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Do we say   cow   or  horse

Do we say cow or horse

cow 3183 occurrences

"I aim to give Mr. Passmore a teaspoonful of lamp oilkarosene," said the cow doctor, coming forward, evidently feeling that it was time he spoke up himself.

They are freaks of nature, like the woolly horse and the sacred cow; only, when they are produced, so many people will not pay money to see them as to see the w.h. and the s.c.

" Occasionally when the dairymaid churned for a long time without making butter, she would stir the cream with a twig of mountain ash, and beat the cow with another, thus breaking the witch's spell.

Among names in which the word cow figures may be mentioned the cow-bane, water-hemlock, from its supposed baneful effects upon cows, because, writes Withering, "early in the spring, when it grows in the water, cows often eat it, and are killed by it."

Among names in which the word cow figures may be mentioned the cow-bane, water-hemlock, from its supposed baneful effects upon cows, because, writes Withering, "early in the spring, when it grows in the water, cows often eat it, and are killed by it."

Lay the ham on the bottom of a stewpan, cut up the veal and cow-heel into small pieces, and lay them on the ham; add the poultry trimmings, vegetables, herbs, sherry, and water, and let the whole simmer very gently for 4 hours, carefully taking away all scum that may rise to the surface; strain through a fine sieve, and pour into an earthen pan to get cold.

[Illustration: SHORT-HORN COW.] [Illustration: SHORT-HORN BULL.] 590.

The disease of cow-pox generally takes twenty days to complete its course; in other words, the maturity and declension of the pustule takes that time to fulfil its several changes.

We kept Old Red, the best cow; there was pasture enough for her in the orchard, for the trees wa'n't growed to be bearin' as yet, and we 'lotted a good deal on milk to our house; besides, it saved butcher's meat.

This compound word has by some silly person been traced to the Saxon cyse, meaning condensed cow, and the Celtic it, meaning it.

Then the colored band came forward, hand in hand, and sang together, with a will, Whittier's immortal "Boat Song": "We own de hoe, we own de plough, We own de hands dat hold; We sell de pig, we sell de cow; But nebber chile be sold.

The food, however, is generally smoked from the cow-dung fire.

Round every house are great stacks and piles of cow-dung cakes.

All possess a cow or two, a few goats, and probably a pair of plough-bullocks.

The cow being a sacred animal, they only use her products, milk and butter.

Covering themselves with their cloth as I have described, the projecting ends of the two sticks representing the horns, they simulate all the movements of a cow or bull.

The idiotic looking old cow, as we will call the hunter, has all his wits about him.

He is no more like a cow, than that respectable animal is like a cucumber; but he paws, and tosses, and moves about, pretends to eat, to nibble here, and switch his tail there, and so manoeuvres as to keep the running quail away from the unprotected edges of the field.

When they get to the verge protected by the net, they begin to take alarm; they are probably not very certain about the peculiar looking 'old cow' behind them, and running along the net, they see the decoy quails evidently feeding in great security and freedom.

The puzzling nets are barring the way, and the 'old cow' is gradually closing up behind.

As the hunter moves along, I should have told you, he rubs two pieces of dry hard sticks gently up and down his thigh with one hand, producing a peculiar crepitation, a crackling sound, not sufficient to startle the birds into flight, but alarming them enough to make them get out of the way of the 'old cow.'

I should prefer, 'garlanded with flowers as for a sacrifice 'and cut the cow altogether.

On the evening of July 2 I was sent, in command of fifty men, to relieve the picket at a place called the "Cow House"; this was an outshed belonging to Sir Theophilus Metcalfe's mansion, burnt by the rebels on May 11, and midway between that building and the stables, at each of which were stationed 150 men.

As he was eating dinner in the country, where most of his time was spent, a cow approached him, knelt down, and put her head beneath his feet.

