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300 examples of  cribbed  in sentences

300 examples of cribbed in sentences

Our first environment is a crib, a room, our mother's eyes.

When baby cries, she plants the little one firmly in its crib, turns down the light, pats and soothes the tiny restless hands that fight the air, watches, waits.

From the crib come whimpers, angry cries, yells, sobs, baby snarls and sniffles that die away in a sleepy infant growl.

She could visualize that interior as if she had only to turn the frame for the smell of wood fire and the snap of pine logs and for the scene of two high-back chairs and the wooden crib between.

What a fragile, gracile thing is the mind that can leap thus from nine bargain basement hours of hairpins and darning-balls to the downy business of lining a crib in Never-Never Land and warming No Man's slippers before the fire of imagination.

I think the best thing will be to keep it dark: we didn't crib the things, and the thieves are sure to be caught in time.

" The quest of the candle would take the guide to the closet in the guard-room, and, risking little to learn much, Dick struck a match and peered into the stuffy little room, more like a corn-crib than a prison-cell.

I'll stand by you; I don't forget the pains you took to get me water, and that particularly toothsome measure of oats you cribbed in the rebel barn near Williamsburg!"

But I have a habit of never writing letters but at the office; 'tis so much time cribbed out of the Company; and I am but just got out of the thick of a tea-sale, in which most of the entry of notes, deposits, etc., usually falls to my share.

But this can always be effected by an extra blanket in the child's crib, or, if the weather is particularly cold, by a bottle of hot water enveloped in flannel and placed at the child's feet; while all the objections already urgedas derivable from animal heat imparted by actual contactare entirely obviated.

Another grey horse, a very fine one, was also cribbed.

The paint on Lon's repairs would be dry, the grass in the front yard was closely cropped, and the little bed of flowers between the corn-crib and the wood-shed was blooming finely.

I'd seen her there when I went by before, and mistrusted she was up to some mischief; as I turned the corner, she put out her hand and cribbed an apple.

"Rather a crib from Val Prinsep, isn't it, with a suggestion of a Drury Lane pantomime about it?

Your little game is very passe; I had it worked on me once before, and placed you in your classa fourth-rater, with a crib for loot!

Whether I said any or all of these things to the schoolmistress, or not,whether I stole them out of Lord Bacon,whether I cribbed them from Balzac,whether I dipped them from the ocean of Tupperian wisdom,or whether I have just found them in my head, laid there by that solemn fowl, Experience, (who, according to my observation, cackles oftener than she drops real live eggs,) I cannot say.

"He might miss the blotter if I cribbed it, and take the alarm," he explained, as he hastened to put the article in question back on the table, lest Sallie come in at any minute and discover what they were doing, taking liberties in the room of the boarder; and then she would have to be told everything, which might work out badly, Frank feared.

Say, perhaps I was right after all; perhaps Casper Blue is carrying all that stuff cribbed from the Bloomsbury bank, inside the same.

~His Father Took Him Home.~ "I was always so poor in Greek," He played the guitar, "A 'dec' I never could speak," He won every race, "My Latin I have to 'horse,'" In football a star, "The German is 'cribbed' perforce.

In fact, Heywood "cribbed" from Chaucer's Tales in another Interlude called "The Pardoner and the Frere.

prompt-book; crib sheet, cheat sheet.

stiff, restringent^, strait-laced, hidebound, barkbound^. ice bound, wind bound, weather bound; cabined cribbed confined [Macbeth]; in Lob's pound, laid by the heels.

Mr. Godwin had carried Moll, fainting with the horror of this bloody business, and going in there we found her now lying in a little crib, light-headed,clean out of her wits indeed, for she fancied herself on the dusty road to Valencia, taking her first lesson in the fandango from Don Sanchez.

" A shaft of moonlight entered the cabin, and there we perceived Dawson kneeling by the crib, with his head laid upon the pillow beside his daughter.

The baby exchanged the champagne-basket for his dainty pink-curtained crib; Tip began to recover from the perpetual cold with which three weeks' sitting in draughts, and tumbling into water-pails, and playing in the sink, had sweetened his temper; Allis forsook her bandboxes for the crimson easy-chair (very becoming, that chair), or tripped about on her own rested feet; we returned to table-cloths, civilized life, and a fork apiece.

" Jack coughed, took up his coffee-cup, set it down hard, strode once or twice across the room, kissed the baby in the crib, kissed his wife, and sat down again, winking at the fire.

"The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his master's crib, but my people do not know, Israel doth not consider.

But I have a habit of never writing letters, but at the office'tis so much time cribbed out of the Companyand I am but just got out of the thick of a Tea Sale, in which most of the Entry of Notes, deposits &c. usually falls to my share.

Thus, at the hour of our Saviour's birth, when she was usually perfectly overwhelmed with joy, she could only crawl with the greatest difficulty to the crib where the Child Jesus was lying, and bring him no present but myrrh, no offering but her cross, beneath the weight of which she sank down half dying at his feet.

