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524 example sentences with  criterion

524 example sentences with criterion

The distance to them was unknown; the sound of their blows on the roof, far from offering a certain criterion, or, at least, a probable one, seemed each time to excite fresh doubts; in short, the rock which it was necessary to pierce, was equally hard and thick, and the gunpowder unceasingly used to perforate it, made but a hopeless progress.

And it is this perfect trust, this unfeigned respect, that is the appointed criterion of Caius's friends and disciples, and not their full acquaintance with each and all particulars of his superiority."

This, however, is no criterion to judge by.

It lays down in the broadest way possible the desire of Parliament that there should be no difference in appointing to offices in India between one race and another, and the covering despatch written by that memorable man, James Mill, wound up by saying that "For the future, fitness is to be the criterion of eligibility.

Fitness is henceforth to be the criterion of eligibility.

f the chapters of this work appeared serially in The Criterion, and the last chapter was published in The Smart Set.

The army and the people, judging, as mankind always do, of the virtue of their military commanders solely by the criterion of success, began to be tired of the rule of Ganymede and Arsinoรซ.

He considered the number of inhabitants as a tolerably good criterion of property, and that this might always be obtained.

Passing through the Jerseys and entering Pennsylvania, every criterion of superior improvement witnesses the change.

It was attempted to form a rule of representation from a compound ratio of wealth and population; but, on consideration, it was found impracticable to determine the comparative value of lands, and other property, in so extensive a territory, with any degree of accuracy; and population alone was adopted as the only practicable rule or criterion of representation.

If you could change all my ideas, and show me that there was no criterion by which vice might be prevented from being mistaken for virtue, what benefit would arise from that?

The official dynastic histories apply to the course of Chinese history the criterion of Confucian ethics; for them history is a textbook of ethics, designed to show by means of examples how the man of high character should behave or not behave.

What a pity that the Holy Writings are not made the criterion of true judgment!

Write the plurals of the following nouns: town, country, case, pin, needle, harp, pen, sex, rush, arch, marsh, monarch, blemish, distich, princess, gas, bias, stigma, wo, grotto, folio, punctilio, ally, duty, toy, money, entry, valley, volley, half, dwarf, strife, knife, roof, muff, staff, chief, sheaf, mouse, penny, ox, foot, erratum, axis, thesis, criterion, bolus, rebus, son-in-law, pailful, man-servant, fellow-citizen.

Tried, however, by the usual criterion,the naming of the "agent" which, it is said, "a verb passive necessarily implies,"what may at first seem progressive passives, may not always be found such.

Gerry, in remarks whose oblique criticism upon arrangements at the President's house was perfectly well understood, dwelt upon the possibility that the President might be guided by some other criterion than discharge of duty as the law directs.

For Baldy had but one criterion; that of efficiency as the result of honest endeavor.

R572885. Intellectual status at maturity as a criterion for selecting items in preschool tests.

R572885. Intellectual status at maturity as a criterion for selecting items in preschool tests.

We (who's "we"?) hear a favourable report of Sowing and Reaping at the Criterion,a play that might have been only "sow sow," if it had not been for the reaping good performance of CHARLES the Reaper. * * * * * CRY FOR EXTREMELY INTEMPERATE TEMPERANCE PARTY."Liberty but no Licence!

* * * * * SELL UNIVERSALIS is a wonderful food-supplier, one dose containing the active principle of a ten-and-sixpenny Criterion Dinner.

But as we shall see presently, the criterion of personal charm among Hottentots, as among savages in general, is fat, not what we call beauty.

FATTENING GIRLS FOR THE MARRIAGE MARKET The population of Africa comprises hundreds of different peoples and tribes, the vast majority of whom make bulk and weight the chief criterion of a woman's charms.

As for women's breasts, if utility were the criterion, the most beautiful would be those of the African mothers who can throw them over their shoulders to suckle the infants on their backs without impeding their work.

If you understand this, you have a criterion for Life "'The sacred is that which reminds us; the secular is that which bids us forget.

Success is the criterion of battle.

If there are some people in the United States busy with their own affairs who look on the Canadians as living up north somewhere toward the Arctic Circle and not very numerous, that old criterion of worth which discovers in the glare of battle's publicity merit which already existed has given to the name Canadian a glory which can be appreciated only with the perspective of time.

Yet by this criterion we must be content to judge, because no other can be obtained; and, indeed, we have no reason to think it very fallacious, for excepting here and there an anomalous mind, which either does not feel like others, or dissembles its sensibility, we find men unanimously concur in attributing happiness or misery to particular conditions, as they agree in acknowledging the cold of winter and the heat of autumn.