Long after the city was evacuated I saw a cow bellowing under an archway of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

One of his favourite remarks is that the one woman of his acquaintance who knows more about artillery than a cow does of mathematics is "Very sincerely yours, "EVELYN STROKES.

* * * * * I fancy that of late the cinema has somewhat departed from its life-long preoccupation with the cow-boy, otherwise, I should have little hesitation in predicting a great future on the film for Naomi of the Mountains (CASSELL).

Between the cow-house and the stable there was a broad, handsome carriage-gate; this too came within the light-radius.

Should a woman enter a cow-house to milk her cows without saying "God and St. Bridget bless you!"

We find, for instance, that the use of an artificial cow for approaching wild-fowl was understood at that time, the only difference being that a model was used more like a horse than a cow (Fig. 133); we also see sportsmen shooting at bears, wild boars, stags, and such live animals with arrows having sharp iron points, intended to enter deep into the flesh, notwithstanding the thickness of the fur and the creature's hard skin.

We find, for instance, that the use of an artificial cow for approaching wild-fowl was understood at that time, the only difference being that a model was used more like a horse than a cow (Fig. 133); we also see sportsmen shooting at bears, wild boars, stags, and such live animals with arrows having sharp iron points, intended to enter deep into the flesh, notwithstanding the thickness of the fur and the creature's hard skin.

In this manner, accompanied by the shouts of the crowd, the rattling of old tin kettles, and the blowing of cow's horns, producing altogether a horrible din, they parade before the dwelling house of some peace-breaking couple; and should they be in possession of any word or words made use of by the unhappy pair in their squabbles, you may be sure such expressions are repeated with all due emphasis by the performers on the (stage) ladder.

With that he led me down the village to an old cow-house, in which we found a tumble-down sort of diligence, such as they used to run early in this century, between some of our remote villages.

"In dem days when a man owned a plantation and had children and they liked any of the little slave niggers, they were issued out to 'em just like a horse or cow.

I heard em say: 'Nigger ain't no more'n a horse or cow,' But they got out from under that now.

It is a cow's horn, and makes a short, loud sound.

As soon as he had rested sufficiently, he would ply the cow-hide again, thus he would continue until the whole back of the poor victim was lacerated into one uniform coat of blood.

Whilst staying at a friend's house some years ago, I one day saw the mistress with a cow-hide in her hand, and heard her scolding in an under tone, her waiting man, who was about twenty-five years old.

"It was a general practice, while I was at Huntsville, Alabama, to have a patrol every night; and, to my knowledge, this patrol was in the habit of traversing the streets with cow-skins, and, if they found any slaves out after eight o'clock without a pass, to whip them until they were out of reach, or to confine them until morning."

One of his lads, aged about fourteen, was ordered to go and milk the cow: and falling asleep, through weariness, the master called out and ordered him a flogging.

At the top of the arch, thus formed, was attached a large cow-bell, the motion of which, while walking the streets, made it necessary for the slave to hold his hand to one of its sides, to steady it.

The domestic animals of these states are, the horse, ass, mule, rumrah (a beast of burden in the mountainous parts), camel, dromedary, antelope, cow, dog, sheep, and large goat.

A complete stranger to such ways might easily suppose that they were engaged in a wordy battle of alarming ferocity, when they are merely discussing the pig's measles, or the case of a cow that strayed into a field of lucern, and was found the next morning like a balloon.

And who would reek and wallow o' nights in the same straw, like a stalled cow, when he may have his choice of all the clean holly bushes in the forest?

One that would clap a man on the back when his cow died, and behave like a gentleman to himthat never met you after a hailstorm without lightening himself of a few pocket-burners.

Sometimes I fancied myself buried in one of the pyramids of Egypt, breaking my shins against the bones of a sacred cow.

This day my neighbor Ball's cow, getting out of the pasture and running on the highway, was put in the pound.

Neighbor Ball's cow, getting among my wife's rosebushes, did do some damage, whereat she was much vexed.

