45 examples of cruse in sentences

Having used their cotton with moderation, they have at the close of each six months seen their stocks of raw material and goods, by the rise of prices, undiminished in value, and blessed like the widow's cruse of oil.

Her cruse, it is broken; But he mends it with thread, And draws water with her: He cried to Ayesha: 'Give me my sabre, That I kill the merle Perched on the dunghill Where she dreams; She has eaten all my olives.'

Every remarkable case that had ever been recorded he appeared to have at his fingers' ends; every factchemical, physical, biological, or even historicalthat could in any way be twisted into a medico-legal significance, was pressed into his service; and his own varied and curious experiences seemed as inexhaustible as the widow's cruse.

The loss of loved ones near He speaketh words of comfort sweet, He doth my spirit cheer I go when I am fearing The cruse of oil will fail He sendeth me the needful means And thus

He shall pay for the blood-shed, my guestes shall take no wrong; mine Host will spend his Cruse as franke as an Emperor; welcome, my brave bullies. Ser.

John Gilmour will wonder how these pounds of his rent he passed you from have grown to hundreds; Mrs. Paterson's shilling will have grown as the widow's mite never grew, even in heaven; and Mrs. Galloway's peck of meal will be made like the widow's cruse of oilit will never be finished while she is on earth.

By-and-by he saw Janet come out with her cruse, and walk as lightly as her huge body would permit.

She gave him the cruse; and with the old gloom upon his face, perhaps he wanted to test his courage.

But there was Fletcher looking on the corpse of his wife, and waving over her face the light of the small cruse he held in his hand!

"Aunt Polly's chest is like the widow's cruse," said Mrs. Carteret, "which was never empty.

All she had in the world was a handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse, and that she was gathering a few sticks, that she might go and bake the last cake for herself and her son, that they might eat it and die.

For thus saith the Lord God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the Lord sendeth rain upon the earth.

Then she pours out the oil from the cruse, and drains out the last drop.

Then she returns to the empty barrel and cruse, and finds as much in them as she had lately taken out.

" "Is thy cruse of comfort wasting? Rise, and share it with another; And through all the years of famine, It shall serve thee and thy brother.

All our earthly resources were gone, and one Sabbath morning, when breakfast was over, we were entirely destitute; there was no meal in the barrel nor oil in the cruse.


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His stock of yarns is like the widow's cruse.

And by it, in the due receptacle, The little rude brown lamp of earthenware, The cruse, was meant for flowers, but held the blood, The rough-scratched palm-branch, and the legend left Pro Christo.

Oil, in common Scotch, used always to be ule,as the uley pot, or uley cruse (Fr. huile).

45 examples of  cruse  in sentences