179 examples of crooned in sentences

Only the hawks wheeled, and the wild pigeons crooned; the squirrels frisked among the branches; and now and then a great deer would leap from its couch and hasten into the coverts.

There she sat in her own house, singing to two rich Arabs and a subordinate agent of one of the greatest rulers of Asia, while behind her Mimi, aged two years,the legacy of a dead affection, crooned and tried to clap her small hands in rythm with her mother's song.

My little babe was sweet and fair, He crooned to sleep upon my breast

"The Great Lakes and Canadian Southern," he crooned lovingly.

* 28 quoth crooned frisked beech'-wood twain se'rene frol'icked wan'dering LITTLE BELL.

"What good child is this," the angel said, "That, with happy heart, beside her bed Prays so lovingly?" Low and soft, oh! very low and soft, Crooned the blackbird in the orchard croft, "Bell, dear Bell!" crooned he.

"What good child is this," the angel said, "That, with happy heart, beside her bed Prays so lovingly?" Low and soft, oh! very low and soft, Crooned the blackbird in the orchard croft, "Bell, dear Bell!" crooned he.

" The sobbing cadences of the greatest of Irish songs came to Antony's mind, and he crooned a verse or two at random: All day long, in unrest, To and fro, do I move.

The good Soeur buzzed a mild frenzy of "Il ne faut pas toucher" about our ears, but, all unheeding, we clasped the hot hands and crooned over him.

Miss Hugonin crooned, in an ecstacy of tenderness and woe.

There, with the sunlit waters before them, and the rippling waves making music at their feet, the old nurse crooned out many an Indian legend or exciting story about the red men of the past.

" With Sagastao on one side of her in the big canoe and Minnehaha on the othertheir favorite positions when listening to her fascinating stories as she crooned them out in her soft, musical CreeMary told them the story.

I've crooned lullabies to Jacky without remembering that I once had volume enough to drown out an accompanist.

"A votre santé, mon Lieutenant!" crooned Madame the widow Palliard-Dubose.

III THE EDITOR AT WORK To go back a little, for several days after his child's birth Major Carteret's chief interest in life had been confined to the four walls of the chamber where his pale wife lay upon her bed of pain, and those of the adjoining room where an old black woman crooned lovingly over a little white infant.

"My love, my love," she crooned in his ear, pressing her warm cheek close to his.

The soft breeze of the sea whispered the curse of destiny into their ears; it crooned the song of heritage; it called her back to the fastnesses where love may not venture in.

She used to hold him entranced long winter-evenings, while she sat knitting in the chimney-corner, and crooned to him strange, wild African legends of the things that she had seen in her childhood and early days,for she had been stolen when about fifteen years of age; and these weird, dreamy talks increased the fervor of his roving imagination, and his desire to explore the wonders of the wide and unknown world.

As he returned through the night, walking, hopping, or running, as the need came to him, he crooned to himself a song he had once made up.

Moses crooned and chuckled gratefully when he was stroked and tickled.

"These are tinsel oaths," she crooned, as if rapt with incurious content; "these are the old empty protestations of all you strutting poets.

"Amble along, Sam!" To that amble he crooned to himself, pleasantly, half-dreamilyas if he voiced indirectly some inner thoughtquaint snatches of old song: "She came to the gate and she peeped in Grass and the weeds up to her chin; Said, 'A rake and a hoe and a fantail plow Would suit you better than a wife just now.'

So in we went and stood in the crowd To hear the old clock as it crooned aloud, With sound and symbol, the only tongue The maker taught it while yet 't was young.

On such a day Billy, stirred to an indefinable elation because the world as he saw it then was altogether good, crooned his pet song while he waited at the porch with Flora's horse and his own.

Tears streamed down the woman's cheeks as she crooned and babbled to the child in a language only a tender mother knows, but in her eyes was the look of a soul crucified with helpless suffering.

179 examples of  crooned  in sentences