Caught the said cow, and begged my neighbor to keep her at home, which she promised to do, but in an hour back again.

Neighbor Ball did hint to my wife that he knew about matters better let alone, whereat my wife did tell her that she wished he would give her a charm to keep her cow out of our yard.

One fellar rode a mule or cow one the other to preaching.

Some had on skin coverings, cow heads and horns.

He kept their horns cut off and some of the cow's horns were off.

"4 has a peck of Horse Dung "5 has mud taken out of the creek "6 has cow dung "7 has marle from the Gulleys on the hillside, wch.

A hurtling cow hit one of the larger blocks and smashed like an egg.

A cow demon, Vatsasura, tries to mingle with the herd.

'At this time Krishna and Balarama, accompanied by the cow-boys, traversed the forests, that echoed with the hum of bees and the peacock's cry.

At eveningtide the two immortals, having come to the cow-pens, joined heartily in whatever sports amused the sons of the herdsmen.'

Following this discomfiture, Indra comes down from the sky accompanied by his white elephant and by Surabhi, the cow of plenty.

Soon after parting with Patuone, we fell in with a most beautiful bull, cow, and calf.

"Your father and mother, your sister and brother," he replies, adding frankly that he won the father's favor with a present of a horse, the mother's with a cow, the sister's with a bracelet, the brother's with an ox.

Then the unwilling bride lifts her voice and curses the family: "May the father's horse rot under him; may the mother's cow yield blood instead of milk!"

Leslie (whom Darwin cites) is therefore wrong when he says "it is a mistake to imagine that a girl is sold by her father in the same manner, and with the same authority, with which he would dispose of a cow."

You milk the cow with fleshy hand.

If a girl was well off, and had been careful and industrious, she might herself bring a dowry, of a cow and a calf, a brood mare, a bed well stocked with blankets, and a chest containing her clothesthe latter not very elaborate, for a woman's dress consisted of a hat or poke bonnet, a "bed gown," perhaps a jacket, and a linsey petticoat, while her feet were thrust into coarse shoepacks or moccasins.

A bushel of alum salt was worth a good cow and calf, and as each of the poorly fed, undersized pack animals could carry but two bushels, the mountaineers prized it greatly, and instead of salting or pickling their venison, they jerked it, by drying it in the sun or smoking it over a fire.

Only a severe stroke, delivered by a formidable army, could cow the tribes.

KITTY One would think that I was a cow or a sheep, myself, going to be sold to the highest bidder.

'Tis well you know there's no more music in the Delahunty family than there would be in an old cow or a mangy jackass that you'd find grazin' by the roadside.

I shall never forget my first attempt at milking a cow.

A little later will come maple-sugar time, when the stately maples are tapped as the sap begins to stir, and be-ringed with absurd little buckets (a cow being milked into a thimble gives some idea of the disproportion), which are emptied into cauldrons.

" And while he chopped the wood and milked the cow and fed the mule, and skinned the rabbits, he saw other days ahead like this, and whistled and sang and talked to the hound, who followed close at his heels every step he took.

"Another thing: If the engineer of a railroad train sees a cow or a horse or a sheep on the track, or a hog, he must stop the train or the road is liable for any damage done 'em.

Everyone was listening so closely that the whispered sneering comment of Old Man Thornycroft to the man next to him was audible, "What's all this got to do with the case?" "The p'int I'm gettin' to is this," went on Mr. Kirby, not paying attention to him: "a dog is not like a cow or a horse or any four-footed critter.

The other morning one solemn old cow put her head through the fence, and stared with amazement at my crutches.

"Make heap noise through rock, then make swamp thick for cow moosethen run through mountain and make wide, smooth river once more.

When about right, as I thought, I climbed up behind a bunch of sycamores, and when I slowly and cautiously raised up I was within fifty yards of a cow or steer of some sort which I could dimly see.