It would not be a fair criterion to judge of the accommodation afforded at the hotels of the French provinces by those at which the diligence changed horses; in some I observed that we were not shown into the best apartments reserved for public entertainment, but in none did we find any difficulty in procuring water to wash with, nor did we ever see a dish substituted for a basin.

It should be remembered, however, that, unless a sound criterion be applied to the limitation of Families, they, like all other groups introduced into zoรถlogical systems, must forever remain arbitrary divisions, as they have been hitherto.

I am therefore convinced that form is the criterion by which Families may be determined.

At last, however, I found this test-character, and since that time I have had no doubt left in my mind that form, determined by structure, is the true criterion of Families.

I had often traversed the galleries of the Louvre; but now I was armed with a criterion that would give my criticisms indisputable authority.

Suddenly, struck with amazement by the dazzling rays of unexpected light, I asked myself whether the criterion of death would not reveal to me, by the law of contraries, the thermometer of life.

Am I not right in saying that in this agent I possess the organic criterion of love?

But if the elevation of the shoulder is not the criterion of love, if, on the contrary, that movement is met with again just as correctly associated with the most contradictory impressions, what can it mean?

I now possess the semeiotics of the shoulder, and thereby I hold the criterion of the passional or sensitive powersa criterion outside of which no truth can be demonstrated in the sphere of sentiment or feeling."

I now possess the semeiotics of the shoulder, and thereby I hold the criterion of the passional or sensitive powersa criterion outside of which no truth can be demonstrated in the sphere of sentiment or feeling."

This dazzling mystery is the universal criterion of all truth; it is the science of sciences, which is self-defining and whose name is Trinity.

The Trinity is manifest in the smallest divisions of the Divine work, and is to be regarded as the most fertile means of scientific investigation; for if it is at once the cause, the principle and the end of all science, it is its infallible criterion and we must start from it as an immovable axiom.

With taste only as a criterion, it is so easy to disguise the results of careless and improper cookery of food by the use of flavors and condiments, as well as to palm off upon the digestive organs all sorts of inferior material, that poor cookery has come to be the rule rather than the exception.

m 2.50 1.00 Criterion (Illustrated) N.Y. .................. m .85 2.00 Critic, New York.

No sufficient criterion is provided by them for evaluating the various stages in the course of an evolutionary process.

Some criterion besides the mere external and accidental "struggle for existence" and "survival of the fittest" must be furnished to account for a progressive evolution.

In certain instances I have mentioned particular quantities of seeds to be mixed with others; but in general I have stated how much it would require to sow an acre with each kind separately; from which a person may form a criterion, when several sorts are used, as to what quantity of each sort should be adopted.

"Every other Government makes its own interests the sole criterion of its actions, however much it may drape them in phrases about justice and sympathy."

We had nothing that was in season, except game, and everything that was out; which, by-the-way, appears to be our modern criterion of excellence with respect to a dinner.

Orlando Day, a fourth-rate actor in London, was once called, in a sudden emergency, to supply the place of Allen Ainsworth at the Criterion Theatre for a single night.

Rushing to a telegraph office, he sent to one of the leading critics the following telegram: "Orlando Day presents Allen Ainsworth's part to-night at the Criterion."

Our "sinister neighbor," as my father laughingly called him sometimes with unconscious truth, in reference to his left-hand adjacency, was a handsome and gentlemanly-looking man of no very particular age, or rather in his appearance there was no criterion for decision on this subject.

Some criterion is needed for deciding between competing ideals.

value, criterion of, 1 ff., 75.

* * * * * There is not a single criterion which can serve as the measure of the non-existent, of the non-human.

Its reputation, as a criterion of dramatic art, was already established, and this reputation has ever since been sustained.

As a result, the stop criterion is not clear in every problem.

In his book The Origins of Life, Orgel coined the concept of specified complexity, to describe the criterion by which living organisms are distinguished from non-living matter.

It is also known as the majority criterion for solid coalitions and the generalized majority criterion.

It is also known as the majority criterion for solid coalitions and the generalized majority criterion.

Because some authors call the fraction a Droop quota, โ€“PSC is also known as the Droop proportionality criterion.

The history of twins, as a criterion of the relative powers of nature and nurture.

