Do we say cow or horse

cow 2751 occurrences

They replied with coarse insults, calling her strumpet and cow-girl, and threatening to burn her when they caught her.

A quadrangle of slate-roofed cow-sheds, for housing horses and cattle, will displace the old-fashioned barns, each with its rood of roof.

A score or more had come in, each leading or driving a single cow or calf.

The rain had continued most of the day, and I was obliged to seek shelter sometimes under a stunted tree which helped out the protecting power of a weather-beaten umbrella; now in the doorway of an open stable or cow-shed, and once with my back against the door of a wayside church, which kept off the rain in one direction.

All through this period he carried with him his first interest in cattle-culture, but was unable to make a beginning in it until 1837, when he purchased a single Shorthorn cow in the county of Durham, and soon afterward two other animals of the same blood.

Look derive their Title even from the Sheep, and we say such a[n] one has a Sheep's Eye, not so much to denote the Innocence as the simple Slyness of the Cast: Nor is this metaphorical Inoculation a modern Invention, for we find Homer taking the Freedom to place the Eye of an Ox, Bull, or Cow in one of his principal Goddesses, by that frequent Expression of

It was not very good stock with which to begin life on a farm, but the monotony was relieved by a hooking, kicking cow, and a horse which broke wagons to splinters.

Thy father's courtier is Yudhishthira and thy father's cook Vallava is Bhimasena, the groom of horses is Nakula, and Sahadeva is in the cow-pen.

The next year "Animals in a Pasture," a "Cow lying in a Meadow," and a "Horse for sale," attracted still more attention.

"Behind the house is a large park divided from the forest by a high wall; a lawn and flower-beds are laid out near the buildings; and on the lawn, in pleasant weather, graze a magnificent bull and cow, which are kept as models.

And while he chopped the wood and milked the cow and fed the mule, and skinned the rabbits, he saw other days ahead like this, and whistled and sang and talked to the hound, who followed close at his heels every step he took.

Once on a time there was a pool Fringed all about with flag-leaves cool And spotted with cow-lilies garish, Of frogs and pouts the ancient parish.

Nor shall you, my Lord, for your fair Daughter ever find just cause to mourn your choice of me; the name of Husband, nor the authority it carries in it, shall ever teach me to forget to be, as I am now, her Servant, and your Lordship's; and but that modesty forbids, that I should sound the Trumpet of my own deserts, I could say, my choice manners have been such, as render me lov'd and remarkable to the Princes of the Blood, Cow.

What, Nymphs with Beards? Cow.

I'll make my way, and therefore quickly leave me, or I'll force you; and having first torn off your flanting feathers, I'll trample on 'em; and if that cannot teach you to quit my house, I'll kick ye out of my gates; you gawdy Glow-worms, carrying seeming fire, yet have no heat within ye. Cow.

My Coach and Horses made the ransom of our Cowardize! Cow.

And all this you seriously believe? Cow.

Honour is nothing with you? Cow.

Will't not fight of it self? Cow.

Cow. 'Tis at your service, Sir, a Lath in a Velvet Scabbard will serve my turn.

The other morning one solemn old cow put her head through the fence, and stared with amazement at my crutches.

She speaks Italian like a Spanish cow, and indeed she needs a professor badly enough.

Its turbid waters bear away the riches of the poorthe cow that served a little household and followed the children, lowing, to reedy meadows bathed by limpid streamsa horse caught browsing in a peaceful vale, thinking no illgreat trees hurling destruction with them.

Where is the gray-skinned, soft-eyed cow that hardly needed a cord to lead her?

He hired out for a year the very next day after the eppisode, to work for twenty dollars a month on a farm, house rent, wood, and cow furnished.

horse 20625 occurrences

In a short time the lameness passed off, and the horse was put to work.

Now, we know that quite often under these circumstances the horse goes perfectly sound.

Therefore, to convince such unthinking Folks, let them take a thick Stick and beat a Horse soundly upon his Legs so that they bruise them in several Places, after which they will swell, I dare say, and yet be in no danger of Greasing.

] 'The dressing of the foot and nailing of the shoe can usually be more expeditiously performed when the horse is on his feet than when prone.

To effect this it is necessary to recast the horse.

Treated in this way, the horse with cankered feet may be usually kept at work during the whole time that treatment is carried out, and a cure is obtainable in periods varying from six weeks to six or even twelve months.

I readily agreed, and, after the necessary arrangements, had the horse removed to Birmingham on July 2.

I was consulted in the early part of last summer, before the dry weather had begun, as to a farm-horse with canker in three feet.

In size the necrotic portion thus recognisable varies from the tiniest speck to a portion the size of a horse-bean.

With the horse cast and the preliminary steps over, the thinned horn of the quarter is incised in a semicircular fashion, and the half-moon-shaped piece thus separated from its surroundings stripped off.

A horse with the cartilage in this transition state will therefore pass muster, and a nice little point of ethics has again to be decided by the veterinary surgeon before giving his signature to a certificate of examination of an animal in this condition.

If lameness is met with at all, then it is where we have a foot that is in other respects unsound, with badly contracted heels and upright 'stumpy' hoof, or where side-bones have occurred in a young animal, and have already reached a large size before the horse is put to labour.

Directly the horse is put to work he has for a great part of his time to travel upon roadwayseither macadamized roads or town setswhere everything is calculated to bring concussion about.

The close contiguity of the joint (it can never be far distant in foot cases), the spreading character of the disease, and the rapidity with which the horse succumbs to arthritis, are all factors to be taken into consideration, and to lead to a warning-note being struck when attending a case of such kind.

'Figs. 150 and 151 represent the phalangeal bones of the off fore-leg of a thoroughbred horse named Osman, who was well known as a hunt steeplechaser of considerable merit in the Midland counties some twenty years ago.

The horse was lame, and walked similar to one that had had laminitis, putting the heel down first upon the ground.

1. 'The horse was brought in markedly lame on the off hind-foot, knuckling at the fetlock, and taking a long stride with the injured limb.

One such case is reported by Mr. J.H. Carter, F.R.C.V.S., where the horse's foot was run over by a tram-engine, in which the os pedis and the navicular were fractured in several places.[A] A further case is on record where a sharp blow on the front of the hoof was the cause.

'The animal was a Hungarian, a troop-horse in the 3rd Hussars (G. 15).

The accident caused great lameness in the near fore-leg, and the horse had to be led the remainder of that day's march.

I failed to find any heat in, or any flinching by manipulation of, any part of the limb; but, in walking, the horse was excessively lame, going on the toe, and, indeed, trying if possible to keep the foot entirely off the ground.

The horse was then not nearly so lame.

He, however, only attended one field-day, and was taken into the Horse Infirmary again on March 8, very lame.

Towards the end of April there was no improvement at all, and I applied for permission to destroy the horse.

Some had a stirrup cup or two before parting, and I cannot forget one who tore past on a huge white horse, brandishing a great rusty sword in the moonlight.

Do we say   cow   or  horse