Do we say crewel or cruel

crewel 8 occurrences

I saw you show Mr. Stepel your embroidery with the serenest satisfaction; now you made your crewel cherries, and I didn't make my hair; which was vain?" Letty was astounded.

"The weakest thing I ever did," she said cheerfully, "was to join Lady Crewel's working guild.

As a piece of arras is composed of several parcels, some wrought of silk, some of gold, silver, crewel of diverse colours, all to serve for the exornation of the whole: music is made of diverse discords and keys, a total sum of many small numbers, so is a commonwealth of several unequal trades and callings.

'If that is your only difficulty,' said Mary, haughtily, 'I dare say Mr. Hammond would be kind enough to marry me to-morrow, and take me out of your ladyship's way.' Lady Maulevrier's head sank back upon her pillows, those velvet and satin pillows, rich with delicate point lace and crewel-work adornment, the labour of Mary and Fräulein, pillows which could not bring peace to the weary head, or deaden the tortures of memory.

The candle burned like a long yellow star in the shadows, yielding only sufficient light for Julia to see the outlines of a somewhat untidy room,an old-fashioned mahogany wardrobe, cloudy and black, upon old-fashioned grey paper, some cardboard boxes, and a number of china ornaments, set out on a small table covered with a tablecloth in crewel-work.

Heavy mahogany chairs, with crewel coverings, stood sentry about the room; and the fireplace was flanked by two broad arm-chairs, covered with stamped leather.

A friend of hers says: "There is not an artificial flower in the house, on embroidered table-cover or sofa cushion or tidy; indeed, Mrs. Jackson holds that the manufacture of silken poppies and crewel sun-flowers is a 'respectable industry,' intended only to keep idle hands out of mischief.

After this he stood up, shook his trousers till they hung with a satisfying gracefulness, produced a cigar-casecovered with forget-me-nots in crewel workand a copy of the Sporting Times, sat down again, and asked me if I could oblige him with a light.

cruel 6015 occurrences

'It is a cruel murder,' she said, 'and who knows but it might be our turn next?'

"We don't want to spoil your wife's business, Hillshe's likely to need it," he said, with cruel official banter.

"It's cruel of you to insult me.

Mr. Walters made no attempt to conceal or extenuate the black page in Hill's past, but he asked the jury to believe that Hill had bitterly repented of his former crime, and would have continued to lead an honest life as Sir Horace Fewbanks's butler, if ill fate had not forged a cruel chain of circumstances to link him to his past life and drag him down by bringing him in contact with the accused man Birchill, whom he had met in prison.

It is too cruel, monsieur, it is too cruel!" Gabrielle's voice vibrated with indignation as she concluded, and Crewe regarded her closely.

It is too cruel, monsieur, it is too cruel!" Gabrielle's voice vibrated with indignation as she concluded, and Crewe regarded her closely.

As for Carmel's looks, they were greatly changed, but beautiful still in spite of the cruel scar left by her fall against the burning bars of her sister's grate.

I had always thought it cruel of Adelaide, one of the evidences of the flint-like streak which ran through her otherwise generous and upright nature.

They little knew how cruel was the test, or what a storm of realisation might have overwhelmed her mind as her eye fell on those accursed walls, peering from their bower of snow-laden, pines.

Others may have shared my feeling; for the glances which flew from her face to mine were laden with an appreciation of the situation, which for the moment drove the prisoner from the minds of all, and centred attention on this tragedy of souls, bared in so cruel a way to the curiosity of the crowd.

There was no way out of his scrape, but the usual cruel one, which the laws of honour and the practice of the country ordered.

They are such cruel villains, these French and their painted allies, that we do not think of showing them mercy.

But youWhy, sir, you've just crossed your desert, and you believe all the world is bitter and cruel and holds no joy for you!

This poor woman, losing sleep by the cruel noises purposely raised outside, at last, far in the night, fell into a heavy slumber and "overlaid the child."

With girlish jealousy they laid her devout aspirations at the door of pride, and proceeded to test her professions in a cruel manner.

Dear Mabel!Yet to-day thy brothers came, Taxing me harshly, and in cruel terms, With practising against thy precious life.

She lost all sense of weariness and pain, And with hot tearless eyes still hurried on, Bearing the child girt by its cruel chain, All thought save of her cherish'd burden gone, Fearful alone lest other eyes should guess The feeble thing her longing arms did press.

he that setteth forth upon this quest, And looketh ever back for friend or foe, For cruel laughter, or for mocking jeers, Turns straight to stone like all beside his path; But once upon the summit, at his feet Flows the pure Golden Water, bright and clear.

And so I sought thee e'en at Hades' gate, Charm'd wide its leaves with melody of woe, And dared the grave to keep me from thine arms; I flow'd away upon a stream of song, E'en to dark Pluto's grimly guarded throne, Melting the cruel Cerberus himself, The Parcae, and snake-lock'd Eumenides, To pity of my measureless despair.

" "Nay, that is a cruel wish, for then I should have lost the happiness of helping you.

The sudden light from heaven which exceeded in brilliancy the torrid midday sun, the voice of Jesus which came to the trembling persecutor as he lay prostrate on the ground, the blindness which came upon himall point to the supernatural; for he was no inquirer after truth like Luther and Augustine, but bent on a persistent course of cruel persecution.

It seemed to her almost cruel to attempt to suppress the truth, but their reception of it went to her heart.

If I must die, O let me chuse my death: Suck out my soul with kisses, cruel maid!

Full of crooked little streets;I was born and used to run round in one of 'em I should think so,said that young man whom I hear them call "John,"softly, not meaning to be heard, nor to be cruel, but thinking in a half-whisper, evidently.

No man complains so much of want, to avoid a subsidy; no man is so importunate in begging, so cruel in exaction; and when he most complains of want, he fears that which he complains to have.

Do we say   crewel   or  cruel