50 examples of cowboy's in sentences

A saucy upward tilt to the nose, hinting that Carolyn June was a flirt; brown eyes that were level almost with Skinny's and that held in them a laugh and yet deep below the mirth something thoughtful, honest and unafraid, finished the wreck of the cowboy's susceptible heart.

Man and beast went down in a heapthe neck of the steer across the cowboy's body.

Instantly the Quarter Circle KT cowboy's forty-four was jerked from its holster and the blue-steel barrel swung against the side of the bartender's head.

the hostler at the livery barn asked Skinny as he stepped out to care for the cowboy's horse.

Writers who never went within 500 miles of the nearest cattle ranch or cowboy's home, treated him with less courtesy and described him in all sorts of terms.

He rode like a cowboy and carried a cowboy's rope tied to his saddle.

The peculiar cowboy's squinta frowning of the brow and a compression of the thin lipsrelaxed.

Cowboy's wedding day.

Katharine Lea Hancock (NK); 19Oct70; R494188. LEA, TOM. A stove-up cowboy's story.

Lightning, a cowboy's colt.

A cowboy's life, words & music by Smiley Burnette.

Cowboy's wedding day.

SEE DRAGO, HARRY SINCLAIR. LOMAX, JOHN A. A stove-up cowboy's story.

Lightning, a cowboy's colt.

This he hurled straight into the cowboy's face.

Politeness isn't a cowboy's long suit.

When he sang "The Dying Cowboy's Lament" and came to the passage, "Oh, take me to the churchyard and lay the sod o-o-over me," Mrs. Brewster used to say: "Gussie, Mr. Brewster'll be down in ten minutes.

" In the months of their gay life in Sixty-seventh Street, Hosey Brewster never once sang "The Dying Cowboy's Lament," nor whistled "In the Sweet By-and-By."

And he had found a cowboy's paradise, and a welcome which a king could not cavil at.

Presently she heard the cowboy's voice downstairs.

" The cowboy's eyelids flickered.

And when I read about that cowboy's hoss,the one with the sarko eye and the white legs,why, I ketched myself feelin' for my ole bandanna to blow my nose.

When I asked Isbel about him the cowboy's hard face gleamed with a smile: "Shore thet kid's all right.

Possibly he might have acquired some other of the cowboy's traits, for he asked to have his saddle straightened and to be put on his horse.

Casey lay back on a cowboy's rolled bed with his knees crossed, his hands clasped behind his thinning hair, and smoked and watched the first pale stars come out while he listened to the pleasant twang of banjos in the tuning.

50 examples of  cowboy's  in sentences