11 examples of craziness in sentences

"I protest against this craziness.

Insanity, dementia, derangement, craziness, madness, lunacy, mania, frenzy, hallucination.

Dismissed sometimes contemptuously as weaklings, they are accused of laziness, craziness, and haziness.

"Can't you ever get over your dog-goned craziness?

And it was no mere craziness.

His gaunt sides, motionless limbs, his gummy and dead eyes, and his head hanging to the ground, were in unison with the craziness of the vehicle to which he belonged, and the paltry and bedusted harness which covered him.

This done, I had no sooner resumed my way than I sighted far off a streaky haze, which I knew to be the basalt cliffs of Franz Josef Land; and in a craziness of joy I stood there, waving my ski-staff about my head, with the senile cheers of a very old man.

"It's the talking to myself which makes them call me crazy; and though I might talk to many a worse woman than old Hagar Warren, I'll stop it; I'll be still as the grave, and when next they gossip about me it shall be of something besides craziness.

But in spite of her craziness, he greatly enjoyed the faint perfume that exhaled through the opening at her throat.

Hyacinth Halvey: Say out, girl, do you see any craziness here or anything of the sort?

*beber* drink *belleza* f. beauty *bello* beautiful, fine *bendecir* bless *berenjena* f. plant one of whose varieties is the egg-plant (to eat its fruit was once popularly supposed to cause insanity); *qué s* what craziness; what stuff *Berlín* Berlin *berroqueña* adj.

11 examples of  craziness  in sentences