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109 example sentences with  craniums

109 example sentences with craniums

"Out of our brilliant craniums

I knew I had tried my best (according to my lights, which it had not occurred to me to doubt), but it never entered my cranium that he had tried, too.

He walks up and down his dingy room, thrusts his long fingers amid the raven locks that adorn his poetical cranium, and gently at first, then furiously, irritates the cuticle of his imaginative head-piece, hoping thereby to waken up his ideas and find a foundation upon which to erect another stone in the edifice of his never-fading glory.

What cool craniums those old inditers of folios must have had, what a mortified pulse!

So each time I needed a plot or a play I searched o'er the tomes where musty plots lay Bulging out with ideas from craniums dust, Whose shades may have helped as I now know and trust.

Foolishness and thirst are often found in the same heada cranium which, by the way, is exceptionally liable to be turned by knowledge or drink.

Diogenes observing this, and having nothing to do (for nobody employed him), tucked up his robe, and, with all his might, fell a rolling his tub which he lived in up and down the Cranium.

Well it was for us that he so prudently determined not to come nigh them; we might otherwise have lost this excellent writer, who with his own brave hand performed such feats in this battle; for he went through many dangers, and was wounded somewhere about Susa, I suppose, in his journey from Cranium to Lerna.

Now it has never been satisfactorily explained just why the character of an individual should be in any way deducible from such irrelevant attributes as facial anatomy, bodily structure or the shape of the cranium.

The bones of the head are described in two parts,those of the cranium, or brain-case, and those of the face.

The head is usually said to contain 22 bones, of which 8 belong to the cranium and 14 to the face.

The cranium is a dome-like structure, made up in the adult of 8 distinct bones firmly locked together.

It is wedged between the bones of the face and those of the cranium, and locks together fourteen different bones.

It bears a remarkable resemblance to a bat with extended wings, and forms a series of girders to the arches of the cranium.

The ethmoid bone is situated between the bones of the cranium and those of the face, just at the root of the nose.

It forms a part of the floor of the cranium.

The face is made up of fourteen bones which, with the exception of the lower jaw, are, like those of the cranium, closely interlocked with each other.

The great nerve, known as the spinal cord, extends from the cranium through the entire length of this canal.

We have seen how the bones of the cranium are united by sutures in a manner the better to allow the delicate brain to grow, and to afford it protection from violence.

The cerebellum, or lesser brain, lies in the back of the cranium, and is covered over in man by the posterior lobe of the cerebrum.

At the upper end the chain of each side passes up into the cranium and is closely connected with the cranial nerves.

The floor, sides, and roof of these cavities are formed by certain bones of the cranium and the face.

She indicated a fragment of a coloured relief labelled: "Portion of a painted stone tablet with a portrait figure of Amen-hetep IV," and we stopped to look at the frail, effeminate figure of the great king, with his large cranium, his queer, pointed chin and the Aten rays stretching out their weird hands as if caressing him.

When a person first wears a false head of hair, the clasp which rests upon the head, at the upper part of the forehead, being new and elastic, and pressing rather closely, will, in a few months, often make quite an indentation in the cranium or bone of the head.

One lone light at a window on the top floor suggested that the officer of the night might be awake, but what with the screeching of owls and a wind that sighed among the shrubs, headquarters looked and sounded more like a deserted ancient castle than the cranium and brain-cells of Administration.

Each of them covers his cranium with a venerable periwig, whose flowing curls and voluminous frizure bespeak wealth and contentment.

This is a greater dilemma to be caught in than is presented by the cranium of the young Bechuana ox, apparently another of the transcendentia, in the collection of Thomas Steel, Upper Brook Street, London, whose "entire length of horn, from tip to tip, along the curve, is 13 ft. 5 in.; distance (straight) between the tips of the horns, 8 ft. 8-1/2 in."

More particularly is this the case as to operations which involve opening into the abdomen, the chest, or the cranium.

brain, organ of thought, seat of thought; sensorium^, sensory; head, headpiece; pate, noddle^, noggin, skull, scull, pericranium [Med.], cerebrum, cranium, brainpan^, sconce, upper story.

But when the brain expands in the dome-like cranium of the human being, a new and incessant call is made on the reparative forces.

The poor animal replied to my caresses by a plaintive neighing; then, not to alarm him abruptly, my hand followed, by little and little, the curve of his nervous neck, and finally rested upon the spot where the last of the vertebrae unites itself with the cranium.

The entire cranium, including the face, is covered with a thick layer of sinter, which gives it the appearance of belonging to the class of skulls with Leontiasis ossea.

Vidi Romae melancholicum qui adhibitis multis remediis, sanari non poterat; sed cum cranium gladio fractum esset, optime sanatus est.