Burglar's Hall,a fine public building,Headman's Block, The College of Forgery, Counterfeiter's Exchange, The Cracksman's Crib, (a new and elegant hotel), Mutiny Row, and many other prominent buildings are to be seen.

Her head drooped sadly, and she had hardly touched the feed in her crib.

"At least they haven't cribbed our self-starting device," exclaimed Peggy, as she saw.

There was that look of a broken flower, that look of lovely death, that stops the heart of a mother sometimes when she bends over a crib and sees damp curls in a halo about a strange, familiar face.

The average height of the dogs was about 16 inches, and the weight was generally about 45 lbs., whilst the body was broad, muscular, and compact, as is shown in Scott's well-known engraving of "Crib and Rosa.

Still, the outline of Rosa in the engraving of Crib and Rosa, is considered to represent perfection in the shape, make, and size of the ideal type of Bulldog.

"See the breadth of light and shadow," said Claude; "how the purple depth of the great lap of the mountain is thrown back by the sheet of green light on Lliwedd, and the red glory on the cliffs of Crib Coch, till you seem to look away into the bosom of the hill, mile after mile.

"We'll need a crib or something," Oliver said.

She was away from home; she was not even in a friend's house, nor yet in the inn; the Lord God had made ready a crib for the babe in the feeding-place of cattle.

Unable to control herself, she threw her child into its crib, and rushed out of the house.

She first went to the crib and looked at the baby.

He looked at the litter in the mustang's stall, then at the crib.

The plot of the drama used to strike my young mind as being a "crib" from "John Gilpin"; but I forgave that, in consideration of the skilful manner in which the story was wrought out.

My eyes wandered about until they became riveted on one corner of the room, where stood a child's crib which looked like gold.

Accumulations of people, who lighted like bees upon a chance branch, they found themselves hived in obdurate brick and mortar before they knew it; and then, to meet the necessities of their cribbed, cabined, and confined condition, they must tear down sacred landmarks, sacrifice invaluable possessions, and trample on prescriptive rights, to provide breathing-room for their gasping population.

I used to tuck him in his crib at night.

The nurse might greet his waking whimper in the morning and minister to his wants throughout the day, but Stella "tucked him in" his crib every night.

Jack Junior settled in his crib for a nap.

He followed Stella into the nursery when she went to tuck Jack Junior in his crib.

"It isn't much," Benton mused, leaning on the foot of the crib, watching her smooth the covers over little Jack.

I mean, you haven't let him think you are?" Stella's hands tightened on the crib rail.

For instance, upon one occasion, on entering the room where the baby had been left alone, asleep in his crib, she had met a strange cat hurrying from the nursery, and, upon examining closely the pillow upon which the child lay, had found a depression which had undoubtedly been due to the weight of the cat's body.

While adjusting the baby's crib, a few days later, Mrs. Carteret found fastened under one of the slats a small bag of cotton cloth, about half an inch long and tied with a black thread, upon opening which she found a few small roots or fibres and a pinch of dried and crumpled herbs.

A certain amount of billets had been arranged for, but, as is generally the case, the machine-gun section have to search around for themselves; an advantage really, as they generally find a better crib this way than if somebody else found it for them.

" No, there was no clock of any sort, and where the shelf ought to be was a baby's crib.

The bridge across the Hudson at Poughkeepsie was built on a crib or caisson open at the top and sunk by means of a dredge operated from above taking out the material from the inside.

The wonder of this is hard to realise unless it is remembered that the steel hands of the dredge were worked entirely from above, and the steel rope sinews reached down below the surface more than one hundred feet sometimes; yet so cleverly was the work managed that the excavation was perfect all around, and the crib sank absolutely straight and square.

Was it a dream or was it a fact, those two men who used to stoop over his baby crib, the one with the dark coat and the star upon his breast, whom he had been taught to call father, and the other one with the long red gown and the little twinkling eyes?

Few locks of hay Were most thy crib presented, A patient Cow, And kind wast thou, And with thy mite contented.

Expensive computers had been brought in but A.C. Fernandes cribbed on appointing experienced hands as compositors.

In another proverb, homely enoughbut if it be in the Bible, it is not too homely for us'Where no oxen are, the crib is clean,' Solomon says the same thing as in the text.

They overheard two colored men inside the crib lot house.

How can you hesitate when you think of the glorious freedom of the African forest, and compare it with this cribbed, and cabined, and confined business we are now at?" The king shook his head slowly, and knocked the ashes from his pipe.

The carts from other farms would be there to haul it to the corn crib, dance would start after the corn was stored, we danced until daybreak.

In The Fancy, which Keats seems to refer to in a letter dated January 13th, 1820, Reynolds appears to have been inspired by Tom Moore's Tom Crib, but if so, he vastly improves on that rather vulgar original.

