1845 examples of crazy in sentences

But Dorsey did not answer except with a muttered: "Hell, a man's crazy that" He had gone his limit.

But in the valley Autumn was a fearsome hag, a little crazy, two-double, gathering sticks in a scarlet cloak.

A reckless Indian named "Crazy Horse" was at the head of a number of Cheyennes who formed the principal part of the second attacking body.

As a matter of fact, there was no one man who led or directed that fight; it was a pell mell rush under a number of recognized warriors as leaders, with 'Gall' of the Hunkpapas and 'Crazy Horse' of the Cheyennes the more prominent.

"Wha' de matter?" demanded his wife, noticing his wildly staring eyes and open mouth; "you gone fool crazy?" "M-m-m-m-mandy, it's true!

"Wha's true,dat you all's crazy?" "Yesno, it's 'bout dem flyin' things.

He also discovered the "Northeast Corner of the Crazy Horse Lode" plainly marked on the white surface of a pine stake braced upright in a pile of rocks.

He considered it quite a coincidence that he had unconsciously returned to the spot on which they had met the day beforethe rich Crazy Horse lode.

"I'm crazy about art.

" Of Skelton Castle, author of "Crazy Tales," and of the "Continuation of Sterne's Sentimental Journey.

I asked my grandfather who had written that paper; and was told, in reply, that it was poor crazy Jacob.

Are you crazy!"

"No, not crazy yet; but I shall be, if you don't take this one first," answered Hagar.

But it wore upon her terribly,that secret,and though it helped in a measure to divert her mind from dwelling too much upon her daughter's death it haunted her continually, making her a strange, eccentric woman whom the servants persisted in calling crazy, while even Madam Conway failed to comprehend her.

" "But they say you are crazy," answered Madam Conway, somewhat surprised that Hagar should manifest so much affection for a child not at all connected to her.

"They say you are crazy, and no one trusts a crazy woman.

"They say you are crazy, and no one trusts a crazy woman.

" "Crazy!" repeated Hagar half-scornfully; "crazy'tis not craziness'tis the troublethe troublethat's killing me!

"It's the talking to myself which makes them call me crazy; and though I might talk to many a worse woman than old Hagar Warren, I'll stop it; I'll be still as the grave, and when next they gossip about me it shall be of something besides craziness.

This was Hagar Warren, who in her cottage by the mine has grown older and more crazy-like since last we saw her.

You tried to poison me when I was a baby, and that's what makes you crazy.

She had given her love to another, she said, and Warner is blind or crazy that he does not see the truth.

"What put that into his head?" Thinking her emotion caused by anger at Arthur Carrollton, Maggie mentally chided herself for having inadvertently said what she did, while at the same time she tried to soothe old Hagar, who rocked to and fro, as was her custom when her "crazy spells" were on.

Crazy over the huzzy!

That was a crazy idea!

1845 examples of  crazy  in sentences