Radatur caput et fiat cauterium in capite; procul dubio ista faciunt ad fumorum exhalationem; vidi melancholicum a fortuna gladio vulneratum, et cranium fractum, quam diu vulnus apertum, curatus optime; at cum vulnus sanatum, reversa est mania.

When she expends a few sous on the cutting of her boy's hair, she has it cropped until his cranium resembles the soft, furry skin of a mole, thus rendering further outlay in this respect unlikely for months.

craneo, m., cranium.

What cool craniums those old enditers of Folios must have had.

Some people are born with a hollow in their cranium where the bump of drama ought to be.

From men wholly without philosophy, who never looked heavenward, the more brutal land animals are derived, losing the round form of the cranium by the slackening and stopping of the rotations of the encephalic soul.

He can't tell you you're the finest young tacklers that ever happened, because you'd all get swelled craniums and not do another lick of work.

Judge Doty, in a letter of thanks for a book, and some philological suggestions, transmits a list of inquiries on the legal code of the Indiansa rather hard subjectin which, quotations must not be Coke upon Littleton, but the law of tomahawk upon craniums.

Mr. Conner brought me, some days ago, a cranium of an Indian, named B-tow-i-ge-zhig (Both Sides of the Sun), who was killed and buried near his house in a singular way.

Larry thumped his cranium disgustedly.

The engineer stood in the middle of the floor, his coat off, his fat, stubby hands thrust into the pockets of his baggy trousers, his red face and bald cranium shining in the lamplight.

The apparatus in question consists of a concave sponge electrode, the concavity of which corresponds to the convexity of the external aspect of the cranium.

The black tassel normally hangs behind, and the steady-going conservatives and all who take their religion seriously, wear the inverted flower-pot- shaped affair as nearly straight up as the cranium permits.

In his lordship's cranium, the organ of exclusiveness was strongly developed.

And you're sure now you don't mind methe way I'm constructed in the cranium and all that?" "I love you, Joe!"

They consist of one of the bones of the cranium, fifteen or twenty vertebras, two entire ribs, and part of a third, one thigh bone, two bones of the leg, &c.

The heads of the bones, a considerable portion of the skull, maxillary bones, teeth, neck bones, and the vertebra, were in their proper places, though the weight of the earth above them had driven them down, yet the entire frame was so perfect that it was an easy matter to trace all the bones; the bones of the cranium were slightly inclined toward the east.

The sutures of the cranium indicated the subject to have been 25 or 28 years of age, and its top rested about 12 inches below the mark of the plow.

The top of the cranium had been moved by the plow.

There are some crania found by us in the lowermost part of the Amaknak cave and a cranium obtained at Adakh, near the anchorage in the Bay of Islands.

At Adakh a fancy prompted me to dig into a small knoll near the ancient shell-heap, and here we found, in a precisely similar sarcophagus, the remains of a skeleton, of which also only the cranium retained sufficient consistency to admit of preservation.

A similar mode of burial was practiced by the Chaldeans, where the funeral jars often contain a human cranium much too expanded to admit of the possibility of its passing out of it, so that either the clay must have been modeled over the corpse, and then baked, or the neck of the jar must have been added subsequently to the other rites of interment.

In the second instance of this peculiar mode in cremation, the cranium was discovered on nearly the opposite side of the mound, at a depth of 2 feet, and, like the former, resting on its apex.

The same resemblance was perceptible in the other cranium belonging to this mound.

As no trace of the cranium could be found, it seems probable that the head had either been burned or severed from the body and removed, or else left a prey to ravenous birds.

The cadaver had a beaver-cap ornamented with disks of copper containing the bones of the cranium, which had fallen apart.

It is a lucid little arrangement of principles, and will materially assist them; but, for our part, we confess we would sooner take the public opinion of the contents of our cranium than that of a whole society of phrenologists; and if our head be as full as our sheet, we shall be content.

"I have a theoryyou know all old men have theoriesthat it is a physical thing, as tangible as that osseous constriction of the cranium which holds the negro in subjection, and that if I could lay my finger on it I could raise the Indian to his ancient mastery and to a dignified place among the nations; I could change them from a vanishing people into a race of rulers, of lawgivers, of creators.

"I'll settle him," said Squire Headlong; and immediately posted up to Mr. Cranium, informing him that four marriages were about to take place by way of a merry winding up of the Christmas festivities.

"In the first place," said the squire, "my sister and Mr. Foster; in the second, Miss Graziosa Chromatic and Sir Patrick O'Prism; in the third, Miss Tenorina Chromatic and your humble servant; and in the fourth, to which, by the by, your consent is wanted, your daughter" "And Mr. Panscope," said Mr. Cranium.

"Pounds," said Mr. Cranium.