I examined my game and found the first one was a poor old cow, but the others were yearlings, one of them very fat and nice, and I soon had the hind quarters skinned out, and all the fat I could find, which made a big load for the mule.

In the morning the two horsemen and two Indians went to the corral, when the riders would catch a cow with their ropes and draw her head up to a post, binding it fast, while an Indian took a short piece of rope and closely tied the hind legs together above the gambrel joint, making the tail fast also.

They wanted them uniform in size all over the state, but there was some opposition, and the debate on this occasion was between the members from the mining counties on one side and the "cow" counties on the other.

Capt. Hunt, of San Bernardino (our guide from Salt Lake in 1849), came along and stopped where I stood, shaking me heartily by the hand, inquiring where I was from, and when I told him I was from the mines he said he thought the cow county fellows were trying to make the miners some trouble.

When occasion offered he called for a vote which resulted in the defeat of the cow counties and a postponement of the measure indefinitely.

He had halted some five leagues beyond Crandlemar at an inn remote from the highway, the landlord of which was a monk, dissembling his name to Jacques Dempsy of the Cow and Horn, and his religion to anything that was the king's pleasure.

At last, Dempsy of the Cow and Horn began in deep, full tones the first movement of the "Kyrie eleison, Christe Eleison, Kyrie eleison," and one by one every voice leapt up in a God-have-mercy, and the walls echoed and without the birds seemed to take it up, and it was carried to a listening ear not far from the shadow of the wall.

He was without servant, as 'twas safer to leave him at the Cow and Horn;especially one who has corners on his conscience.

"This isn't wide enough for a cow-path.

She uses for plates only banana leaves, which, when she has done with them, she throws away in a sequestered spot; for should a cow find and eat them, the animal would waste away and perish.

Rev. J. Roscoe, "The Bahima, a Cow Tribe of Enkole," Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, xxxvii.

In ten days or so the copious draughts of blood which he has swallowed have so fortified his constitution that he can undertake longer journeys; so when he falls in with great herds of cattle or flocks of sheep he returns no more to the grave for rest and refreshment at night, but takes up his quarters during the day either between the horns of a sturdy calf or ram or between the hind legs of a milch-cow.

He can change his shape and weight very easily; for example, when he is sitting by day between the horns of a ram, the animal scarcely feels his weight, but at night he will sometimes throw himself on an ox or a cow so heavily that the animal cannot stir, and lows so pitifully that it would make your heart bleed to hear.

The reason is that the vampyre is lying there, having dropped from his seat between the cow's horns when the animals were driven between the two fires.

The spirit rides the cow till he comes to the narrow pass between the two fires, but the heat there is too much for him; he drops in a faint from the saddle, or rather from the horns, and the now riderless animal escapes safe and sound beyond the smoke and flame, leaving her persecutor prostrate on the ground on the further side of the blessed barrier.

"Whoo! whoo!" comes a sound like a stray cow's groan; The poor boy's courage is daunted.

Goats may be considered a holy animal in India, although Hinduism names the cow, monkey, snake, elephant and tiger among its five holiest animals.

This is a good idea that will be turned into a major scam & cash cow.

This would mean the Black Bull in Canterbury Road predates it by 40 years, the original Royal George in the harbour by 65 years and the Red Cow in Foord Road by 100 years.

Traditionally, leaders will come together and share a meal of amangqina (cow hooves) while having a conversation about many different issues not necessarily politics.

Two hornlike spines, like horns of a cow, hover over each eye, prompting its name, and two also protrude from the carapace’s back corners.

I said it in this House many times, hunting and trapping and fishing with my father, that was a cow path at best.

Mkitage and Salumu did not receive their cow through AMCC, but through a smaller PWRDF initiative known locally as CHIP, or the Community Health Improvement Program, which ended earlier this year.

horse 22249 occurrences

In an instant the army was in line, the campfires were extinguished, and the governor mounted his horse and proceeded to the point of attack.