By late 2003, Adam Jacobson had joined on bass guitar, the group was named Airbourne and played regular gigs at the local Criterion Hotel. citation Note: Originally appeared in the Warrnambool Standard (Fairfax Media).

Different types of the Hurwicz Criterion have been thought of.

But at least the fine folks at Criterion have devoted a separate page letting you know what's expiring at the end of the current month, giving you a few more weeks to cross titles off your to-watch list before they go away.

Criterion are top-tier when it comes to physical releases, and the simple fact is that no streaming content will ever look as good as physical.

Into tracksuits by Paulie Walnuts, the Criterion Channel and Robert Eggers.

Meanwhile, tension continued at the City-based colleges for the second day Tuesday against the state governmentโ€™s decision of pass criterion of minimum 33 per cent marks in the first year.

The Root is again in good hands โ€ฆ The dedication of Steve Suser is without question โ€ฆ If his being well-liked is any criterion โ€ฆ along with excellent choices of food โ€ฆ its customers have much to enjoy.

They are making sure people arenโ€™t being tested outside of criterion so that we have swab for people who REALLY need tested.

Academic merit is the defining criterion for the selection of OTS recipients.

Academic success is the primary criterion for admission to Engineering and Applied Science.

A candidate's potential to obtain external research funding in Mathematics Education will be an important criterion in the selection process.

A fee of approximately $2 per course, for materials and text, helped to ensure that the applicants met this criterion.

But if we take a few tests from each of these batteries and put together a new composite, then the criterion is not satisfied and we then require more than one factor.

Complete each rubric, choosing a level and entering feedback for each criterion or choose an overall score.

Effective democratization can always be measured by this essential criterion: the participation in and access to the archive, its constitution, and its interpretation.โ€

For political parties, the first criterion of democracy is transparency when it comes to funding.

From memory, I believe it went to either Probe or Criterion.

Furthermore, any increase in the quota should be allocated based on historical catches as this criterion takes into consideration all other criteria to establish geographical sharing such as adjacency, sustainability and economic dependence.

Although three-year-olds can say how to sort by the second criterion, they keep sorting by the first.

One specific criterion was not mentioned in the โ€œFor the Sake of the Childrenโ€ report.

Rather, it accepts past authority and necessitates a new criterion.

Results: The loose API had the highest sensitivity at 66.7% (95% Cl, 44.9-88.4) when compared to physician-diagnosed asthma, but as the wheezing frequency criterion increased the sensitivity decreased to 23.5% (3.4-43.7) as observed in the mAPI.

Scientific quality is the primary criterion.

Since the main criterion for eligibility is income and rent being paid, would the minister consider advertising it through the Manitoba income tax returns?

Success Criterion 3.2.1 On Focus: When any component receives focus, it does not initiate a change of context.

The Criterion - Oklahoma City tickets available for all events.

The geographic, as well as biological, distinction of populations is a key criterion in the recognition by COSEWIC of an evolutionarily significant unit.

The period over which Moses had these experiences was in excess of 40 years, fulfilling Criterion โ€ฆ It should be noted that the religious writings attributed to Mosesโ€™ authorship, the Pentateuch, could suggest the presence of an exaggerated urge to write.

The repeatability of the proposed performance indices, critical fracture energy and crack progression rate, seems to be better than the current criterion based on the number of cycles to dissipate 93% of the initial maximum peak load.

Awarded up to a maximum of 5 first-year full-time students with financial need being an essential criterion.

The Speaker ruled that the bill โ€œseeks to provide a new criterion that would allow the minister to determine into which existing class of taxpayer an organization falls.

The standard additive utilitarian criterion is the special case characterized by indifference to aggregate uncertainty.

This criterion can be applied to certain regions, but not everywhere.

This criterion is a good measure of the level of intensity of production since it represents the milk and forage yield at the same time.

Ullman's name will forever be connected with Ullman's criterion for regular asymptotic behaviour of orthogonal polynomials and regular zero behaviour.

Being based on smooth invertible transformations of the current states of the underlying processes, a reducibility criterion is presented for such stochastic differential equations to ones which are solvable using ordinary differential equations.

We give a criterion for $H$ to be left relatively convex in $G$ that generalizes a well known criterion of Burns and Hale.

We give a criterion for $H$ to be left relatively convex in $G$ that generalizes a well known criterion of Burns and Hale.

What is the criterion for differentiating chronic hepatitis from compensated cirrhosis?

When the Newfoundland issue is approached with a criterion such as reasonable support from the minorities concerned, the door is thrown wide open to debate.