"Who fished you out of the water?" said Squire Headlong.. "What is that to the purpose?" said Mr. Cranium.

Mr. Cranium, after a profound reverie, said, "Do you think Mr. Escot would give me that skull?" "Skull?" said Squire Headlong.

"Yes," said Mr. Cranium.

How can you doubt it?" "I simply know," said Mr. Cranium, "that if it were once in my possession I would not part with it for any acquisition on earth, much less for a wife."

"The skull is yours," said the squire, skipping over to Mr. Cranium.

"I am perfectly satisfied," said Mr. Cranium.

His head was large; and his shaven cranium afforded an interesting phrenological treat.

The loose gown in which he painted was principally composed of shreds and patches, and might, perchance, be half a century old; his white hair was sparingly bestowed on each side, and his cranium was entirely bald.

Some form it regularly; as, asylums, compendiums, craniums, emporiums, encomiums, forums, frustums, lustrums, mausoleums, museums, pendulums, nostrums, rostrums, residuums, vacuums.

"What I want to know," retorted Mr. Emerson, "is what brand of curiosity you have in your cranium, and how did it get there?

It was a poorly clad orchard worker, young, it seemed, but with a face pale, and as rough as wrinkled paper, all the crevices and hollows of her cranium showing, her eyes sunken and dull, her unkempt hair escaping from beneath her knotted kerchief.

" He was silent an instant, as though mentally recapitulating all that he had said in order to convince himself that he had not left any forgotten idea in the corners of his cranium.

Be off with all the old lies with which you have crammed your cranium....

What moved within that motionless cranium covered with long hair?

It is understood that of the chapters dealing with the physiognomy and phrenological aspect of the subject Mr. HAROLD BEGBIE will be exclusively responsible for those on the frontal regions of Sir OLIVER'S cranium, while Sir ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE will devote himself to the occipital Hinterland.

The greater part of them, it is true, are endowed with the stature, and the noble, but austere features, which call to mind some of the great Italian painters, but there are several, (indeed the smaller number) whose cranium and profile form a singular contrast with the others.

Holroyd was proud of his big dynamo, and expatiated upon its size and power to Azuma-zi until heaven knows what odd currents of thought that and the incessant whirling and shindy set up within the curly black cranium.

He was slender, wore a mouse-colored waistcoat, fawn tie and spats, and plastered his hair neatly down on each side of a glossy cranium that was an almost perfect sphere.

From men wholly without philosophy, who never looked heavenward, the more brutal land animals are derived, losing the round form of the cranium by the slackening and stopping of the rotations of the encephalic soul.

Richter's next story, the unfinished Biographical Recreations under the Cranium of a Giantess, sprang immediately from a visit to Bayreuth in 1794 and his first introduction to aristocracy.

Alcohol, many drugs, fever, disorder the mind; a blow on the cranium suspends its functions, and the 'spirit' returns with the surgeon's trepanning.

, he has the key to every animal's brain, every plant, every shrub; and were an Indian to flower forth, and reveal the secrets hidden in his cranium, it would not be more surprising than the speech of our Sylvanus.

Possibly between the two sides of the occipital profile there may have been an Incaean tendency to inequality; but if by any good fortune her impressible little cranium should escape the cradle-straps, the shapeliness that nature loves would soon appear.

The oval of the face recalls the "Knight of Malta," the high cranium and treatment of the hair such as we find in the Dresden "Venus" and elsewhere.

The parapet, the wavy hair, the high cranium are all so many outward and visible signs of Giorgione's spirit, whilst none

Just at this moment there emerged from the after-companion of the Severn Belle, immediately below them, a large head shaped like an enormous pearshaped, that is, as if designed to persuade an upward passage through difficult hatchways, so narrow was the cranium and so extremely full the jowl.

" "Capital!glorious!" rejoined Ferret; and I thought he was about to perform a salutatory movement, that must have brought his cranium into damaging contact with the chandelier under which he was standing.

After that I saw the skull of Charlemagne, that cranium which may be said to have been the mold of Europe, and which a beadle had the effrontery to strike with his finger.

It was called the "Cohuna Cranium".

The bones of this part of the head, together, are called the cranium.

The cranium found is damaged, it is very distorted, so no 3D computer reconstruction has been made.

The entirety of known material for this species consists of a single poor quality dry skin, a fluid preserved animal, and a cranium and mandible.

In 1978 an intact cranium of Homo erectus was discovered.

A report in Science on Friday has outlined how the two-million-year-old fossil was pieced back together to form the cranium of a two- or three-year-old Homo erectus (Latin for upright man).

In fact, Cranium is introducing a whole line of board games under the category of games that use the whole brain.

It extends from the bones of the skull, face and mouth which make up the cranium down to the sacrum, or tailbone area.