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84 example sentences with  coxswain

84 example sentences with coxswain

"He's my coxswain," said Captain Parkinson.

Congdon, the coxswain of the gig, stepped forward and began to work at the fastenings.

"Aye, aye, sir," said the coxswain, swathing it in his jacket and tucking it under his arm.

As the coxswain had predicted, the seas ran into the lofty entrance.

The captain, the surgeon, and Congdon, the coxswain, landed.

With all the coxswain's skill, and the oarsmen's technique, the passage of the surf was a lively one, and little driblets of water marked the trail of the officers as they shuffled up the beach.

The coxswain saluted and gave an order.

Ere the boat reached the buoy the coxswain made out the head and shoulders of a young man above the rim of the floating buoy.

Dave, with the coxswain's aid, pulled himself into the small craft.

Recovering the buoy, the coxswain flashed the red light three times.

An eight-oared rowing shell shot down to them, and the freckled-faced coxswain, Gilbert Lane, one of the boys the girls had met at Bob and Tommy's "party," grinned cheerfully.

Down splashed the long-boat and down splashed the gig, but in an instant the coxswains and crews were swarming up the falls on to the deck once more.

Mariner N. sailor, mariner, navigator; seaman, seafarer, seafaring man; dock walloper [Slang]; tar, jack tar, salt, able seaman, A. B.; man-of-war's man, bluejacket, galiongee^, galionji^, marine, jolly, midshipman, middy; skipper; shipman^, boatman, ferryman, waterman^, lighterman^, bargeman, longshoreman; bargee^, gondolier; oar, oarsman; rower; boatswain, cockswain^; coxswain; steersman, pilot; crew.

Some Maoris, thinking the boys would be an easy prey, tried to steal on the yawl, but the coxswain of the pinnace observing them called the boat back.

One of the Maoris raised his spear to throw, and the coxswain fired over his head, causing a moment's pause of surprise; but, seeing nothing further, he again prepared to throw his spear, so the coxswain shot him, and his friends retreated at once, leaving the body behind.

One of the Maoris raised his spear to throw, and the coxswain fired over his head, causing a moment's pause of surprise; but, seeing nothing further, he again prepared to throw his spear, so the coxswain shot him, and his friends retreated at once, leaving the body behind.

But now Green, the Hillton coxswain, turned his head slightly, studied the position of the rival eight, glanced ahead at the judges' boat, and spoke a short, sharp command.

And as they went from sight, Joel, stooping, yelling, over the railing, saw, with the piercing shriek of the launch's whistle in his ears, the upraised face of Green, the coxswain, smiling placidly up at him.

She pressed on, however, and managed to reach the coxswain's house and give her message.

Formerly coxswain of Admiral de Boissondy's launch on board the Redoubtable."

Many a summer afternoon have I rowed joyously with these same maidens beneath these steep and garlanded shores; many a time have they pulled the heavy four-oar, with me as coxswain at the helm,the said patient steersman being oft-times insulted by classical allusions from rival boats, satirically comparing him to an indolent Venus drawn by doves, whi

"What are we to land here for?" said I to the coxswain.

A cardinal is made pope because he is old, infirm, and imbecileour friend Caboose was made cook because he had been Lord Nelson's coxswain, was a drunken rascal, and had a wooden leg; for, as to his gastronomical qualifications, he knew no more of the science than just sufficient to watch the copper where the salt junk and potatoes were boiling.

Coxswain, get out some lammies for them, and see they have cocoa.'

'Ay, ay, sir,' answered the coxswain.

The coxswain, big Tom Tingle, fished him out a suit of lammies, the warm gray woollen garments which are the regular cold weather wear of the British Navy, and, as soon as he had got into them, put a mug of steaming cocoa into his hands.

Williams, a burly torpedo coxswain, at once took charge of Ken.

It was Williams, the coxswain.

The other coxswain who was at the periscope at the moment, looked up.

The other coxswain, too, had gone to his place, and Sub-Lieutenant Hotham had taken his seat at the forward periscope.

'Plenty here, Horan,' said Williams, the torpedo coxswain, holding up a couple of the big regulation Navy revolvers.

'Up and at 'em!' came a hurricane yell from Williams, and with one bound the big coxswain had leaped aboard the launch, and was laying about him with his cutlass.

The ruddy weather-stained coxswain swung the wheel this way and thathis eyes were of the blue that only the sea can givein obedience to, or rather in accord with, the curt, mystic, seaman-like orders of the young officer of the watch.

"The stern sheets?" said Forester, "what do you mean by the stern sheets?" "Why, it is aft," said Marco, "between the coxswain's place and the stroke-oarsman.

Marco said that it would require a crew of eight to man the boat properly: six oarsmen, a bowman, and a coxswain.

In fact, the coxswain is the commander of the boat's crew.

"I will be bowman," said Marco, "and you can be coxswain, and then we shall want six boys for oarsmen."

"You will have to explain to me then what my duties will be," said Forester, "for I don't even know what a coxswain is."

"Then you must be coxswain at first," said Forester, "for I don't know any thing about it.

After I have learned to manage a boat with six oars, man-of-war fashion, I should like to be coxswain sometimes very much.

