10350 examples of create in sentences

Fifty warships were sent to Beirut, and ten thousand French troops were landed in the Lebanon, to create order.

Desire not only causes us to seek that which we need, but is a form of attraction by which the good is brought to us, just as the amoebae create a swirl in the waters that brings their food within reach.

If he is too severe, he will fix in the shirks more firmly the shirk microbe; but if he is of better fibre, he may supply a little more will to those who lack it, and gradually create an atmosphere of right intent, so that the only disgrace will consist in their wearing the face off the regulator and keeping one ear cocked to catch the coming footsteps of the boss.

"Just imagine the chaos it would create if, say, the human race were to become so plentiful that it was leveling rain forests and wiping out all other forms of life to make room for itself.

Sometimes we shadows accidentally create a feeling of deja vu in our live counterparts, which can lead to a false sense of psychic ability.

It did not, we believe, create many robbers, but it created a large robber school in the drama and the novel; for instance, Schiller's "Robbers," Ainsworth's "Rookwood," and "Jack Shepherd," and Bulwer's "Paul Clifford," and "Eugene Aram," not to speak of the innumerable French tales and plays of a similar kind.

ThenPresto, change!and you create The sober college graduate!

No more the form of lovely Kate Floats in the smoke-rings I create; And this the cause of all my pain, My pipe is out.

Nature is seen to be full of desires and instincts; the air "thirsts" for light and fragrance; bodies rise or sink because they have an "appetite" for height or depth; the qualities of bodies are the result of an "essence," so that when we discover the essences of gold and silver and diamonds it will be a simple matter to create as much of them as we may need.

And that suggests another delightful characteristic of Wordsworth's poetry, namely, that he seems to awaken rather than create an impression; he stirs our memory deeply, so that in reading him we live once more in the vague, beautiful wonderland of our own childhood.

Though it introduces the reader to a supernatural realm, with a phantom ship, a crew of dead men, the overhanging curse of the albatross, the polar spirit, and the magic breeze, it nevertheless manages to create a sense of absolute reality concerning these manifest absurdities.

; originate; give origin to, give rise, to, give occasion to; cause, occasion, sow the seeds of, kindle, suscitate^; bring on, bring to bring pass, bring about; produce; create &c 161; set up, set afloat, set on foot; found, broach, institute, lay the foundation of; lie at the root of. procure, induce, draw down, open the door to, superinduce, evoke, entail, operate; elicit, provoke.

make productive &c 168; create; beget, get, generate, fecundate, impregnate; procreate, progenerate^, propagate; engender; bring into being, call into being, bring into existence; breed, hatch, develop, bring up. induce, superinduce; suscitate^; cause &c 153; acquire &c 775.

It is not with the intention to create apprehension that I say this: the people of the United States fears nobody on earth.

At times the paraos and bancas, of all sizes, together with the saraboas and pativas (duck establishments), become jumbled together, and create a confusion and noise such as is seldom met with in any other country.

A free commerce with other nations would create a competition, and a consequent reduction in the price of imports, and their articles of export would increase, in proportion to the demand for them.

" Evidently, when rôles do not exist in life for certain characters, God has to create them.

Covering the depletion of fish stocks after the rains did, to my surprise, seem to create a few ripples.

She went, by Monarchs slighted Went unhonored, unrequited, From high Frederick's throne; Praise and Pride be all the greater, That Man's genius did create her, From Man's worth alone. Therefore, all from loftier mountains, Purer wells and richer Fountains, Streams our Poet-Art; So no rule to curb its rushing All the fuller flows it gushing From its deepThe Heart!

The modern poet no longer finds the Chorus in nature; he must needs create and introduce it poetically; that is, he must resolve on such an adaptation of his story as will admit of its retrocession to those primitive times and to that simple form of life.

He denounced it as "an attempt to create an undue influence" in the House.

"Make your officer responsible," he said with prophetic vision, "and the presumption is, that plans and information are properly digested; but if he can secrete himself behind the curtain, he might create a noxious influence, and not be answerable for the information he gives.

The half-public endeavors of "The 1860 Association" to create public sentiment were vigorously seconded by the efforts of high official personages to set on foot concerted official action in aid of disunion.

You can always create a body of sorts and a brain of sorts.

The guns, after preliminary bombardment, will create a continuous Niagara of exploding shells upon a given line, marked in everybody's map, and timed for an exact period, just beyond the objective; and the infantry will stroll up into position a comfortable distance behind, reading the time-table, and dig themselves in.

10350 examples of  create  in sentences