4131 examples of criticisms in sentences

Farewell, then, till to-morrow; for a niche and a nook I must leave for criticisms.

The criticisms upon it were exceedingly comical in many instances, and the author put the most notable of these together, and always alluded to them with roars of laughter.

Sympathetic Criticisms And Suggestions Chapter

This odd pair remained impervious to all criticisms, and certainly many of those voiced were frank to the point of painfulness.

My criticisms would be mere opinions, worth no more than those of thousands of other people.

What remains to us, in the mural decorations of Pompeii and the designs on vases, seem to confirm the criticisms of the ancients.

Pliny, Ovid, Martial, Lucian, and Cicero have made criticisms on ancient Art.

Without entering into criticisms of Chronology about the hour of his death, I shall only prove that Mr. PARTRIDGE is not alive.

His criticisms have been ridiculed as shallow; but while his lucubrations on Milton were useful in their day as plain finger-posts, quietly pointing up to the stupendous sublimities of the theme, his essays on Wit are subtle, and his papers on the "Pleasures of Imagination" throw on the beautiful topic a light like that of a red evening west, giving and receiving glory from the autumnal landscape.

All of these estimable men not only possessing views on art, but having come by now to the firm belief that they had fought with NELSON, their criticisms were not too easily combated and the artist hadn't a tedious moment.

Addison's criticisms on Milton, beginning in number 267 of The Spectator, are suggestive.

The parts best worth reading have been selected in George's Coleridge's Principles of Criticism (226 pp., 60 cents) and in Beers's Selections for the Prose Writings of Coleridge (including criticisms of Wordsworth and Shakespeare, 146 pp., 50 cents).

[Footnote 32: Criticisms on the Rolliad, and Probationary Odes for the Laureateship.

The second reading passed by so narrow a majority that the Government thought it prudent to rally their reliable supporters, and meet just criticisms upon the inadequacy of their Bill, by bringing forward a redistribution measure and incorporating it with their franchise proposals.

" Mr. Campbell's prose-criticisms on contemporary and other poets (which have appeared in the New Monthly Magazine) are in a style at once chaste, temperate, guarded, and just.

Any criticisms on that program?" "Not just for this minute," she said contentedly.

The daily criticisms which appear in fifty different places, and the gossip that is caused by them amongst the public, prevent the appearance of any sound production.

I have as yet read no criticisms of this little work; I will read them all at once after the next two volumes are printed.

From what they are playing and rehearsing and from the notices and criticisms that reach me in the newspapers, I can form some notion for myself, to be sure; but, in any case, you will correct and strengthen my ideas.

Hawk had a telegram in his pocket which was causing him more uneasiness than all the rasping criticisms of the New York attorney, and he was re-reading it by the light of the corridor bracket when a young man sprang from the ascending elevator and hurried to the door of the parlor suite.

Benevolent and sincere as her intentions may have been, the criticisms of this shallow and musically untrained woman must have driven Liszt to desperation.

Liszt took Schumann's side, because he thought he was in the right; he even went so far as to break off all intercourse with Wieckwho took his revenge by publishing ferocious criticisms on Liszt's playing.

To his theory of the perfect marriage of music and poetry, he sacrificed everything,his heart's blood, his sensitiveness to criticisms, his extraordinary fondness for luxuries, his sense of pride, and to these he added human sacrifice,his wife, his friends, and any one who stood in his way.

" He began also to publish most enthusiastic criticisms of her concerts, calling her "the wonder-child," and "the first German artist," one who "already stands on the topmost peak of our time."

By Prof. David Kaufmann, of the Jewish Theological Seminary, Buda-Pesth.] I must tell you that it is my rule, very strictly observed, not to read the criticisms on my writings.

4131 examples of  criticisms  in sentences