Never had ground flowed with such swiftness under the belly of a horse on a Texas track.

By holding the hoop extended straight out, the horse's body would pass directly under this.

Finally the great forty-horse team lumbered up with its mighty load.

Andy could see down at the horse and ahead along the road.

Andy remembered now that in stopping the horse Ripley had used the reins.

"Say, mister, where's that horse?" "Oh, he's all right.

Ripley started after the runaway horse.

Horses and Carriages to be obtained at the hotels or from the guides, who are mostly horse proprietors.

Horse : Gnoormiee.

Shortly after reaching the creek the horse Monkey knocked up, though only carrying a pack-saddle since the 30th July; I therefore left the saddle, having removed all such portion of the fittings which might hereafter be useful.

up with a sick horse that belonged to the meanest man unhung.

Thomas Day died through a fall from his horse on September 28, 1789.

A few minutes later, and the shed was filled with soldiers, while a body of horse galloping into the field drew op before it.

Barnaby and his father were carried off by one road in the centre of a body of foot-soldiers; Hugh, fast bound upon a horse, was taken by another.

On the outskirts of this town a travelling circus ("Sleary's Horse-riding") had pitched its tent, and, to his amazement, Mr. Gradgrind observed his two eldest children trying to obtain a peep, at the back of the booth, of the hidden glories within.

In childhood he must have decapitated his rocking-horse, hanged his doll in a miniature gallows, and burnt his baubles at mimic stakes.

Pitt wanted to lay a tax on every horse that started in a race.

The horse-dealer's wife sat down and discussed a wing of chicken and glass of wine, and in the meantime her victimizer had been watching his opportunity, slipped down stairs, jumped into the vehicle, and drove off.

In the case of Holloway, the lawyer, Sheridan took advantage of his well-known vanity of his judgment of horse-flesh.

'You were speaking to me the other day about a horse for Mrs. Sheridan; now this would be a treasure for a lady.'

'Not at all,' replies the lawyer, only too happy to show off his own: and touching up the horse, put him to a quiet canter.

There were holes in the metaled road where misaimed shells had descended, and in any one of these holes you might have buried a horse.

Because they cannot ride a horse, which every clown can do; salute and court a gentlewoman, carve at table, cringe and make conges, which every common swasher can do, [1990]hos populus ridet, &c., they are laughed to scorn, and accounted silly fools by our gallants.

this alone kills many a man, that they are tied to the same still, as a horse in a mill, a dog in a wheel, they run round, without alteration or news, their life groweth odious, the world loathsome, and that which crosseth their furious delights, what?

[2310]Carolus Pugnax, that great duke of Burgundy, made H. Holland, late duke of Exeter, exiled, run after his horse like a lackey, and would take no notice of him: 'tis the common fashion of the world.

Anno 1527, when Rome was sacked by Burbonius, the common soldiers made such spoil, that fair churches were turned to stables, old monuments and books made horse-litter, or burned like straw; relics, costly pictures defaced; altars demolished, rich hangings, carpets, &c., trampled in the dirt.

Great men are most part thus affected all, "as a horse they neigh," saith

He that marries a wife out of a suspected inn or alehouse, buys a horse in Smithfield, and hires a servant in Paul's, as the diverb is, shall likely have a jade to his horse, a knave for his man, an arrant honest woman to his wife.

He that marries a wife out of a suspected inn or alehouse, buys a horse in Smithfield, and hires a servant in Paul's, as the diverb is, shall likely have a jade to his horse, a knave for his man, an arrant honest woman to his wife.

All other creatures are fair, I confess, and many other objects do much enamour us, a fair house, a fair horse, a comely person.

Finis, as knowing magnus ejus in animos imperium; and that, as Sabellicus delivers, "A man without religion, is like a horse without a bridle."