I'm coxswain; you must wait till I tell you, before one of you goes aboard.

The coxswains barked their orders; sixteen oars rattled in their locks; the glistening shells moved slowly homeward.

And when the nervous little coxswain called for a rousing ten strokes, the shell seemed fairly to lift out of the water.

The second boat gave the varsity some sharp brushes while the coxswains barked and the coach shouted staccato objurgation and comment through his megaphone, and the rival oarsmen swung backward and forward in the expenditure of ultimate power and drive.

The coxswain, Seagraves, was a snappy little chap, with an excellent opinion of his head.

Deacon thanked no coxswain to tell him how to row a race, when to sprint, when to dog along at a steady, swinging thirty; nor did he require advice on the pacing and general condition of a rival crew.

"Oh," Deacon shrugged; "of course," he went on a bit carelessly, "we want to see Baliol on top as often" He stopped, then broke into a chuckle as the stroke of the gentlemen's eight suddenly produced from the folds of his sweater a bottle from which he drank with dramatic unction while his fellow-oarsmen clamoured to share the libation and the coxswain abused them all roundly.

Responsive to the coxswain's sharp command Deacon plied his blade, and in the act there came to him clarity of perception.

The voice of the coxswain rasped in its combativeness.

The coxswain's command was immediately followed by others designed to work the boat back to proper starting-position.

There followed an interval of hectic stroking, oars in and out of the water as fast as could be done, while spray rose in clouds and the coxswain screamed the measure of the beat.

The coxswain's voice went past Deacon's ear like a bullet.

Deacon scowled at the tense little coxswain.

Deacon's eyes swept the face of the Shelburne coxswain; it was composed.

From the coxswain's throat issued a machine-gun fusillade of whiplash words.

They were rowing along steadily, the eyes of their coxswain turned curiously upon the Baliol shell.

The coxswain's face was white and drawn.

Deacon glanced at the coxswain.

Gritting his teeth, Deacon bent to his work, his eyes fixed upon the swaying body of the coxswain, whose sharp staccato voice snapped out the measure; the beat of the oars in the locks came as one sound.

" Following the coxswain's broken exclamation, Deacon felt an increased resistance upon his blade.

The eyes of the coxswain strained upon Deacon's face.

And of all those rowing men of Baliol only the coxswain saw the Shelburne boat creeping up slowly, inexorablyeight men against seven.

"FivesixGod, boys!seven" The voice of the coxswain swept upward in a shrill scream.

Seagraves, the coxswain, was standing up waving his megaphone.

And the Coxswain has just lost his rudderpoor Cox.!

No; Stroke, Bow, and Coxswain must "go it like bricks," If they mean to get out of this troublesome fix.

They did, accordingly; but when they got on board the Vulture, instead of their two gallons of rum, he ordered the coxswain to be called down into the cabin and informed him that he and the men must consider themselves as prisoners.

The coxswain was very much astonished, and told him that they came on board under the sanction of a flag.

But the Captain of the Vulture had more generosity than this pitiful scoundrel, and told the coxswain that he would take his parole for going on shore to get clothes, and whatever else was wanted for himself and his companions.

the coxswain was warned, lest the barge should get into some of the troubles meant for Fritz.

How it happened that the coxswain and myself were unhurt seemed a miracle.

I was on the right of Mr. Gore, in the stern-sheets of the yawl, and the coxswain was a little on the left, and over him, steering.

Even their single canoes were sometimes between 100 and 150 feet long, and the crews of these, wielding their elastic paddles, kept time in a fashion that has won respect from the coxswain of a University eight.

Yet presently there was a revulsion of feeling as she was roused from her meditations by the coxswain's answer to her uncle, who had asked what was a smart, swift little smack, which after receiving something from a boat, began stretching her wings and making all sail for the Isle of Wight.

" "He has nought to do with the robberies, they say," added the coxswain; "but I could tell of many a young spark who has gone out with the fair traders for the sport's sake, and because gentle folk don't know what to do with their time.

Served as coxswain on board the U.S.S. Oneida in the engagement at Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864.

The types depend on how many people are in the boat and if they have a coxswain or not.

His rank of coxswain entitled him to immediately command his own boat and crew.

Cal Reed, Aberdeen Lifeboat’s coxswain, said: We took the surfers onboard Bon Accord and our casualty care-qualified crew confirmed they were none the worse for their experience but grateful for the offer of assistance from the lifeboat.

Former University of Victoria coxswain Lily Copeland is photographed at home in Brentwood Bay, B.C., on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

His love of the outdoors led him to discover his true passion with high school rowing, where he was a varsity coxswain for his team at BC High.

The students were ably assisted on board by initially, CHS's coxswain Carmen Reid.

The Warrior® Coxswain boat shoe is equipped with an ultra-lightweight IMEVA® midsole that provides exceptional comfort and flexibility while a non-marking rubber outsole provides slip resistant traction on land or out at sea.

This was replaced with a direct wire system with power assistance at the rudders; it was heavier to operate, but most coxswains preferred it, as the "feel" of the boat was transmitted back to the wheel.