, he would ply the cow-hide again, thus he would continue until the whole back of the poor victim was lacerated into one uniform coat of blood.

At the top of the arch, thus formed, was attached a large cow-bell, the motion of which, while walking the streets, made it necessary for the slave to hold his hand to one of its sides, to steady it.

Nor shall you, my Lord, for your fair Daughter ever find just cause to mourn your choice of me; the name of Husband, nor the authority it carries in it, shall ever teach me to forget to be, as I am now, her Servant, and your Lordship's; and but that modesty forbids, that I should sound the Trumpet of my own deserts, I could say, my choice manners have been such, as render me lov'd and remarkable to the Princes of the Blood, Cow.

What, Nymphs with Beards? Cow.

I'll make my way, and therefore quickly leave me, or I'll force you; and having first torn off your flanting feathers, I'll trample on 'em; and if that cannot teach you to quit my house, I'll kick ye out of my gates; you gawdy Glow-worms, carrying seeming fire, yet have no heat within ye. Cow.

My Coach and Horses made the ransom of our Cowardize! Cow.

And all this you seriously believe? Cow.

Honour is nothing with you? Cow.

Will't not fight of it self? Cow.

Cow. 'Tis at your service, Sir, a Lath in a Velvet Scabbard will serve my turn.

Lew before Cow.

Cow. & Andr. Bri.

Then for my hopes: Cow.

horse 20625 occurrences

The Georgia legislature by special act gave him a farm; he was welcomed in the tavern circle of chatting lawyers whenever his favorite Judge Dooly held court at his home village; and once when the formality of drawing his pension carried him to Savannah the governor of the state, seeing him pass, dragged him from his horse and quartered him as a guest in his house.

Furthermore there were no slaves committed for counterfeiting or forgery, horse stealing, slave stealing or aiding slaves to escape.

The highway robbers numbered 15, the horse thieves 20, and the thieves of other sorts falling within the purview of the vouchers 24, with no women in these categories.

In Alabama in 1827 a negro was convicted of rape at Tuscaloosa, and another in Washington County confessed after capture that while a runaway he had met Miss Winnie Caller, taken her from her horse, dragged her into the woods and butchered her "with circumstances too horrible to relate"; and at Mobile in 1849 a slave named Ben was sentenced to death for an attempt at rape upon a white woman.

The miscreants then loaded a horse with plunder from the house and made off, but they were shortly caught by pursuing citizens and hanged.

His horse, of course, would try to cut us up as we deployed on the beach.

A horse will pick its steps however fast it may go.

You will understand that my horse and I had been struck, the horse killed, and I with my ribs broken by the tumbril.

You will understand that my horse and I had been struck, the horse killed, and I with my ribs broken by the tumbril.

I took my sword, and I opened my dead horse, so well as I could, and I made space in him for me to lie, with one little hole for my mouth.

Then in the night, when I slept, there came the wolves to eat the horse, and they had a little pinch of me also, as you can see; but after that I was on guard with my pistols, and they had no more of me.

"What did you eat?" "Why, I ate the horse.

Soon came the news that the folk of Vienna, who had been cutting up Europe as if it had been a jigget of mutton, had flown back, each to his own country, and that every man and horse in their armies had their faces towards France.

But the Duke was as clever as he, for he had his horse and his light troops all round him, like a great spider's web, so that the moment a French foot stepped across the border he could close up all his men at the right place.

None of us dared move our heads, but every eye in the regiment whisked round, and there we saw an officer with the cockade of a general's aide-de-camp thundering down the road as hard as a great dapple-grey horse could carry him.

"That's heavy horse," said he.

Then in the evening the horse Harry was riding, in the matter of which he had been cheated by his cousin Will, at Castlewood, came down on his knees and sent the rider over his head.

That Mr. Warrington is still alive can be proved by the following letter, sent from the lady into whose house he was taken after his fall from Mr. Will's broken-kneed horse, to Mrs. Esmond Warrington.

Her carriage passed on; a minute afterwards a horse came clattering over the pavement behind Osborne's carriage, and Major Dobbin rode up.

One of Vronsky's chief pleasures was horse-racing, and at the brilliant races that season he himself rode his own splendid horse.

One of Vronsky's chief pleasures was horse-racing, and at the brilliant races that season he himself rode his own splendid horse.

He was picked up uninjured, but the horse had its back broken.

Get out of my daylight, you dog-robber, or I'll walk the little horse around your neck like a three-ringed circus.

Laddy's nose to keep him from talking horse to the Injun ponies, and prepared to sneak to where I'd rather be.

He's got an arm on him like the hind leg of a horse, and he uses an ax like a tack-hammer.

Do we say   cow   or  horse