One while by bulls, pardons, indulgencies, and their doctrines of good works, that they be meritorious, hope of heaven, by that means they have so fleeced the commonalty, and spurred on this free superstitious horse, that he runs himself blind, and is an ass to carry burdens.

One of them, passed in the reign of William and Mary, still forbade any Roman Catholic to come within ten miles of London, to have either sword or pistol in his house, or to possess a horse worth more than five pounds.

alazán, m., sorrel horse.

caballería, f., horse, mount, saddlehorse, chivalry; pl., chivalrous deeds.

She and her two daughters went with us in an open chaise to Knole, and as the chaise held only five, we mounted Miss James upon a little horse, which she rode famously.

I don't know but a good horse whip would be more beneficial to me than Physic.

The broad fields and woods all around; And with our swift steam-horse, again we went skimming Through village, and meadow, and town.

Our driver spoke of Sir James as a kind, free-hearted man, but addicted to horse-races and similar pastimes, and a little too familiar with the wine-cup; so that poor Bozzy's booziness would appear to have become hereditary in his ancient line.

One warm afternoon as Robert walked down the single street with Tayoga and Grosvenor, he saw a very young man, only three or four years older than himself, riding a large, white horse.

" "Unbeatable he may be, Walter," said the other, "but there is no horse so good that there isn't a better.

"He has a good horse, I admit, but his spirit has become unduly inflated about it.

exclaimed Stuart, "but you do know that my three year old Blenheim is the swiftest horse ever bred in the colony.

I've black boys cunning with horses, but since it's horse against horse it should also be master against master."

I've black boys cunning with horses, but since it's horse against horse it should also be master against master."

Away from the House of Burgesses the coming horse race displaced the war for a brief space.

"What do they say?" "Stuart knows that Blenheim is the fastest horse in Virginia, and Cabell knows that Cressy is, and so there the matter stands until the race is run."

I can see horse tracks!" cried Larry.

"Here are horse tracks, too, only most of the hoofprints are made by cattle.

But before he could get it to his shoulder the head of the horse came into view and the next instant the head and shoulders of a man.

Everybody to horse!"

Give me a horse and I'll have you at the Lost Lode before dark to-night!

"If we're going to trust Lawrence to lead us to the mine, we can certainly trust him with a horse," declared Mr. Wilder.

philosophyCan we neglect past if we would avoid future errors?British temper and policy in the Crimean WarWhat are its lessons?Why we fought a war to sustain the "integrity and independence of the Turkish dominion in Europe"Supporting the Turk against his Christian victimsFrom fear of Russian growth which we are now aidingThe commentary of eventsShall we back the wrong horse again?

The moment a sword or rifle is put into his hands, he instinctively knows how to use it with effect, and feels at home in the ranks or on a horse.

Sambhavanâtha: (1) Uvarîmagraiveka;(2) Sâvathi or ['S]ràvasti; (3) Jitâri by Senâmâtâ; (4) golden; (5) the horse,a['s]va, gho[d.]a; (6) 400 poles; (7) 6,000,000 pûrva years; (8) the PrayâlaBuchanania latifolia; (9) Trimukha and Duritârî (DigambaraPrajñaptî); (10) Châru and ['S]yâmâ.

It is enjoined upon every living creature able to mount a horse, a mule, or any quadruped whatever, to visit Gavarnie; in default of other beasts, he should, putting aside all shame, bestride an ass.

"Is he all right?" "Wears his left wrist in a sling; Colles's fracture; horse fell.

Only one horse of that gun-team remained alive, and the gunners had lashed the prolonge to the trail of the overturned cannon and to the poor horse's collar, and were trying to drag the piece away with the hope of righting it.

Only one horse of that gun-team remained alive, and the gunners had lashed the prolonge to the trail of the overturned cannon and to the poor horse's collar, and were trying to drag the piece away with the hope of righting it.

"Thenwill you lie very still and not move?" "Yes; only don't let the horse step on me."

