1845 examples of crazy in sentences

I know that there are a good many crazy-headed people in pantaloons as well as petticoats, who go about laboring for the 'emancipation of women,' as if the heavens and earth were coming together.

I've hearn tell of elephants gittin' crazy and breakin' loose from their keepers, or killin' them, and makin' a general smash of whatever comes in their way.

The womanthe first woman, I meangoes crazy down to the extremity of her feet, and dies, and then there are more women,no; these last are disembodied spirits, with nothing but light skirts on,who dance in graveyards, and make young men dance with them till they fall down exhausted, calling in vain for BROWN to take them home in carriages, and pay for their torn gloves.

Here on these blasted pines; and mark beneath How war's red whirlwind shakes earth's crazy breast And cumbers it with agony and death.

I'm going crazy.

I tell you I'm going crazy.

Crazy with knowing I'm left behind.

"You're going to drive me crazy desperate, too, some day, on that jealousy stuff.

"Sounds like it was written by a child who wanted a continuous supply of sweets, but these people are so crazy on children that their legends point a moral to parents and never to the kiddies.

"'E thinks you're a mejum!" They all stared at me as if I were crazy, and I felt myself in an atmosphere of mystery, in which I had broached a distasteful subject.

"You're crazy," said he.

"We've got to get a car, I suppose, living at this distance from the town, but I'm hanged if I intend to go clean crazy over it like these people.

After all, the great thing about being crazy is to be all crazy together.

After all, the great thing about being crazy is to be all crazy together.

His tail was tucked, his eyes crazy with fear.

I'm just crazy about Pauline Frederick.

I'm just crazy about 'em.

I'd go crazy," he confessed in a sudden burst of frankness, and beaming upon Gideon; "I'd as soon be shut in jail.

The faces of the players fell away in thick gloom, the voices sank into crazy echoes, and the curtain went down.

"We girls are so crazy over pink that we're going to try a pink bed at both of Dorothy's gardens as well as in ours," she laughed.

She's crazy about America.

Crazy over the huzzy!

That was a crazy idea!

"That was virtue to go crazy about, come now!

I was crazy to hear how he'd pulled it off.

1845 examples of  crazy  in sentences
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