74 examples of coxswain in sentences

"He's my coxswain," said Captain Parkinson.

Congdon, the coxswain of the gig, stepped forward and began to work at the fastenings.

"Aye, aye, sir," said the coxswain, swathing it in his jacket and tucking it under his arm.

As the coxswain had predicted, the seas ran into the lofty entrance.

The captain, the surgeon, and Congdon, the coxswain, landed.

" With all the coxswain's skill, and the oarsmen's technique, the passage of the surf was a lively one, and little driblets of water marked the trail of the officers as they shuffled up the beach.

The coxswain saluted and gave an order.

An eight-oared rowing shell shot down to them, and the freckled-faced coxswain, Gilbert Lane, one of the boys the girls had met at Bob and Tommy's "party," grinned cheerfully.

Many a summer afternoon have I rowed joyously with these same maidens beneath these steep and garlanded shores; many a time have they pulled the heavy four-oar, with me as coxswain at the helm,the said patient steersman being oft-times insulted by classical allusions from rival boats, satirically comparing him to an indolent Venus drawn by doves, whi

A cardinal is made pope because he is old, infirm, and imbecileour friend Caboose was made cook because he had been Lord Nelson's coxswain, was a drunken rascal, and had a wooden leg; for, as to his gastronomical qualifications, he knew no more of the science than just sufficient to watch the copper where the salt junk and potatoes were boiling.

Coxswain, get out some lammies for them, and see they have cocoa.

' 'Ay, ay, sir,' answered the coxswain.

The coxswain, big Tom Tingle, fished him out a suit of lammies, the warm gray woollen garments which are the regular cold weather wear of the British Navy, and, as soon as he had got into them, put a mug of steaming cocoa into his hands.

The other coxswain who was at the periscope at the moment, looked up.

The other coxswain, too, had gone to his place, and Sub-Lieutenant Hotham had taken his seat at the forward periscope.

'He's right,' said Roy, 'but we shall want a pistol or two as well.' 'Plenty here, Horan,' said Williams, the torpedo coxswain, holding up a couple of the big regulation Navy revolvers.

'Up and at 'em!' came a hurricane yell from Williams, and with one bound the big coxswain had leaped aboard the launch, and was laying about him with his cutlass.

" "The stern sheets?" said Forester, "what do you mean by the stern sheets?" "Why, it is aft," said Marco, "between the coxswain's place and the stroke-oarsman.

They did, accordingly; but when they got on board the Vulture, instead of their two gallons of rum, he ordered the coxswain to be called down into the cabin and informed him that he and the men must consider themselves as prisoners.

The coxswain was very much astonished, and told him that they came on board under the sanction of a flag.

But the Captain of the Vulture had more generosity than this pitiful scoundrel, and told the coxswain that he would take his parole for going on shore to get clothes, and whatever else was wanted for himself and his companions.

the coxswain was warned, lest the barge should get into some of the troubles meant for Fritz.

Even their single canoes were sometimes between 100 and 150 feet long, and the crews of these, wielding their elastic paddles, kept time in a fashion that has won respect from the coxswain of a University eight.

Yet presently there was a revulsion of feeling as she was roused from her meditations by the coxswain's answer to her uncle, who had asked what was a smart, swift little smack, which after receiving something from a boat, began stretching her wings and making all sail for the Isle of Wight.

" "He has nought to do with the robberies, they say," added the coxswain; "but I could tell of many a young spark who has gone out with the fair traders for the sport's sake, and because gentle folk don't know what to do with their time.

74 examples of  coxswain  in sentences