The swallow-tailed national flags, the yellow guidons with their crossed sabres, the blue State colours, streamed above their shifting squadrons as they trotted hither and thither with the leisurely precision of a peaceful field day; but here and there from the trampled earth some fallen horse raised its head in agony; here and there the plain was dotted with dark heaps that never stirred.

I haven't another ambulance to sendnot a horse or a mule" "II'll walk," she said with a sob in her throat.

She promised, shook hands with him again, disengaged herself from the crowd around her, turned about to search for Berkley, and caught sight of him near the stables, saddling his horse.

He turned his horse into it.

He encircled her slender body with his right arm and, shaking out the bridle, launched his horse at a gallop down the sandy lane.

Her breath and his mingled as they sped forward; the wind rushed by, waving the foliage on either hand; a steady storm of sand and gravel rained rattling through the bushes as the spurred horse bounded forward, breaking into a grander stride, thundering on through the gathering dusk.

General Pleasanton with a small force and a horse battery began it, marching seventy-eight miles in twenty-four hours; but Stuart marched ninety in the same time.

One of these, called the Great Fall, or, from its shape, the Horse-shoe Fall, is on the Canadian side.

The portions of the British, or Horse-shoe Fall, where the waters descend in masses of snowy whiteness, were unchanged by the season, except that vast sheets of ice and icicles hung on their margin; but where the deep waves of sea-green water roll majestically over the steep, large pieces of descending ice were frequently descried on its surface.

In person Sir Thomas was above the middle height, and handsome when a young man, but he was rendered lame by a fall from his horse during one of his journeys in Flanders.

Green Pill was 30 to 1, and the Tout had his information from a Stable Boy that slept with the Horse.

Then he Spunked up and said that if she was going to look a Gift Horse in the Mouth, they wouldn't Talk about it any more.

The Table was covered with Sail Cloth, and in the Center was the Corroded Caster, which gave out a Sound similar to that of the Galloping Horse in the War Drama whenever any one walked across the Floor.

But the sharp-eyed coyote saw my horse and shied off.

We reached the rim together, and after a short rest, I mounted my horse, and we turned for camp.

Across the jutting capes separating the mouths of these canyons, high above them on the rim wall of the opposite side of the Bay, stood a giant white horse silhouetted against the white sky.

Your horse is right up back of here, across the point, if I don't mistake my bearings."

But when he saw Spitfire chewing him he uttered a shrill scream and fell sidewise off his horse.

Then two difficulties presented themselves to us, to catch the frightened horse and persuade the Indian he had not been bitten.


" "Mounted?" "Yes, sir; and with a led saddle horse and three days' rations and cornor oats would be better.

My friend of the black horse?" "Yes, sir.

If I could but get a horse; if I could but get Federal clothing; I might hope to find a horse, but to get a blue uniform seems impossible.

If I could but get a horse; if I could but get Federal clothing; I might hope to find a horse, but to get a blue uniform seems impossible.

I keep looking out for a horse, but I see nonenone in the fields or roads or pastures or lots.

Put me on a horse, and send me under guard to General Meade; you ride with me until I tell what I have to tell.

Here, Thomas, get your horse, and another for this man."

Bind my hands behind my back, and tie my feet under this horse's belly.

Bring back the extra horse."

" He put spurs to his horse and galloped west.

I dig my heels into my horse's sides; he breaks into a gallop.

At length, he makes his horse bound to my side, and I feel his hand on my collar.

I pull in my horse.

"Now get in, Jones," he said, preparing to mount his horse.

The man, having a lame horse, had come very slowly, fidgeting Mr. Grey into additional temporary discomfort.

I had had very little jerk for the last two or three days, and began to wish that I had another horse, mule, or even a wolf.

She should be cleaned and cared for like a carriage horse, and milked twice a day by the same person and at the same time.

Then move into your posting trot, letting your horse’s movement lift you up and down, and slightly forward and back.