To-night she would have me lay my head on the pillow of her crib; she even put her little arms round my neck.

'I have said it myself in a very grand way too; I believe I cribbed it from you.

Might not the message nearly as well be taken to the cow at her crib, or the horse at his manger?

I have ceased to be an original writer; all the purple patches are cribbed from you.

And you, my dear, my very dear Lord Almeric, there is no danger I shall ever' 'But, crib me, Tommy,' Lord Almeric shrieked, cutting him short without ceremony, so great was his astonishment, 'it's the Little Masterson!'

The Indians lay all night at a corn-crib three-quarters of a mile distant from the stockade.

The other two started towards the corn-crib, with a horse and bag.

The main body was overtaken at the corn-crib, and a running fight followed; the whites leaving their horses and both sides taking shelter behind the tree-trunks.

" Here in this doleful den I make ado, Bastilled, imprisoned, cabined, cribbed, confined, Nor sleeping, drinking, eating-to my mind; Betrayed by every one, my mistress too!

" "I cribbed that remark from Billy Beebe and he swiped it from a magazine.

Evidently a new day of physical freedom is at last dawning for the most cribbed and crippled of Eve's unhappy daughters.

I told him plainly that he belonged to a class of "white male citizens," who had robbed me of all civil and political rights; of property, children, and personal freedom; and now it ill became him to call me to account for using one of his little anecdotes that, ten to one, he had cribbed from some woman.

He ran into his cage, and that was his last taste of liberty; but he lived a year after, chained in a corn crib.

About the same time, Mrs. Stanton published a series of articles in Mrs. Bloomer's paper, the Lily, in which she taught that it was right for a mother to make baby comfortable, lay him in his crib, come out, lock the door, and leave him to develop his lungs by crying or cooing, as he might decide, while mamma improved her mind and attended to her public and social duties.

This done, my boy-soldier slept as sweetly as ever he had done in his crib.

But it occurs to me that happily The Elector, pressed by other business, Charged me to issue word that Kottwitz, cribbed Too close in his position, march back hither.

He was much hindered by Barker's unceasing attempt to copy his papers surreptitiously; and very much disgusted at the shameless way in which many of the boys "cribbed" from books, and from each other, or used torn leaves concealed in their sleeves, or dates written on their wristbands, and on their nails.

As a matter of fact, no one who sat under Doc Pottle would have believed it, for his sermons weren't good enough to have been cribbed; and if Beecher could have heard one of them he would have excommunicated him.

I have endeavored to make my little crib comfortable for you.

Josey, at this proposal, made haste down the ladder, and began to put some hay over into the old General's crib.

But when Jonas went out, after dinner, to get the old General, to harness him for work again, he found Franco lying snugly in the General's stall, under the crib.

The next morning, however, when he went out into the stable to give the cattle some hay, he found Franco in his old place, under the General's crib.

He told Oliver that morning, as he was patting his head under the old General's crib, that the dog had taught them one good lesson.

" "You're a good dog, Franco," he continued, patting his head, "to come with me,very good dog, Franco, to choose the coarse hay for a bed under the old General's crib, rather than that good warm carpet, for the sake of coming with me.

He put Franco in; but the next morning he found him in his old place under the General's crib.

Delighted at our prowess, we often whispered, "The princess, I swear, would not believe her eyes if she saw us now;" and then in terrible slang we shouted a benediction on some "crib" that was going to be broken into that evening.

His wifethe mother of his childrenis now bending over their baby's crib.

She sprang up the ladder leading to the corn-crib window, where she was safe, but she had to hang there until Unc' Henry could be called to the rescue.

Come, let us go; though withal a voice whisper, "The world that we live in, Whithersoever we turn, still is the same narrow crib; 'Tis but to prove limitation, and measure a cord, that we travel; Let who would 'scape and be free go to his chamber and think; 'Tis but to change idle fancies for memories wilfully falser; 'Tis but to go and have been.

Growing extent and complexity plus the need for finding safe places for those who are useful to the rich and powerful, widens and deepens the public crib.

I'd ruther lib in a corn-crib.

Escaped the gale of outer ocean Cribbed in a craft which like a log Was washed by every billow's motion

Not seldom He seems to lay His hand on one of His children, as a mother lays hers on the restless one in the crib, to still him.

But my father in those days was a peace-man, and he was also disinclined to nibble at the public crib while rendering no adequate service.

It will amuse you to repair the crib and restore the lawn.

The technical restrictions he laboured under were incredibly great; his vocabulary was cribbed, his versification was cabined, his whole power of dramatic movement was scrupulously confined; conventional rules of every conceivable denomination hurried out to restrain his genius, with the alacrity of Lilliputians pegging down a Gulliver; wherever he turned he was met by a hiatus or a pitfall, a blind-alley or a mot bas.